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Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch Best Review | Specs |Comparison

Amazfit was on our radar for at least a year or two now. The initial Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch could be your wearable, which influenced this hitter, away from a great deal more high-profile and pricey alternatives, just such as the Samsung Gear S3. And the Amazfit gt-r remains my everyday driver


Plus, Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch needs to be noted; this is not motivated by an absence of additional alternatives. The smart mobile market is undergoing a type of renaissance right now. Nevertheless, Amazfit’s or quite Huami’s services and products are still an extraordinary place from the wearable niche.

Price Comparison

Introduction of Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch

Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch‘s scarcely surprising that individuals were eager to have a look at the Amazfit t rex. It’s really just actually a rugged wearable that generally appears to unite everything, which people think is very good about existing Amazfit apparatus with really a hard exterior. Acceptable for a far more active, outdoorsy way of life.

Many people, including, hold Amazfit services and products in high esteem for their incredible battery lifetime. Exactly enjoy the slick and tasteful gt-r, the t rex keeps this remarkable energy efficacy, readily offering 20 days of usage on a single fee.

This is made possible by years of design and component refinement by manufacturer Huami. Perhaps not especially famous, a name that says a whole good deal about this t rex pedigree and instils a great deal of confidence.

Perhaps not counting the Apple Watch, Huami is obviously the most significant wearable apparatus business in the entire world, using more than 50 million units sold and more than 16% worldwide market share. Regardless of its Amazfit fashion-conscious brand, Huami is additionally accountable for Xiaomi wearables within a private provider.

Design of Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch

The Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch is unapologetic in its own rocky appearance. But that only implies that the Trex is after a distinct ongoing wearable watching fashion fad. That’s to state this look is becoming iconic and exceeded the g shock brand new. It’s extraordinary because its design and form layout stinks. Make of this what you’ll.

We genuinely believe that Huami pinpointed the appearance they were searching for. Weight, however, cannot be the same area. The Amazfit t rex is light because of its design and size. Again, if that really is something that could attract you personally, it is an issue of personal taste.

Amazfit T-Rex

However, objectively, even the bigger conventional g shock and very equivalent watches are inclined to become over 70 g in weight reduction. Quite often, hovering across the 100-gram markers. If you anticipate a comfortable heft to decide on the recognizable design rugged, your Trex may not supply.

Light because it might be, the Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch does surpass its name when it comes to quality. It can absolutely be viewed as “demanding,” based upon your own comprehension of the period. Like we said, its body is still light, actually, surprisingly on the very first belief.

Materials of Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch

Fancy cloth names aside, it’s also essentially vinyl. It is going to surely scratch and scratch over time. But so are most compounds and their endings. In reality, you may frequently view us stand contrary to a fantastic vinyl build. This really is some of the scenarios.

A challenging watch similar to this is supposed for a challenging life. And the simple fact is a great black plastic casing will demonstrate a good deal more evidence of this inevitable scuffs it’s going to grab than the usually painted alloy could.

We can assume that one other tone options are constructed from a brightly coloured polymer instead of being implemented as a premier conclusion.

The text and markings on the front part of the watch are likewise not going anywhere anytime in the future. They will be deeply soldered to the plastic and painted-in, employing a careful ink-filling procedure.

Because it now stands, the sole observable metallic pieces on the t rex would be the 4 screws in the front, both the 4 buttons and also the claws holding the ring in position.

Display of Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch

The Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch has a 1.3-inch AMOLED panel. It’s also smart enough to keep absolutely usable outdoors, even under direct sunshine. Automatic brightness modification is managed through an under-display light detector.

It’s responsive and is useful. The display isn’t too small to precisely quantify together with all our equipment and confirm our compliments together using amounts.

Amazfit T-Rex Display

Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch‘s most likely the identical panel that Huami can be used from the Amazfit Verge – a much versatile apparatus, somewhat closer to this”smart-watch” end of this wearable scale, that will be regarded as a more”flagship offer.”

That is a very great idea to understand, in case your larger display is high on the priority scale to you compared to the t rex’s rocky outside. Since feature-wise, in addition to price-wise, the t rex and GTR aren’t far apart. We’ll definitely be bringing up that comparison again through the duration of the critique.

Controls of Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch

We have good impressions of the t rex’s display, apart from the criticism we have offered because of the oleophobic coating. It not only looks great but using punchy and vibrant colours, as a result of its OLED temperament, but it can be easy on the battery life.

Obviously, Huami may have gone to get something more”unconventional,” just like the transflective LCD about the Amazfit Bip s for many superior power-savings. That would’ve meant forfeiting colour and the general premium appearance of this board. We’re happy the t rex got the flagship treatment alternatively.

Touch sensitivity and precision on your display are a touchy subject onto a wearable, which, by design, is much more inclined to be utilized with any gloves.

Different elements in the display are sort of hard to press, chiefly because of its size accurately. Happily, most of this UI is big enough, and swipes would be the primary performance procedure. Thus, with a bare finger, now we’ve got little complaints.

Introduce some moisture into the mixture, such as perspiration or warm water, plus it becomes unusable. The same is true for many gloves. We did eliminate using ones that are plastic. Cold temperatures or expert labour gear is really actually just a nogo.

Comfortability of Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch

An extremely abstract subject without a doubt. This should return to personal taste. Here will be the temptations of this Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch, though: In 13.5 millimetres, it’s very bulky. It can not really fit, or at all, even under a shirtsleeve, and wearing it during sleep can be disagreeable. Upper-body activities or sports frequently lead to lumps and snags.

On the reverse side, it’s quite light. Both a potential and a minus, depending upon your own preferences. As a result of the slim down, it doesn’t strain the wrist despite active movement. It will pay for a huge area, though, and certainly will maintain moisture and aggravate perspiration.

Amazfit T-Rex specs

The added strap is very elastic and soft, almost no burden, but feels quite hardy. It’s a highlight feature of this Amazfit T Rex. It seems super comfortable to use.

Additionally, it may bring about a whole good deal of perspiration because of the profile. It has a grooved inner surface extending along the way to prevent the ring shape from adhering with an own wrist and create drag.

The one big drawback of this Amazfit T-Rex strap is that it utilizes a nonstandard attachment design to this eye’s major body. Thus, you can not swap it out or substitute this if damage has a regular choice.

Best Features of Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch

Wise wearables come quite a distance concerning features—the line between those and what is viewed as proper”smart-watches” has never been skinnier.

In reality, if you don’t require third-party apps, just such as those provided by Google’s Wear OS or even Samsung’s Gear platform, then you should really think about the great things about moving the”smart wearable” path for your additional efficiency and battery lifetime.

Huami has plenty of time to enhance this OS and most of its many features. We may safely state, from experience, which matters are a lot easier today when they have been originally back when the gt-r published.

In general, the knowledge is fairly like a true”smart-watch” one. Menu arrangement, swipe gestures, and centre functionality are. For some, an intelligent wearable will probably need to do some centre tasks to become operational.

These mostly boil down to tackling calls, messages, and overall alarms, activity, sleeping, and physical fitness tracking and continue, but at the least, behaving as a fashionable and glamorous style accessory.

UI of Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch

Let us focus on the typical Amazfit UI and standard control strategy and carry on from that point. Unless you’ve got your display looked into the wasteful always-on manner, you may normally need to wake it up with a wrist or by pressing someone of four buttons.

Both have been significantly enhanced since the ancient days of this Amazfit gt-r we can remember. The gesture is very dependable. There’s still room for advancement, and it’s nowhere close to Apple Watch degrees of magic. However, we’d say that 85 per cent of this time, the t rex wakes up if we need it to.

Internals Details of Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch

Before we put into sleep and activity tracking, and operation on the t rex, it’s crucial to notice exactly what hardware is inside. Since that’ll dictate exactly what expectations we all can have.

Actual hardware advice about a processor degree for Amazfit services and products is adamant about finding. But, it’s rather evident that wearables such as the t rex we’re reviewing and its own particular Amazfit GTR, GTS, and Bip siblings are closely-related inside their own functionality into additional Huami apparatus.

Ram and Storage of Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch

We bring up these details to compare such”smart wearables” into additional, more-versatile, and powerful solutions that kayak can find at”smart-watches” and more feature-rich services and products. For example, the Amazfit Verge is promoted as running to a 1.2-GHz dual-core chip-set, several forms, and 512MB RAM and 4GB storage.

That is merely one of the differentiating areas of a”smart-watch” compared to an intelligent wearable. The opposing side of this narrative, needless to say, is the 5-day promoted battery life over the Amazfit Verge, rather than over 20-day one on the t rex.

More isn’t necessarily better from the smart world, though. And in this respect, the Trex appears to hit a wonderful balance. Compared to the Amazfit gt-r sibling, even though, you can find several noteworthy downgrades.


Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch price

As an alternative to a 6-axis speed detector, you obtain yourself a 3-axis one. And the atmosphere pressure and power detectors of those GTR are overlooking, outright.

It’s dependable, so much as getting a frequent reading from this really is concerned. The truth of speaking, nevertheless, is frequently off. Some times it’ll quantify a heightened heartbeat when resting.

In other instances, it is going to think about a bike ride commuting, using a number 100 bpm step. That is more of a review towards optical core rate dimension technician generally speaking, though.

Tracking functionality of Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch

Finding a spot fix generally takes less than 30 minutes, and also, the t rex rarely loses its own cure. Even if it will, which often happens when inputting a tube or building, it responds almost immediately to the very actual fact that it recovers the fix equally as fast. That is most likely one of those very few aspects because it exceeds its own Amazfit gt-r sibling in operation.

GPS Tracking of Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch

The t rex site invisibly concerning its high amount of GPS precision, categorizing matters such as a robust Sony GPS + GLONASS processor solution.

Nevertheless, many likely explanations with this particular GPS boost within the GTR might be a superior human design and internal antenna remedy. Even the easy truth that most of this t rex’s casing is plastic instead of metal might distinguish.

If you’re after the best GPS functionality, then the t rex is especially the greater of those 2 siblings. Additionally, it readily outperforms the elderly Amazfit Bip inside this category.

The heart rate of Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch

Task tracking is also, thus, a small mixed bag. Exercise types which are heavily determined by heartrate data could lead to erroneous amounts. Though, the calorie calculation is on average, mostly established round averages to a period basis. Therefore those should be OK.

Amazfit T-Rex price

The leading GPS operation makes walking, hiking, and hiking really accurate concerning space and plotted avenues on the reverse side. The t rex even has altitude metrics mostly perfect. We can assume this applies to ski too.

Battery Features of Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch

Despite its own clearly larger footprint, the Trex includes a bigger battery than the bigger (47mm) Amazfit GTR version. Just by 20mA or, therefore, that isn’t significant in training.

Nevertheless, it seems like Huami might have filled the t rex shell with much more battery life. This might have addressed that the detach between actual and expected fat for its own size.

Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch review

About battery lifetime, the Trex is a legitimate marathon runner. Exactly like its own gt r sibling, it may readily get more than 20 days of normal use on a single fee.

Huami has quite a precise definition of exactly what its”ordinary” usage patterns are: 150 alarms every day, 30 screen activations, five full minutes of screen-on surgeries each day, and half an hour of conduct tracking every second moment.

Big Battery

We can concur that 25 days are attainable in training. Our usage blueprint usually saw an excessive amount of 150 notifications. On average, a walk or bike ride, even another day, in the place of a 30-second jog.

As a way to get the absolute most out of this T-Rex, then you are going to have to find the Amazfit program. So far as we all know the historical past of matters, elderly Amazfit services and products were encouraged under Mi Fit at a single point.

The net is somewhat foggy on this issue. No matter the Amazfit program is your existing companion for its Trex, in addition to many other Amazfit wearables.

Battery Use

Side note – All those forms of bizarre edits are normal all-round the Amazfit program. Thus we won’t be pointing them out on every single occasion. They are confusing to incoherent. That is clearly an absolute minus. Notably, considering that the Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch program was through over just a couple of upgrades and iterations already.

This resembles a veritable nirvana for statistics and numbers fans. Graphs, community and personal averages, different period-based perspectives, sharing options. It’s all about there.

Employing the Trex using the Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch program

The Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch program is demonstrably supposed to surpass the simple job of a wearable company. Still, the truth is that this could actually be the only portion of its own functionality that many users will look after. Pairing the t rex with the program should be as easy as scanning a barcode, yet displayed over the watch.

But in training, nevertheless, we’d major struggles for this particular undertaking. That collapsed, leaving the t rex at a boot-looping state. Numerous days of debugging later, it works out that using the t rex connected alongside an Amazfit gt r breaks matters in greater ways than you.

Apps Use

Despite deleting the latter out of the program and side clearing, the program data failed to fix the situation. A shame since shifting between a fancy and a casual watch at the GTR and Trex would have really been a workable strategy. Notably, since these are relatively reasonably priced.

Once you’re all paired-up, you obtain one of those more-orderly menus to take care of the t rex. You get two watch faces in one period on the t rex itself, which means you will be frequenting the Watch face in the Program.

During writing the inspection, you have to pick out of 30 options as a whole. There’s really actually just a sea of unofficial, third-party content outside that. Please continue reading to this customized program section for it.

Competitors of Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch

Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch‘s actually really just a well-crafted and balanced smart-wearable solution that manages to unite all of the battery endurance advantages along with iterative refinements of existing Amazfit smart wearables, with an exceptional and timeless rocky appearance.

There’s really a sudden vacuum cleaner of wearables in this distinct rocky marketplace, at present, which may work to its own benefit. To top off it – there was the tantalizing price point of approximately only $150.

Strong smart-watches from reputable brands are somewhat surprisingly rare. That’s to say; you can select from a vast choice of wearables offering adequate heights of ingress protection, even though maybe perhaps not over the STD-MIL-810G grade of this text, however, perhaps maybe not so many who have this rugged appearance.

Huami demonstrably has its hands on the pulse of a massive sector of the smart virtual sector. Whenever most big-brand players, such as Apple and Samsung, are perspiration to develop a full-featured flagship smart-watch, Huami has mostly been emphasizing cheap, long-endurance wearables rather than

Concerning functionality, the t rex is closer to a wise ring than a smart-watch. A brighter, more feature-rich smart group, though offering most the battery and value endurance advantages.

Amazfit T-Rex – Full Specs

General Brand: Amazfit
Model Number: T-Rex
Status: Available
Display Screen resolution: 360 x 360
Screen size: 1.3 inch
Operating mode: Touch Screen
Waterproof / Water-Resistant: Yes
IP rating: 5 ATM
Sensor G-sensor,
Heart Rate Sensor
Battery Battery Capacity: 390mAh
Standby Time: About 66days
Using time: About 20days
Charging Time: About 2hours
Charging Type: Magnetic charging
Dial & Band Band Material: Silicone
Case material: High Polymer Material
The shape of the dial: Round
Dial size: 47.7mm
Band size: 22mm
Other Features Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.0
Compatible OS: Android, IOS
Compatible OS Version: Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 and above
Language: English,French,German,Italian,Japanese,Korean,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Spanish,Traditional Chinese,Turkish
Dimensions & Weight Package weight: 0.3000 kg
Package size (L x W x H): 12.60 x 12.50 x 6.20 cm / 4.96 x 4.92 x 2.44 inches
Package Contents 1 x Smart Watch,
1 x Magnetic Charging Base,
1 x User Manual

Pros and Cons

[su_row class=”proscons”][su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=”prosbox”] [su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#27C110″ title_color=”#fff”] [su_list icon=”icon: check-circle” icon_color=”#27C110″]

  • Resist the harsh environment
  • 5 ATM water-resistance
  • 20-day battery life
  • High-end Sony GPS
  • A selection of 30 watch faces
  • 14 Sports Modes
  • Nice looking

[/su_list] [/su_box] [/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=”consbox”] [su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#ff0000″ title_color=”#fff” ] [su_list icon=”icon: times-circle” icon_color=”#ff0000″]

  • third-party app not support

[/su_list] [/su_box] [/su_column][/su_row]

The verdict

The biggest let down of this Amazfit T-Rex Smartwatch entire experience may be the dearth of gloss on an applications level. Even the Amazfit OS, in its existing condition, is operational and well-refined. Nevertheless, the Amazfit companion program is currently in dire need of an overhaul and significant UX simplification.

The busy third party dev community was setting up many attempts to cure this, but that isn’t precisely the elegant, short-term solution that the differently amazing t rex deserves.

Vibrant OLED with reactive car brightness is effective outdoors. UI isn’t optimized for button-only navigation, yet the camera fails with gloves or wet hands on. The Amazfit smartphone program is both bloated and laborious. Multi-device service isn’t offered.

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Where can I buy the Amazfit T-Rex?

You can buy Amazfit GTS 2 from online stores like AmazonBanggoodAliexpress, Alibaba, Geekbuying, and Gearbest.

Is Amazfit T-Rex waterproof?

Yes, 5 ATM Waterproof

Can I use a portable power bank to charge Amazfit T-Rex?

Yes, You Can


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