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Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: Best No.1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: Viomi SE is a robotic vacuum cleaner from the Xiaomi ecosystem. It provides a suction power of 2200 feet, 12 sensors, and mopping performance.

It is a reasonably priced robotic vacuum cleaner that is gaining recognition. Now we’ve been using it for several weeks in the editorial work and we’ve tested it thoroughly.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: Introduction

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: We probably don’t need you to introduce the VOMI model. It is a well-known manufacturer of residential home appliances that is accessible at a beautiful cost. Another exemplary example of a product with a convenient price-performance ratio is the robotic vacuum cleaner VIOMI SE.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review

This product is available in the market with very respectable parameters, due to which vacuuming can probably be a pleasure but in fact, along with the low price it is undoubtedly one of the most attractive robotic vacuum cleaners so far.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: Price Comparison

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: Design and processing

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: Some SE was actually profitable in terms of design. The vacuum cleaner is a pink (gold) model with brand Viomi in white (so-called rose gold) on the upper side.

At the entrance, it has a bumper, which is gently pushed with the barrier. The sensor is located in a small gap. Again supplied with charging connectors, which are mechanically connected to the docking station.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review water pump

The Prime, in addition to the Viaomi brand, has an LDS system that scans the house and turns a button on/off and back. After trying inside, after opening the maximum id that you can find, you can scrub a container for mud and water and similarly a small brush filter.

Underside predominates by wheels with deeper patterns and rotating brushes that curl. At the ends, rotate a three-armed brush to scratch the grim on the side of the rotating brush. The quality of craftsmanship is to an extra degree and the design of this vacuum cleaner is suitable for every trendy family.

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Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: The basic parameters

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: Let’s start with a few basic parameters of a Viomi SE robotic vacuum cleaner. The Viomi SE has a suction power of 2200 pounds and the engine can develop 15 revolutions per minute.

It is carbon-free, manufactured by the Japanese company Nidek, which ensures an extended service life. The capacity of the lithium battery from Samsung is 3200 mAh and 200 m2 is enough to operate in a vacuum or 120 minutes.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review battery

The LDS system takes care of house mapping and navigation. The rich gear is complemented by 12 completely different sensors, along with a sensor in a mud container, a wheel velocity sensor, an anti-collision sensor, a 6-axis gyroscope, and more.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: What can you discover in a package deal?

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: The robotic vacuum cleaner was delivered to one of our plots, from which it was clear what was inside until then. Personally, we are not advocates of such packaging and if such products are packaged with printing in any other case, we are in favor of it.

After opening, a MOP with usage directions was ready for us at Prime. Beneath it was the vacuum cleaner itself, in a maintenance plastic wrap. After the vacuum cleaner a docking station, a charging wire, an extra mop, and a mud and water container (1 in 2) are placed in separate buggies.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review mapping

Below the vacuum cleaner is 2 extra rotating bristles. The field is strengthened across the perimeter, which prevents injury to the vacuum cleaner throughout the entire transport.

We missed an additional filter in the package agreement, located in the mud and water container id. It is not included in the package agreement by default, but it will certainly be happy.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: The first switching to Viomi SE

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: We tested the robotic vacuum cleaner in a 3-room room with a TTMM2 space, allowing a family of three to live with a small baby and animals. Many parts of the space are laminate flooring.

There are tiles inside the kitchen and hallway and small carpets with sofa entrances and mattresses by the toilet and the whole house next to the bathroom are outside the square.

The vacuum cleaner is essential to fill the mud container, Xiaomi Viomi SE has an extra water tank. It is inserted into the middle of the vacuum cleaner after opening the maximum cowl. Attach the bridal whisk to the underside and the vacuum cleaner is ready.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review sensors

We located the docking station through which the vacuum cleaner is charged between the cupboard and the chair, even following the instructions of the guide it seems to have a minimum of 1.5 meters of the house in the vicinity.

Regardless we didn’t leave the house enough for the vacuum cleaner, it was by no means a problem to get back to the docking station. In the best way, the directions are in several languages ​​and can be very clear in writing.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: How to Add a vacuum cleaner to the Xiaomi home?

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: When you activate the vacuum cleaner for the initial time it is instantly taking you to an interesting voice to associate it with the application. Xiaomi Viomi SE works with the Xiaomi Residence (MI Residence) sensitive gadget utility, as the model belongs to Xiaomi. you can check Xiaomi Viomi V3

The vacuum cleaner has been combined with similar applications in different units. Just discover it in the list of units, connect the cellphone to the same WiFi community, and the pairing will happen in a matter of seconds.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review scheduled

You must then select the cell through which you will see the vacuum cleaner on the initial display screen of the application and the procedure is complete. Adding can be very straightforward and quick. Everyone can deal with it.

After the initial pairing, Viaomi’s SE, however, is featured on the Xiaomi Residence’s residence display screen. It is accessible in the utility from wherever you get a web connection.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: First vacuuming with Viomi SE

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: The vacuum cleaner starts with the maximum button via emergency or the Xiaomi Residence utility. We selected the second possibility and simply clicked the Begin button in the utility.

We hadn’t spent the vacuum cleaner before, we just turned on the docking station so that it could probably be recharged after a vacuum. After clicking the start button, a warning popped up, but we didn’t learn it, which turned out to be an error.

The application warned us that the vacuum cleaner would not save the map if we did not start from the docking station. That’s how it happened.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review low

The initial vacancy begins with the discovery of the house. The Xiaomi Viomi SE first walked across the perimeter of the lounge attached to the kitchen and then began the void in the well-known strains, which you will be able to see on the map from the robotic vacuum cleaner.

At the first switch-on, we were shocked to see a lower noise degree, which will increase when the better suction power is chosen. After transferring the vacuum cleaner to 2 rooms, it was continued in the same manner between different rooms.

He walks first along with the perimeter partition all the time after which the room becomes empty. Throughout this entire course, new rooms were effectively introduced into the utility. After completing your entire emptiness, Xiaomi Viomi SE returns to the charging station.

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Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: Vacuuming, mopping, and their range

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: There are three primary choices of application, which are vacuuming, including vacuuming mixing, washing, and individual washing.

When emptying, 4 ranges have to be selected to match the depth of suction power. They are calm, normal, moderate, and strong mode. You will probably be able to instantly recognize the mode selected by the degree of noise, as the vacuum cleaner has enough noise in visual mode.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review lds mapping

As the value of vacuuming, the silent mode collects the minimum collection above all. We found no difference between the high quality of the void between the medium and strong modes.

Despite having the most powerful model, the vacuum should not be the best, and in some places, the vacuum cleaner exceeds something deadly. For example, he had problems with needles from the Christmas tree, even in the most powerful regimes.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: Vacuuming & Mopping process

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: Vacuuming and mopping provide three range of options separately for each exercise. The ranges described above can be found for vacuuming and the three range numbered are also accessible for laundry with soil.

The initial degree is less than using water and washing is enough to wipe the soil. Even in the third, the highest degree of washing should not be sufficient, for example, the dry mud of Xiaomi Viomi SE sneakers cannot be washed for the initial period.

If we wanted to remove the dried bud from the ground with Xiaomi Viomi SE, we would have to send it to the same place on several occasions. Among the discussed modes of vacuuming and mopping, vacuum cleaner vacuum and wash at the same time. For those who neglect to attach the mop, each applicator and vacuum cleaner will notify you with their message.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review dust box

Overall, we are happy with the vacuum, but the wash is weak We have given priority to the voice response of the vacuum cleaner, which is after the vacuum cleaner starts when it returns to the charging station and announces earlier. The voice is above all in English, but it is very clear.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: Map of the region and its orientation

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: Maps like the Xiaomi Viomi SE can retail. This is helpful if you have a multi-story family home Inside the utility can look up Business Map Administration in Translation Map Administration. Click on this product to see additional choices.

The first is the Map Editor, which allows you to join rooms or split them into smaller ones. For example, we have divided the lounge and the kitchen into two rooms. Editor Extra allows you to name the cells.

The second possibility is to create digital partitions and restricted areas. So if you don’t need the vacuum cleaner to go to certain areas, you can simply add a digital wall or a forbidden space within a square size to the map.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review control

Throughout its operation, the vacuum cleaner will keep away from restricted areas and digital partitions. It really works precisely as expected. In contrast, to map administration, the two choices are spot vacuuming and space-specific vacuum.

With each choice, you mark the spaces you need on the map. Although the spot vacuum marks a circular space, the vacuum cleaner is no vacuum in the entire circle, but only in the square inside it, as you can see in the image.

Vacuuming a specific space and spot is almost the equivalent of this. Xiaomi Viomi SE is reliable on it and precisely spaces between marked cells.

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Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: Endurance and charge

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: Some Xiaomi Viomi SE is stunned at its tolerance of single cost. Our 3-room room with 70 m2 of space has a space of about 37 m2, which the vacuum cleaner can move in between 45 minutes.

Its battery capacity is reduced by about 40% after such a vacuum. Soil washing can be very light and about 10% of the battery was spent. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. The vacuum cleaner is 100% charged in about 1 hour 40 minutes out of the 60% mentioned.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: What else does Xiaomi Residence provide?

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: There are various choices and settings within the utility, as well as talking about choices for managing maps and vacuuming or ringing. For example, there are only spaces across the perimeter of the map or there is a repetitive void, which makes the selected space zero twice in a row.

You will understand how to set the mode in which the vacuum cleaner has to wash the soil. Y or S-shaped flushing is available in the market. Y-shaped flushing is healthy, but it requires a little extra battery power.

For a larger idea, you can see that Y-shaped washes appear as keys in many screenshots from the application above. One of the utilities can find every blank and run data to find data that represents the area map, time, and content that the vacuum cleaner represents.

A great function is to empty the plan, you can choose the place, the time, the time and do not need to vacuum or wash the soil (or each), you can also vacuuming and washing or specific houses or you can completely determine the map vacuum cleaner It then begins its work following the mechanically selected parameters.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: Do you need extra storage?

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: If you want extra storage space, the application allows you to create another map. You can also delete the map, or enable vacuum mode, through which the map should not be saved.

You can probably turn on and off the audible messages and their volume. Additionally, the application is PC. Shows the location of specific person parts. By adapting to them you will understand when it is important to exchange brushes or filters or three-piece bristles or MOPs.

Additionally, you will discover remote management for the vacuum cleaner, which does not work very effectively. The vacuum cleaner does not respond to management very quickly and strikes perfectly all the time.

Since this is an intelligent housing product, you can understand how to program its introduction. For example, if one of your sensors is accessible, you can create a situation where the vacuum cleaner is initially launched based on access from the sensor.

Currently, we only have accessible cameras, scooters, and a thermometer, so switching to a vacuum cleaner will not be very helpful when temperatures are reached or movement is recorded on a digicam. For example, if we have a sensor at the entrance door, we must have the ability to mechanically start the vacuum every time we leave the house.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: Overcoming obstacles

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: As we talked about in the introduction, the toilet, and bathroom, as well as the whole house, have no polarity. The rope results in toilets and bathrooms, which are 2.3 cm from the surface and exactly 2 cm from the inside.

The manufacturer said that Xiaomi Viomi SE could overcome a 2 cm hurdle. We have been questioning for so long if he can pass such a magnet.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review charging

Sadly, he can’t. The vacuum cleaner did not even try to overcome these extremes. He hit them straight and continued, although he saw that there was a free house behind the edge of the house.

If we had taken the vacuum cleaner down from the toilet he could have gotten out of it, but he was no longer in his personal case. In this method, he can actually completely overcome the 2 cm obstacle.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: Pros and Cons

[su_row class=”proscons”][su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=”prosbox”]

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#27C110″ title_color=”#fff”]

[su_list icon=”icon: check-circle” icon_color=”#27C110″]

  • Reletivelly More powerful
  • Good agitation
  • Save time and money
  • distance measurement
  • multiple map editing is supported.
  • Elegant design
  • Xiaomi Home application
  • affordable price
  • 7 Schedules | 5 Maps
  • 2 in 1 Water Tank
  • 12 Sets of Sensors
  • 2cm Climbing Ability



[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=”consbox”]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#ff0000″ title_color=”#fff” ]

[su_list icon=”icon: times-circle” icon_color=”#ff0000″]

  • it’s maximum obstacle height only 2 cm
  • weaker washing




Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: Finished analysis

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: We are definitely recommending Xiaomi Viomi SE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner to anyone who needs to try a vacuum cleaner and does not need to achieve expensive fashion. It makes the ground empty, has a battery with adequate capacity, and thus looks very elegant.

The app provides customization of several maps and various settings, including the possibility of automation using various sensitive units from Xiaomi.

A slight difficulty is poor washing and overcoming obstacles, which can often be an extra two cm. Hanging the whole house on Xiaomi Viomi SE isn’t a bad thing when you’re working, shopping, or hanging out. You can handle every little thing remotely from anywhere in the application.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review: General FAQ

Do robotic vacuums pay for it?

Robotic vacuums are at the top when it comes to keeping your floor clean, but they need extra help than you might think.

How many years does the robotic vacuum last?

You can calculate the final 4 to 6 years of your robotic vacuum for proper maintenance. This amount can fluctuate a lot on cheap robotic vacuum cleaners.

Can robotics replace regular vacuums?

The short answer to this query is no (but not). Robotic vacuums do not have all the capabilities of a regular vacuum.

Do robotic vacuums use a lot of electrical energy?

While Robotic vacuums are promoted as extra vital-efficient, the authors have found that including these gadgets actually consumes extra electrical energy.

Do robotic vacuums need WiFi?

Rumba robotic vacuums don’t want Wi-Fi to scrub your dwelling. You can probably just push clean on the robotic and the robotic will work.

Where I can buy Xiaomi Viomi SE Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

You can buy the Xiaomi Jeeback G3 from online stores like Gearbest, and Aliexpress


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