xTool Christmas Sales | Up to $1728 off and Free Santa Gift 2023

Hello people now start xTool Christmas Sales 2023 you can get the best deal for xTool Machines up to $1728 off and a Free Santa Gift (worth up to $100). also, you get xTool Accessories up to 12% off. Craft Sincere Love to Someone Special From Dec.13 to Dec.26.

xTool Christmas Sales 2023: Save on laser engraving machines

If you wish to give yourself an inventive present this year, we’ve a thought for you. Producer xTool has considerably lowered the worth of some of its highly effective laser engraving machines.

xTool Machines Coupon Codes and a Free Santa Gift (worth up to $100):

  • 10% OFF
    xTool Christmas Sales

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    • Up to $ 1052 off
    • Up to $ 1062 off
  • 12% OFF
    xTool Christmas Sales

    Buy ≥3 get 12% off. Code

    • Up to $ 1700 off
    • Up to $ 1014 off
    • Up to $ 1365 off
    • Up to $ 1052 off
    • Up to $ 1062 off

xTool Christmas Sales: xTool P2

xTool P2 Up to $ 1700 off Fulfill All Inspirations:

Consideration professionals: The P2 is geared toward you. Do you need to arrange an enterprise that focuses on producing customized gifts? Then, this versatile and sensible desktop CO2 laser cutter is ideal for you. With a laser output of a whopping 55 watts and an engraving velocity of 600 mm/s, this gadget will undoubtedly meet the excessive calls for pros.

xTool Christmas Sales 2023

The high-quality piece of expertise is even able to engrave curved surfaces. Two 16 MP cameras assist you in regulating all the details, always utilizing the included software program. Moreover, the digicam expertise ensures you can flip a venture into actuality at lightning velocity.

Merely transfer the specified motif on the PC onto the fabric within the workspace, and you can also go. Due to compatibility with LightBurn, you can use your favorite software program with no issues. This is one of many factors that make it easy to use. The relatively giant machine additionally has an automated throughfeed. This implies you can feed more extensive areas through a conveyor belt.

xTool Christmas Sales: xTool S1

XTool S1 Up to $ 1014 off Entertain with Family & Friends:

Does security perform a significant function for you with a diode laser? However, can you do it without the required energy? Then, the tool S1 is the fitting alternative for you. In any case, with an output of both 20 or 40 W, this laser packs a reasonably powerful punch.

xTool Christmas Sales printer

For instance, it could reduce picket boards with a thickness of as much as 18 mm. A velocity of 600 mm/s ensures you have your ends in your palms at lightning velocity. This laser engraving machine is geared toward hobbyists and smaller firms, so security performs an essential function here.

cIt’s not without motive that this mannequin has been awarded Class 1 security certification. Having a look at the options makes it clear why. The closed design is simple in your eyes. When opening the lid, an emergency cease button and a security end also forestall the laser from working unintentionally. There’s additionally improved flame detection on board, which acknowledges fireplace improvement in 5 instructions.

xTool Christmas Sales: xTool F1

xTool F1 Up to $ 1365 off Everyone Could Be a Santa:

Whether or not you engrave as an interest or professionally, the xTool F1 affords you the ability it’s essential to carve a variety of supplies. The economic TURE galvanometer system delivers precisely the laser energy you want. Whether or not steel, wooden, leather-based, plastic, or paper – it may be used to engrave nearly any floor. And far quicker than competitor fashions.

xTool Christmas Sales d1 pro and screen printer

With a velocity of 4,000 mm/s, the F1 is swift. The excessive velocity outcomes from using two precision mirrors. These direct the laser beam onto the fabric to be engraved in each X and Y axe. Because of this, the complete laser module doesn’t have to be maneuvered throughout the engraving.

Are you primarily searching for a laser to make inventive presents? Then, the M1 is the proper mannequin for you. This beneficial laser engraving machine can be used to overutilize 500 completely different supplies. That is made doable by the hybrid idea. The M1 only partially depends on two highly effective lasers that may reduce 10 mm thick wood, amongst different issues. For instance, it also uses a knife that may reduce vinyl, T-shirts, or luggage.

xTool Christmas Sales: xTool D1 Pro

xTool D1 Pro Up to $ 1052 off Have Fun with DIY from the Start:

xTool D1 Pro is an improvement to its earlier mannequin, xTool D1. The Pro model has some upgrades in its construction, laser module, software program, and electronics.

xTool D1 Pro Review

Since its launch, it has become one of the most successful machines among diode laser engravers. Thanks to their 20W laser module.

This is an in-depth evaluation of the xTool D1 Pro laser engraver. I reviewed it on measurement, materials functionality, transmission, meeting, upgrades, etc. I’ve additionally contrasted it with their earlier mannequin.

xTool Christmas Sales: xTool M1

xTool M1 Up to $ 1462 off the Minimum Budget but Get Satisfied:

The M1 has a 16 MP digicam, which can visualize your office in flip. That is significantly helpful, together with the XCS software program. In any case, you can show a sensible preview right here. This helper additionally scores factors with its high-quality quality, environment-friendly airflow system, blue mild filter cowl, and autofocus.

xTool St. Patrick's Day Sale xtool m1

xTool Christmas Sales Videos

Have you ever ready Christmas presents for your loved ones? Kai from xTool is here to introduce the highest 5 finest Christmas present concepts for the particular girls in your life, all created with xTool laser machines! During these 12 months, let’s get inventive and craft personalized presents for your family.

Are you able to earn that cash from the Christmas vacation season? The Santa Claus Kai will train you with tips on batch-producing DIY ceramic Christmas ornaments with the xTool model new laser machine, xTool S1! Do you want to enhance the effectiveness of laser engraving merchandise in batches?

Do you want to make custom-made orders for your prospects? xTool S1 will help you with that! Twin-point positioning performance, 3D mode measurement, and small enterprise suggestions will likely be launched in this video. Go test it out!

Who wants a DIY Christmas ukulele laser engraved with xTool P2 CO2 laser machine as a 2023 Christmas present? Kai will present tips on making a laser impression on the curved floor of a ukulele with xTool P2!

xTool all machines is a good tie-breaker within the crowded laser market. With its 20W laser output energy, you can reduce and engrave various supplies. It lets you do a similar job at twice the pace of different lasers, decreasing the work cycle and increasing productiveness.

How do I claim this discount for buying accessories?

The discount code will be applied automatically; you can also copy the code to claim:
 Buy 2 Get 10% Off, Code: CHRISTMAS10
 Buy ≥3 Get 12% Off, Code: CHRISTMAS12

How do I claim this Free Santa Gift?

A FREE Santa gift will automatically be added to your cart when you purchase any xTool machines. Please place an order to take it home while stock lasts.

For P2, you will get a $100 Santa gift.
For S1 or F1, you will get a $70 Santa gift.
For D1 or M1, you will get a $30 Santa gift.


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