Eufy HomeVac H11 Vacuum Best Price for just $73.94 [Flash]

The Eufy HomeVac H11 Vacuum is actually a small (wine bottle measuring) cordless, light handheld vacuum cleaner. It has a suction power of 5500 feet and a minimum weight of 540 grams. It fits in every kitchen drawer or an automotive glove bogie.

Eufy HomeVac H11 Vacuum

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Design of Eufy HomeVac H11 Vacuum

In agreement with this, however, the floor is gripped tightly, to increase the firmness. In the central part of the physique, there are convenient buttons and three LEDs that indicate the charging position of the ambitious. On the other hand, however, there is a slot that allows air to flow, one of the most important problematic causes of this device.

Eufy HomeVac H11 Vacuum design

The Eufy HomeVac H11 Vacuum is known as a very helpful and compact machine that sits comfortably in the hand and is easy to use. Due to the minimal measurements, very small can be stored in 90 ml emitting containers.

The E4 HomeVac H11, a small E4 mm in diameter and 335 mm in size, is actually significantly softer and less expensive due to Wi-Fi and its small size.

Features of Eufy HomeVac H11 Vacuum

Excessive suction power as high as 5500 feet is stunning, which would not be perfect for cleaning cracks and car seats together with a joint brush. A washable HEPA filter removes particles from the exhaust air.

Eufy HomeVac H11 Vacuum charge

The Eufy HomeVac H11 Vacuum has a nominal power of 70W with a suction power of 5500Pa. Let’s talk about the good technical features of the handheld vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning desks, desks, and PCs.

Pros and Cons of Eufy HomeVac H11 Vacuum

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  • Move with Freedom
  • Ideal for Everyday Mess
  • Ozone Air Purification
  • Efficient Cleaning
  • Simple Maintenance
  • Designed for Comfort
  • Suitable for Delicate Surfaces
  • Hard-to-Reach Crumbs
  • Pet Hair to Breadcrumbs



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  • washing





The battery of the Eufy HomeVac H11 Vacuum lets you use the machine for about 15 minutes. The shows are certainly not very exciting, but total common for this type of gadget.

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