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Xiaomi’s vacuum cleaners are high-quality intelligent vacuum cleaners and now a newcomer has arrived, Xiaomi VIOMI SE Pro Vacuum Cleaner. The bot vacuum cleaner comes with MOP operating in early September The VIOMI SE Pro is pressing well.

Xiaomi VIOMI SE Pro Vacuum Cleaner is an old one that uses a laser leader to recognize the surroundings. It uses an optimized synthetic intelligence algorithm to outline its elimination path.

Xiaomi Viomi SE pro Review mapping

The manufacturer broadcasts a 23% cleansing path efficiency improvement as evidenced in the drawing below. Vacuum cleaners will choose to work horizontally rather than horizontally to limit the practice.

The Xiaomi VIOMI SE Pro Vacuum Cleaner is a 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner, with a powerful 2200Pa suction for vacuuming and a 3-level water tank for amping.

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Features of Xiaomi VIOMI SE Pro Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner has the top option of truly thoughtful quality just as different Xiaomi products. It has algorithms on dynamic LDS, using synthetic intelligence that cleans and cleans the root.

Through autonomy, we now have a 3200mAH battery that allows us to wash 200 square meters without delay, which equates to about 120 minutes of emptiness.

Xiaomi Viomi SE pro Review water pump

The Nidek brushless motor made in Japan has a rotational speed of 15,000 r / min which means you can suck 2200Pa.

It is equipped with Japanese wear-resistant Kosen-NBR tires to ensure that strong climbing means the robotic can match only 2cm of risk barriers, carpets, and blankets.

The Xiaomi VIOMI SE Pro Vacuum Cleaner has 12 sensors that take intelligence to a different degree:

  • Dust bin sensor
  • 6-axis gyroscope
  • Drive wheel speed sensor
  • 2 in 1 water tank sensor
  • Anti-collision panel sensor
  • Water tank induction sensor
  • Cloth support monitoring sensor
  • LDS anti-collision sensor
  • LDS range sensor
  • Drop-proof sensor
  • Suspension sensor
  • Recharge sensor

The water tank is 300 ml and the garbage tank is 200 ml. Clever Y-type MOP with AI options integrates clever algorithms that can simulate guide cleaning and bidirectional cleaning with superior cleaning protection.

Xiaomi VIOMI SE Pro Vacuum Cleaner: Map of the region and its directions

Xiaomi VIOMI SE Pro Vacuum Cleaner can retail maps like SE pro. This is effective when you get a home in a multi-story family. You can see the Enterprise Map Administration in the utility in the translation map administration. Click on this product to see more selections.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review scheduled

The first is the map editor, which lets you be part of the house or make them smaller. For example, now we have divided the lounge and the kitchen into two rooms. Editor means you can identify cells.

Xiaomi VIOMI SE Pro Vacuum Cleaner: Do you want more storage?

Xiaomi VIOMI SE Pro Vacuum Cleaner: If you want more space to save, the appliance means you can create another map. You can delete the map or allow vacuum mode, which should not save the map.

You can probably turn on and off the audible messages and their volume in all possible ways. Moreover, the device displays the status of specific components of the PC. By adapting to them you will understand when it comes to important trade brushes or filters or three-piece bristles or MOPs.

Xiaomi VIOMI SE Pro Vacuum Cleaner: Overcoming obstacles

Xiaomi VIOMI SE Pro Vacuum Cleaner: As we have introduced, bathrooms, and toilets, as well as the whole house, have no polarity of any kind. The rope ends in the bathroom and you, which is 2.3 centimeters from the floor and exactly 2 centimeters from the interior.

Xiaomi Viomi SE Review control

The producer said that the Xiaomi Viaomi SE can overcome the 2cm barrier. Now we have been asking for so long if he can go such a magnet.

Xiaomi VIOMI SE Pro Vacuum Cleaner: Compromise

This vacuum cleaner means you can create completely different schedules and maps, an additional 7 schedules, and 5 outlines. You can probably manage remotely via the app to create a schedule for washing the house in the morning, cleaning the kitchen in the afternoon, and cleaning the whole house tomorrow.

We are definitely recommending Xiaomi VIOMI SE Pro Vacuum Cleaner to anyone who is definitely trying a vacuum cleaner and doesn’t want to achieve expensive styling. It empties the bottom, has a battery with enough power and it looks very elegant.

The app provides multiple maps and customization of numerous settings with the possibility of automation using numerous subtle items from Xiaomi.

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A minor problem is poor washing and overcoming obstacles, which can usually be an extra two cm. Hanging the whole house on Xiaomi VIOMI SE Pro Vacuum Cleaner isn’t a bad thing if you’re working, collecting, or hanging out. You can tackle every little factor remotely from anywhere in the utility.


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