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Amarey A800 Review: 1400pa Super suction robotic vacuum

Amarey A800 Review: The Amarey A800  is a robotic vacuum that is a great and poorly written application for those of us who hate fuffing on Wi-Fi even though wishing in vain to clean their floors effectively. If this is you, the A800 will not disappoint.

Amarey A800


Amarey A800 Review: Price Comparison

Amarey A800 Review: Introduction

Amarey A800 is round, designed to work virtually evenly and evenly with different robotic vacuum forms and dimensions.

You may need to plug in an outlet for a port free space, then the free space allows you to expand your territory autonomously.

Amarey A800deasign (1)


In the field, you will find each vacuum, two plastic brushes, a charging dock plus an AC adapter, an extra set of brushes, a filter, and a rotating brush.

Amarey A800 Review: Design

The Amarey A800 tempered-glass is nothing more than a visual emptiness difference from dozens of other fashions other than the embellished immortal symbol.

Its round design and black edge are quite common, especially for budget-priced robotic vacuum cleaner, but it certainly has an unusually thin profile. With two .7-inch and 12.7-inch diameter tops, our preferred price range is considered a robotic vacuum.

Amarey A800 feature2

The A800 uses a single curler brush and two spin brushes to clean. It has a highly effective 1400Pa suction power, which is combined with a triple-filter system to guarantee each part – together with the infamous Kusum pet hair 0.5 turns it into a 0.5-liter dustbin.

It also supports scheduled schedules using the arrow buttons on the extra scheduled pads.

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Amarey A800 Review: The Box

After opening the box, you will want to place 2 plastic broom brushes on the bottom. Snap them correctly – you’ll hear a click so they’re up.

Amarey A800 feature3

You don’t want to get any apps, as a result, it’s no longer an intelligent gadget. However, you will have to spend for the vacuum that you will plug the charging station into an outlet on the wall.

The vacuum should take a few hours to fully charge. Set up two AA batteries for remote use. Hey, you go well. Should you be annoyed.

Amaray has a unique information line and a short two pages in your field to guide you on the right way to set up brushes.

Amarey A800 Review: Setup

The Amarey A800  organizes related to the elimination of some distribution blocks that protect bumpers/switches and a few adhesive panels that secure the mud tray and other components throughout the transit.

I need to additionally press-fit the two edges brush on the appropriate axis at the bottom of the unit. The purple grip on the underside of the unit should be switched on even before the unit is charged and has to work.

Amarey A800 Review: Full setup

As soon as the initial preparations are done I need to find a suitable place for my charging dock and spend the A800. The directions suggest a transparent 6 feet by 6 feet half-oval through which the charging base is placed.

This was basically the most complicated of the setup. I have inserted the charging base at the entrance to several bookcases in my workplace.

Where the A800 was charging for 3 hours, I set the clock hand to a remote location, leaving the batteries at a distance.

I additionally took the time to learn the guide to find out what the completely bizarre symbols on the buttons of the remote meant.

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Amarey A800 Review: Cleaning Model

The Amarey A800 has the next cleansing mode that will be accessed via buttons on the remote part.

Auto Cleaning – All Expenses Spot Cleaning Many Rooms, Designed to clean localized particles, using a spiral cleansing patterned cleaner,

Amarey A800 Deaign2

works across a range of rooms in a house or room – half an hour  for maximum vacuum cleaner more Tion should offer deep cleaning

The A800 will run on a schedule or on-demand. The schedule is handled by the remote, so the remote should be within sight of the A800.

Amarey A800 Review: Performance

We tested my A800 in a real dwelling setting, leaving it on the wooden floor and blankets – each thick piled shag and blankets that were skinny and down.

The open space as well as the tight corners had extra furnishings to keep the vacuum from running. To begin with,

I understand when it comes to understanding or when to transfer in another direction when moving to the right of a block,

Amarey A800 Deaign3

understanding it can be a chair leg, a sofa, a desk – even a shoe. The vacuum was able to learn quickly if it wanted to change directions, and it did great.

It was additionally moved along wooden floors and dense blankets, able to move from one floor to another without bothering anyone.

As its most important goal, the Amre A800 is on its ground and a carpet – it will run through the canine hair as soon as it is caught.

The sweepers just surrounded it and it was frustrating. Different bits of fluff and particles came up, and I can say that the area was actually clearer after I ran 800 rooms than before, but I always felt like I wanted to go back to the areas again with the daily steep wanted space.

Amarey A800 Review: ground cleaning

Hardwood floor assessments did not stand a chance for Amery. Each of the four particles was cleared as a 100% phase.

Amarey Robot

While cleaning the hardwood floor, Amrei was only able to bend in the corners and pick up the particles that the place liked. This robotic vacuum effectively cleans all of our wood floorings through evaluations.

Amarey A800 Review: Carpet cleaning

All 4 particles have been cleaned or increased at 97% level, but we have seen Amaranth take a small step when trying to scrub kitty litter and sugar.

The rice and cereal were all cleaned up, but the trendy Fortress was still in the testing lane after the rice and kitty litter.

The friction between the carpet and the robotic brush roll seemed to encourage some problems for the rice and the kitty litter, as it became more rounded than the opposite two.

Although we have observed these issues, they have only occurred in a few liters and sugar. As we noticed in the evaluation of the lower pile carpet, there was no similarity for rice and cereal amaranth.

Amery Robotic Vacuum sucked every rice and cereal on extra piles of carpets, but Kitty was fully capable of 99% of the litter and 90% of the sugar.

These are great numbers, but they’re just off the beaten track and the results of the lovely pile carpet.

Amarey A800 Review: Option

At the very entrance of the unit, there are two bumpers on the left and right front of the A-800 and on the cliff sensors to help stop the vibration under the steps.

The general-to-access mud bin is behind the unit. It drops the emergency through a recessed button and pulls out the bin.

The bin is equipped with a permanent particle display and a two-stage replaceable filter with a sponge-like material and a rug-shaped paper filter. Space is provided for 2 acceptable

Amarey A800 Review: Feature

You will need to snap into two of the 4 supplied edge-cleaning brushes at the bottom of the vacuum. Next, flip the switch of its power and set it on its charging dock.

Amarey A800 feature

It takes about 100- to 120 minutes to spend and can return to the dock if the battery runs low.

For general maintenance cleaning, the auto mode is basically the most expedient, as it is going to have a vacuum swap as desired in its various cleaning types.

When you have pets, like me, you may want to activate most sections – only raised in auto and single room mode

Amarey A800 Review: Pros and Cons

[su_row class=”proscons”][su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=”prosbox”]

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#27C110″ title_color=”#fff”]

[su_list icon=”icon: check-circle” icon_color=”#27C110″]

  • General control
  • Clever clean
  • Other robots are better priced than emptiness
  • Easy to install
  • Easy transition between dense carpeting



[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=”consbox”]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#ff0000″ title_color=”#fff” ]

[su_list icon=”icon: times-circle” icon_color=”#ff0000″]

  • Fiddly dust bin
  • Spent a lot of time navigating




Amarey A800 Review: Conclusion

Regardless of its feasibility, the A800  vacuum cleaner does a great job of cleaning small areas with limited waste and well-regulated cables.

I would recommend the A800 for those who practice chaos-minimization in studio/loft / 1 bedroom accommodation or confined spaces.

I’ve discovered myself as a house with a one-time vacuum in a bit of emptiness rather than running it by relaxing myself. After my experience with Vincent, I definitely bought the idea of ​​a robotic vacuum.

Where I can buy Amarey A800 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner?

You can buy the Amarey A800from online stores like Amazon, and Aliexpress

Do robotic vacuums pay for it?

Robotic vacuums are at the top when it comes to keeping your floor clean, but they need extra help than you might think.

Do robotic vacuums need WiFi?

Robotic vacuums don’t want Wi-Fi to scrub your dwelling. You can probably just push clean on the robotic and the robotic will work.


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