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Xiaomi Viomi V3

Xiaomi Viomi V3
SKU: mdshariful
Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Home Appliances
  • Feature 1 Ideal for Deep Cleaning
  • Feature 2 Clean Hard to Reach Places
  • Feature 3 Easy-Access Dustbin
  • Feature 4 Supports Auto Mapping
  • Feature 5 AI Dynamic Path Recognition System
  • Feature 6 Equipped with Multiple Sensors
  • Feature 7 Suction: 2600Pa


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Xiaomi Viomi V3 Vacuum Cleaner (left) and Rubark (appropriate): What’s the difference between digital partition and no-go zone settings? Both robots look comparable; yet, you see a bus of the greatest joy when you think about everything. The Xiaomi Viomi V3 is a low-pile carpet and first-rate possibility for multiple floors, But it will not deepen the present.

Xiaomi Viomi V3

Introduction Xiaomi Viomi V3

Bhoomi thinks. Robotics has been provided with ten sensors that help to navigate with the help of an LDS laser that scans the perimeter space to attach the map below, eliminating the extra atmosphere of navigation. Xiaomi Viomi V3 now has extra suction power, an extra battery, and a water tank for damp cleaning, and it retains a good LDS laser sensor. Let’s unravel!

LDS  Navigation System of Xiaomi Viomi V3

The Xiaomi Viomi V3 is an AI system for home cleaning, capable of cleaning successfully. It uses an LDS laser sensor that clears the scope by detailed analysis, creates accurate maps of the house, and identifies obstacles, creating a somewhat eco-friendly broom.

Using with Application

You will be able to check this work in real-time from your smartphone. Choose a specific location you are interested in the clearing, click on the app’s map, and Xiaomi Viomi V3 will clear the selected location. It is ready to help you. You can also choose areas that should not be cleaned—everything like you.

Description Category Vacuum Cleaner Price (RRP) Bin Capacity 0.55 L HPA Filter Weight 3.6kg Mapping Function, Remote Control, and Wi-Fi Connection Running Time 130 Minutes Charging Time 2.5 Hour Dimensions 95 x 350mm Manufacturer Warranty 1 12 Months (S) Official Website GTIN13.

Adjust Volume (Controlled Volume) Cleaner Remote Controller (Vacuum Management with Remote Administration) Below are some more settings that you can fully identify for vacuum cleaners, utilities, and handling. Can be shared with a wide range of skills (e.g., family members), configure the course of automation, create firmware, and make additional improvements.

Super suction of Xiaomi Viomi V3

Xiaomi Viomi V3 will blow your house away as a whistle. Thanks to the NIDEC motor (brushless), this robot vacuum option has 2600 PA suction power, which is a great suction power for capturing all kinds of particles. However, it has 4 levels of suction from 600 rays to 2600 feet to be changed for completely different cleaning, not waste battery power.

Xiaomi Viomi V3: Vacuuming Skills The Xiaomi V2 has great suction power – 2600 toes. Using extra suction power, the Xiaomi Xiaomi V3 vacuum cleaner can clearly suck up extra-large metallic balls. The robotic vacuum cleaner will detect carpet floors and increase power by providing a deeper cleaning.

Water tank of Xiaomi Viomi V3

Here’s the biggest new feature of the Xiaomi Viomi V3: It scrubs extra. Yes, it is exactly a 550ml soil tank, plus it has a 550ml electric water tank. Its electrical performance ensures water production speed, makes it uniform, and the ground is completely cleared. Besides, you will have three categories of water that you need.

It is beneficial to use distilled water for a water tank. Lime can clog the pipe and shorten the lifetime of a vacuum cleaner.

Xiaomi Viomi V3 Review

Xiaomi Viomi V3 Vacuum Cleaner Mapping Mode

Robo Rock supports a no-mop zone that protects the carpet robot mode in modding mode while all are recognized. Viomi lacks this feature. No matter how spacious your personal home is through the use of recharge and restart performance, the Xiaomi Xiaomi V3 Vacuum Cleaner and Xiaomi Xiaomi V2 Pro will always be applicable for cleaning them.

Xiaomi Viomi V3 comes with a mixed mud and water tank, allowing each dry and moist floor to be cleaned.

For the event, the Rubark S41 is equal to 41 minutes. However, it is notable that robotics worked hard to optimize the elimination path to be completed soon.

Xiaomi Viomi V3 Vacuum Cleaner Cleaning Technique

Viomi follows a Y-shaped path in the case of Viomi V3 amping and assists in the administration of water circulation through an application. Y-shape improves damping efficiency. Xiaomi Viomi V3 supports several clearing modes, including mixed cleaning in mixed containers.

Xiaomi Viomi V3 offer

The high battery of Xiaomi Viomi V3

The Xiaomi Viomi V3 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has a 4900 mAh battery, a large capacity that gives us 150 minutes * of scholarship autonomy at the same price. This makes the Xiaomi V3 the ultimate for properties with several square meters (250 – 300 m2) and few rooms.

No washable HPA filtration specific restricted (blocked) area A fixed sensor can improve specific carpet cleaning. 14 10 Room Recognition Some individual room cleaning warranties are 24 months.

Work examples are related to some parameters compared to the amount of lime, the type of suction, or the required suction power.

Auto Recharge and Restart System

Another reason that makes the Xiaomi Viomi V3 an intelligent vacuum cleaner is its self-recharge and re-performance. This means that when your Viomi robot vacuum cleaner ends its cleaning charge, or its battery phase is low, it is about to return to its charging dock regularly. If the cleaning plan is not finished, Viomi V3 remembers the location left to come back there and move on after its work.

Sensors Everywhere for Safe Cleaning

Thanks to its large number of sensors, Xiaomi Viomi V3 will make it, and your accessories will be thoroughly cleaned. With the help of LDS sensors and anti-collision panels, it can detect and avoid obstructions. Rather more!

Xiaomi Viomi V3 Vacuum Cleaner

Pros and Cons of Xiaomi Viomi V3

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  • Ideal for Deep Cleaning
  • Clean Hard to Reach Places
  • Easy-Access Dustbin
  • Supports Auto Mapping
  • AI Dynamic Path Recognition System
  • Equipped with Multiple Sensors



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  • 260Pa suction




Conclusion of Xiaomi Viomi V3

However, neither small steps nor inequality is a problem, as it could be constrained by an additional 20 mm. Buy Xiaomi Viomi V3 on Power Planet. Stop wasting your free time and get the Xiaomi Vacuum V3 Robot on your trusted on-line retailer Power Planet.

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Product Details

General Brand: VIOMI
Model: V3
Status: Available
Features Material: ABS
Cleaner Types: Vacuum Cleaner
Function: Dry, Mop, Suction, Sweep, Sweep Suction, Vacuum, Wet, Wet and Dry
Feature: Mop, Remote Control, Schedule, Self Charging
Remote Control: Yes
Schedule Function: Yes
Self Recharging: Yes
Virtual Wall: Yes
Climb Capability: 20mm
Floor Types: Carpet, Ceramic Tile, Marble Floor, Shag Carpet, Tile Floor, Wood Floor
Dust Box Capacity: 550ml
Tank capacity:550ml or two-in-one tank
Suction (pa): 2600Pa
Noise (dB): 78dB
Power (W): 40
Charging Time: 180 - 240min
Working Time: 300 - 360min
Working Temperature: 0℃~40℃
Dimensions and Weight
Specifications Navigation: LDS
Battery: 4900mAh
Climbing ability: 20mm
Suction: 2600Pa
Dusty box: 550ml
Water tank: 550ml
Water control: Smart electronic with 3 level constant pressure water control
Noise: 65dB-75dB
Dimensions & Weight Product weight: 3.6000 kg
Package weight: 6.8000 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 35.00 x 35.00 x 9.45 cm / 13.78 x 13.78 x 3.72 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 52.00 x 40.00 x 13.00 cm / 20.47 x 15.75 x 5.12 inches
Items 1 x Sweeping Robot
1 x Water Tank
2 x Side Brush
1 x Charging Seat
1 x Adapter
1 x Wet Mop
1 x Mop Stent
1 x Half Wet Mop
1 x Dust box


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