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Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: Best Electric Smart Neck Massager

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: An advanced therapeutic massage system in the Xiaomi Yupin ecosystem has introduced innovation among the Xiaomi Jeeback G3 types. This is an improved version of the acclaimed Xiaomi Jeeback G2, which we have already written about.

The brand new neck massager comes with various enhancements that can please many followers of the comparative unit. In fact, there is a great price, which makes the Xiaomi Jeeback G3 even more attractive.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: Introduction

As everyone knows, Xiaomi has included a wide assortment of sub-brands, knowing how to sell products across different catalogs of the entire brand. As we speak, we have now launched the evaluation on the Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Messenger Day. Readers will walk in a hip-hop way with a comfortable system for therapeutic massage of the neck.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review design

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: Price Comparison

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: Overview

The Xiaomi Jeeback G3 is without a doubt one of the most modern and productive tools in crowdfunding systems. Neck massage is basically designed to deal with the scary points with your uterus. Usually, when we have to take a seat for a very long time now and we do inappropriate sitting postures, it eventually leads to many issues related to the uterus.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review

In that case, we may face extreme neck muscle pressure and heavy blood circulation. If the same situation persists for an extended period of time, it can cause a constant muscle strain and slip to the right in uterine deformity. All in all, you have an extreme effect on the blood of the mind to capture headaches and dizziness.

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Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: Features and Configuration

In this dedicated space, we want to share insights with the Xiaomi Jeeback G3. How does it look externally and awaken its distinctive qualities in the pack? Let’s dive into the sea right away.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: Design

Designed with the typical Xiaomi Jeeback G3 elastic partitions, it has good elasticity and strong stiffness. Micro-curved electrode pads increase the contact space between the pores and the skin. Austenitic 304 chrome steel materials, fine contact, and never allergic.

Xiaomi massager can be very gentle, weighing only 150 grams, so you don’t really feel like you’ve got a “weight” on your neck. The massager side is supplied with magnetic operating and the remote management side can be attached if there is no time to use.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review 1

Once we physically verify the system it brings beautiful aesthetics and a great look into the L-style scarf design. The massager does not seem to put extra strain on the neck as it weighs only 190g.

Customers may have a more remote controller that uses the magnet to stay with the main product. Therefore, you will be able to lose it easily. It adopts an ivory white coating on the outside of the fuselage with the silver mirror metal.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: Learn how to do ten pulses of therapeutic massager?

The Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Massager integrates the Tennis Pulse Therapeutic Massage method to completely soothe the neck muscle tissue. Additionally, Massager 3 implements the low-frequency pulse module to mimic the necessary therapeutic massage methods – knee, scraping, and acupuncture.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review technology

Each cervical therapeutic massage technique provides 15 range strength choices for each therapeutic massage procedure to ensure you have an acceptable set. It additionally maintains an automatic performance mode.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: Therapeutic massage frequency

Customers will get 3 wrapping designs around the neck area for deeper therapeutic massage skills. The Xiaomi Jeeback G3 delivers 83 deep massages in one minute. In contrast to the standard massage, whose use of a double-headed neck protector deviates from the electrode to achieve needle stick pain throughout, the brand new G2 carries three therapeutic massage heads and structural poles on either side.

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Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: 360-degree universal treatment massage

The floating therapeutic massage head integrates seamlessly carrying floating therapeutic massage for free movement. Related to the response to completely different neck sizes, there must be extra versatility to take care of a myriad of conditions. Subsequently, it provides a comprehensive service to allow you to remove excessive muscle pressure.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: connectivity

One of the many innovative alternatives to the Jeeback G3 Massage is that it helps the Mizia app manage Wi-Fi. Customers can manage system settings appropriately through the application interface.

Moreover, working messenger through the app is not rocket science. You will soon be able to switch between completely different therapeutic massage modes of your choice. One-click reminder operation allows you to quickly restore final usage settings.

The Jibback G2 can also be operated via an ultra-portable remote controller. It additionally allows you to handle a variety of features wirelessly.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: battery

The Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Electrical Wi-Fi Neck Massager is a USB charging port, compatible with mainstream Kind-C charging cables. Whether it is used for half an hour a day, it can be finalized for 8 days whether it will be charged one by one as soon as possible. If no pores and skin contact are detected, it can be mechanically shut down after 60 seconds of inactivity, which saves energy.

Importantly, if the electrode pads are not attached to the pores and skin, they can be closed regularly after one minute of operation. Thus, it ensures energy saving as well as protection.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: Temperature

Massage manages the work of flashing compressions at extra constant temperatures. Xiaomi Jeeback G3 actually works great for people who suffer from poor blood circulation and uterine discomfort.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review control

When the thermostatic hot-sync module is involved in the game the high sensitivity sensor controls the temperature precisely for 320 seconds at 420 centigrade controls it additionally tries to relieve neck discomfort which allows you to run the latest compresses in autumn and winter. Finally, you will take care of the depth of the cervical spine.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: How to use Xiaomi Jeeback G3 massager?

What’s in the Box?: When you get your new Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Massager you will get a brand new massager, a remote control, USB-C to USB cable, and a manual. And all this you get in the box! Okay, now, let’s start the massage!

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: Step 1: Put on the messager

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Massager employs an ergonomic “L” form design, which ensures an ideal match around your neck to keep the neck from slipping. So, please make the massage matches your neck properly.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: How to use Xiaomi Jeeback G3 massager

To specialize in the most effective therapeutic massage effects, please specify that the three-electrode plates intentionally touch and hold your pores and skin (tie your hair and remove the necklace before use). And we recommend using a damp towel to moisturize your neck shortly before.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: Step 2: Manage the massager

To manage it on your smartphone you need to use its included remote management or receive the “MI Home Application” on your mobile phone. It is worth noting that you can only choose both techniques to do the massage, as they will not be used at the same time.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: Option 1: Remote control

Briefly press the Massage Ability button for a second. If you hear a slight beep and see a soft white flicker, quickly press “M” on the remote control to start the massage.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: How to use Xiaomi Jeeback G3 massager 1

After turning on the massager, its default depth setting is the initial power level. Chances are you won’t feel anything at first. In that case, you will be able to press the “+” button to control the depth.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: How to use Xiaomi Jeeback G3 massager 2

Jeeback additionally offers three separate therapeutic massage modes (knee, scraping, and acupuncture). To switch between these three modes and discover the best mode for yourself, you must press the “∧” and “∨” buttons.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: How to use Xiaomi Jeeback G3 massager 3

Option 2: Control the MI Home app

First, get the “MI Home App” from the app retailer on your cellphone.

Xiaomi only allows our Jeeback product to be listed in its application in the Chinese language only. To add that your MI Home app cannot detect Jeeback G3, please do this to convert this region to the Chinese mainland: Profile>Settings>Region>Save and save to the Chinese mainland.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: How to use Xiaomi Jeeback G3 massager 4

We are working hard to use to include additional fields. Hopefully, we are seeing more and more clients use our Jeebak products, including the MI Home app, in their own area.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: How to use Xiaomi Jeeback G3 massager 5

In contrast to the use of remote management, you can press the power button on the top of the massage for 3 months. If you hear a slight beep and see a soft flicker of blue, open the MI Dowling app and sign up.

Click on the most appropriate “+” design to add brand new gadgets (please make sure your cellphone’s Bluetooth is on). End the connection by following the prompts on the application web page. If the message indicator is blue, it means efficiency. You can get pleasure from it and start cooling out!

App management is simpler than remote management. All features and options have icons and descriptions that can be easy to learn. You will only be able to control your favorite mode on your Smartphone.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: How to use Xiaomi Jeeback G3 massager 6

Also, the app has a memorable feature. Just call “Save Status”, it will probably retail your favorite model. The next time you hire a messenger, just tweak the “memory ability” to access your final settings. So, we suggest you use the app to make the messenger work.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: Pros and Cons

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[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#27C110″ title_color=”#fff”]

[su_list icon=”icon: check-circle” icon_color=”#27C110″]

  • TENS Pulse Relieve Technology
  • 83 Times Deep Massages Per Minute
  • Constant Temperature Hot Compress
  • 8 Days Working on a Single Charge
  • Power Supply: Polymer Battery
  • Rated Power: 5W



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[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#ff0000″ title_color=”#fff” ]

[su_list icon=”icon: times-circle” icon_color=”#ff0000″]

  • Fabric over the nodes is not very soft
  • Not cordless




Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: Conclusion

Additionally, the Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Massager is available in an elastic wall design with good rebound and visibility. The molecule-surface electrode will soon increase the area of ​​contact between the skin and the skin to present a greater relief of pain. The corporate stainless steel electrode is used to make it extra delicate without being allergic.

Xiaomi Jeeback G3 Review: General Faq

What is a neck massage?

A neck massager is a tool that is available in many alternative types of cases, it is very well a massage around a wrap that can be painted on your shoulder or with a chair pad that you just match in your home.

How do I choose a neck massage?

Choosing the perfect neck massager can be tough because there are so many different and varied options for you to choose from.

Where I can buy Xiaomi Jeeback G3?

You can buy the Xiaomi Jeeback G3 from online stores like Amazon, and Aliexpress


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