Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic muscle massage gun only $199

Exercise is a necessary thing for sedentary workers in offices on the planet. When Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic‘s actually fat or not, it’s actually crucial to work out.

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Exercise may strengthen our health and fitness, boost our sub-health condition, and stimulate both dopamines’ secretion and increase our mood. Yunmai Pro Fundamental Muscle Massager can help you receive this comfort.

Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic

Introduction of Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic

What exactly does the fascia of this fascia weapon me? Yunmai clarified that the fascia is a tender tissue that wraps nerves, joins bones and body organs. Strenuous training or bad posture can lead to muscle and fascia growth and damage, leading to adhesion joints along with also”delayed muscle pain.

Trear Your Self using a 10-Minute Care as a Result of Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic

Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic supplies the solution to this, having its muscle massage weapon. Its powerful Highfrequency vibration will greatly excite the fascia and muscle nodules to divide the strain and unwind stiff muscle tissues.

Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic offer

All you need to do will be massage for 10 moments together using the Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic after educating your own workout regimen. This can allow you to relieve pain and alleviate muscular fatigue.

What’s more, you won’t have to worry about deploying it since it ceases automatically after 10 minutes.

Its own gun-shaped design is spectacular, which makes it simple to grip whilst being used. As Isa result of the specific button along with LED indexes, you’re going to have the ability to understand when it’s finished charging or the style it’s in.

Powerful 60W along with 3200rpm Motor

The Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic has a super-quiet 60W, 3200 rpm brushless engine, powerful enough to excite muscle bands up to1-2 mm strong and immediately neutralize the plastic acid produced having a sports task, additionally avoiding annoying muscle soreness.

Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic motor

Moreover, even once we mentioned previously since it’s actually really just a brushless motor, this scarcely creates some noise, attaining 4 5 D B at max power.

The portable layout of Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic

Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic Fundamental mechanical massage weapon owns a convenient wireless handheld design that permits end customers to transport and utilizes everywhere anywhere comfortably.

The Galaxycoat, together with the ga ray gamut, also highlights the apparatus’s details, giving the item an impressive and magnificent look.

The engine is Powerful.

Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic Fundamental Muscle Massager has a 60Wbrushless engine and a max torque of 106m. NWithshaking frequency out of 1 800 into 3200 rpm, immediately affecting the muscle bands. 12mmheavy feels refreshing, also eliminates pain fast.

Additionally, the equipment can also be built with elastic gears using 3 distinct degrees for an individual to change the degree and frequency of vibrations based on the demands and standing of every and every individual’s massage requirements.

Moreover, to prevent excessive massage in 1 area, the system has an automatic stop feature every 10 minutes to guarantee safety for the two users and muscles.

4 different massage heads

Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic Fundamental includes 4 different massage minds that closely look after every muscle group, fulfilling all massage demands in different body areas. The round mind is acceptable for massaging on the arms, thighs, waist, calves, along with other large muscle bands.

The uU-shaped head is acceptable for massage on each side of the spinal column and heel crunches. The cylindrical mind is acceptable for affecting heavy cells, like palms, wedges, and soles of their feet. At length, the flathead is acceptable for relaxing and forming various muscular building parts.

Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic price

Besides, you have the round-head for massaging on the trunk, wrists, legs, calves, and also other large muscles, the uU-shaped head for massaging on the neck along with each side of the spinal column; the “nose” type mind, acceptable for affecting heavy tissues such as ligaments, tendons and the palms of their hands and bottoms; also, finally, a horizontal mind for relaxing different muscle regions of the human body.

The four massage heads have been machined from supreme quality ion substances. An exceptional honeycomb structure design that offers high elasticity, which takes care, also prevents harm to muscles and bones.

Long battery life

Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic handheld gun has a more 2600mAh lithium-ion battery, providing a massive power source and a longer usage period. Specifically, the item also works gently with a minimal sound level of just 45dB.

Moreover, as a result of the large 2600 mAh battery-powered, you’ll never be abandoned in the midst of a massage. It’s effective at providing up to14 hrs of overall liberty at Mode 1.

Although the Yunmai Guru Fundamental Muscle Massager has just three gears, it might reach a max rate of 3200 and be built with four separate massage heads, which will massage all human pieces anatomy, particularly for la longterm battery lifetime.

Continuous and stable outcome signal. It’s well worth mentioning that the purchase price of the item is just $140. The purposes are essentially the same as its luxury goods, and the price-performance ratio seems equally so sudden.

Why do I feel pain after exercising?

If you exercise High-Intensitysports, then you might feel muscle stiffness and pain then. That is mainly because of la ack of flexibility and repetitive motions, which will hurt the fascia. However,… what may be the fascia?

Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic reveiw

Fascia is a connective tissue system consisting of glands and nerve endings that encircle most of the human system’s organs, from nerves to cells and tendons.

It has just been found that 80 percent of the unknown source’s spine ailments can detect their origin in this component of our own body.

Pros and Cons of Xiaomi Yunmai Pro

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  • Strong power-up to 3200 rpm
  • Relax-reach 12mm deep muscles
  • long-lasting battery life
  • Quiet-45dB low noise and mute
  • Very nice-surface engineering design
  • Professional3 gears 4professional massage



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  • It can’t used long time




Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic Specs

  • Brand: Xiaomi YUNMAI
  • Product: Muscle Massage Gun
  • Model: Pro Basic
  • Gear: 3 Gear Adjustment
  • Operating Environment: 0~ 40°C
  • Energy-Saving Standby: 80 Days
  • Dimensions: 230 x 183 mm
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Colour: Dark grey

Packaging content:

  • 1x Massager
  • 1x Spherical Head
  • 1x U Shape Head
  • 1x Cylindrical Head
  • 1x Flat Head
  • 1x Charger
  • 1x Manual

Conclusion of Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic

Product is sent from the US store of Yunmai standard site; remember to select priority direct-mail to possess global tax-free delivery. Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic is also possible to test local warehouse supplies, available entirely on the item page!

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Where I can buy Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic?

You can buy Xiaomi Yunmai Pro Basic online store like Amazon, Gearbest, Banggood, Aliexpress, Geekbuying, and Alibaba


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