Lifebee Electric Heated Vest 3 Best Offer only $36.99

When people leave in winter, they should often keep a thick coat and several padded layers. Electric Heated Vest allows you to get out in less clothing. Hot vapor can also promote blood circulation and relieve muscle pain—a big Christmas prize for people and families.

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Introduction of Electric Heated Vest

Good choice for pepper and moist weather. It is supplied with 5 items of carbon fiber heating elements: Electric Heated Vest to a relentless temperature between the main physical elements (left waist, right waist, left abdomen, right abdomen, and re-center). The temperature distribution is 2 additional and is warmer than the three heat-insulated jackets.

Electric Heated Vest

The heating foil uses a heating material made of nano-composite fiber, an additional conversion value of heat vitality and long service life.

The pores and skin are extra delicate. The heating cable uses superior carbon fiber imported heating supplies. The heat is uniform and gently makes the pores and skin extra comfortable.

Features of Electric Heated Vest

It stimulates blood circulation and protects the body from black pepper. No radiation, no injury to the human body.

The heating elements generate heat in the back and front to heat your back, waist, and abdomen. This warm vest has three warm-up settings that create a temperature of 45 to 65 ° C.

High-Temperature Crimson, Medium Temperature = Blue, Low Temperature = Inexperienced. Can choose different temperature options. With a clever temperature management system, the LifeBe electric heated vest is heated with one click.

Electric Heated Vest price

You can change the temperature you like, Extra (Crimson Button about 55-65 seconds C), Medium (White Button about 45-55 C), and Low (Blue Button 35-45 ° C), High Performance The carbon fiber resistance wire transmits body heat repeatedly and with stabilization.

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LifeB Electric Hest Vest is suitable for five V / 2 single cell power supplies, and it is easy to use. Provide only in the pocket side of the cell power plug, may be included.

Use a 10000 mAh portable charger, 4B-8 hours of working time as a spent life electric hot vest is warm and fashionable. You can find this awesome LifeBe Electric Hest Vest at 39 39.99.

Heating mode

The warm vest has an advanced heating system. It is supplied with 5 items of carbon fiber heating parts, which will distribute the temperature between the main body components (left waist, right waist, left abdomen, right abdomen in the abdomen and again), temperature distribution additionally warmer than jacket full 2/3 heating orc With.

Electric Heated Vest offer

Skin sensitive clothing design

With a model new shake velvet fabric, the heating vests are warmer and more delicate for men’s pores and skin than men’s warm and fluffy polyester materials. The heating wire provides a higher carbon fiber imported heat supply. The heat is uniform and subtle, making pores and extra pores of the skin. It stimulates blood circulation and protects the body from the pepper. No radiation, no injuries to the human body.

Multiple temperature levels

With a smart temperature management system, the warm jacket gets Electric Heated Vest in one click. You can change your desired temperature, extreme (55-65 C crimson buttons), medium (white buttons around 45-55 C) and low (blue buttons 35-45 ° C), high efficiency. Carbon fiber resistance wires transfer heat seamlessly and physically in style.

Electric Heated Vest size

Low energy consumption and durable

The women’s heating vest is suitable for supplying five V / 2 unicellular power, easy to use. The cell power supply plug will be attached to the pocket side of the bus plug. Using a 10000 mAh running charger cost 4-eight hours as working time. (Note: This product does not provide cell power)

Easy to use

Winter is the minimum summer and the best. You can keep warm in autumn and winter and enterprise work equivalent to tobogganing, motorcycle, mountaineering, tenting, mountaineering, snowboarding, fishing, observation, or work. It helps to wash the machine wash easily. It is one for your autumn and winter clothes.

Pros and Cons of Electric Heated Vest

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  • It is equipped with 5 pieces
  • Skin-sensitive Fabric Design
  • Multiple Temperature Levels
  • Low Energy Consumption and Durable
  • Easy to Use
  • Power supply: 5V/2A output, 10000mAh
  • Temperature range: 35°C-65°C



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  • 4 hours at high temperature





  • Item Name: Lifebee Electric Heated Vest
  • Model number: WNV45
  • Outer layer-polar fleece
  • Inner layer: super soft velvet
  • Color: Black
  • Size: S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL


  • Heating Sheet: Carbon Fiber Heating Sheet
  • Hot Spot: Neck and Shoulder / Abdomen / Waist
  • Number of heating parts: 5 heating parts
  • Temperature varies: 35 ° C-65 ° C
  • Power supply: 5V / 2A output, 10000mAh cellular power supply (non-binding)
  • Duration: 4-12 hours (specifically dictated by battery capacity and ability to deliver heating temperature)
  • Charge time: around 6-8 hours
  • Temperature management: power button management
    Extreme temperature three (55 C-65), medium temperature (45 C-55) and low temperature (35 ° C-45)
  • Heating time (5V / 2A provides 10000mAh cellular power): about four hours at standby temperature, about 6 hours at medium temperature and about eight hours at low temperature (depending on surface temperature).

Size & Dimension:

  • Package Size:36.3*6.7*26.1 cm
  • Package weight:1.269kg

Package Contents: 1 X Vest


In addition to the autumn and winter enterprise activities, you can keep the heat anywhere similar to tobogganing, motorcycles, mountaineering, tenting, mountaineering, snowboarding, fishing, watching, or work. Easy to machine wash in your autumn and winter clothes.

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Where can I buy Electric Heated Vest?

You can buy Electric Heated Vest in an online shop like Amazon, Geekbuying


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