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Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro Review: First HiFi Audio Wireless

Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro Review: Customers who use the intelligent audio system as a gateway to understandable features still account for almost everyone. However, for most people, large appliances inside the dwelling (comparable to TVs, air conditioners, and more) should not be the only alternative gadgets.

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Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro

Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro

First HiFi Audio Wireless 2022

  • 118mm bottle-like speaker
  • 360 degree concert-like sound effect
  • Louder Volume More Bass
  • APP Control
  • Large music library
  • Hi-Fi audio processing chip TAS5805
  • AUX IN interface

Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro Review: Introduction

The value wasn’t low once I bought it, but now it’s a bit unrealistic to cancel and play in the intelligent abode. For this reason, Xiaomi Xiaomi Speaker has launched the Universal Remote Edition and Xiaomi Xiaomi Speaker Pro.

Both have adopted the idea of ​​uniform design, simple black matte texture. In terms of looks, the Xiao Eye Speaker Pro is “fat”.

Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro Review: Price

At Banggood for $119.99

Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro Review: Design

The Xiaomi Speaker Pro is 118mm long, 118mm wide, and 215mm extra, and weighs 1207g, although the typical remote management model of the Xiaomi speaker is 95mm long, 95mm wide, and 140mm extra, and weighs about 468g.

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Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro design

From this point of view, if you want the audio system to be smaller and lighter, then the Wi-Fi remote management model of the Xiaomi audio system will probably be more suitable for you.

Regardless of the scale of the machine, it weighs at least 800g. The Small Love Speaker Pro is smaller than the normal Wi-Fi remote management model of the Love Speaker with proper use. When you choose it, you can probably feel the difference in weight between the 2.

In addition to the black matte design of the uniform model, the uniform speaker design is used. Both are 360-degree soundhole designs (people with intense phobias are trembling), but I feel that this kind of soundhole design is fairly straightforward from my personal point of view.

Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro Review: Feature

In terms of interface phrases, the Xiao I speaker’s typical remote management model saves only one energy interface (micro USB interface), which is equipped with a GOI speaker pro for a Type-C power interface + 3.5mm UX interface.

At the speaker’s highest position, the microphone and half of the important content handling are additionally engraved from the same mold, but the Xiao I Speaker Pro is healthier when it comes to different microphones.

Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro feature

The typical remote management model of a small AI speaker has two additional microphones. The six microphones use an array design, whereas the Xiao speaker common remote management model has 4 microphones in a diagonal design.

However, the lack of two microphones indicates that the radio has a modified reduction, which may affect proper use?

Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro Review: Sound Quality

The 2 audio system buttons are available with 4 operating keys: “Volume Up”, “Volume down”, “Play / pause”, and “Microphone mute / enable”.

In the meantime, I feel that the “microphone mute / enable” operation is healthy. For example, when you go out, you can probably click on the microphone to mute the operation and restore it while you’re at home (to ensure security when no one is at home).

Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro feature2

So when it comes to really feel on an emergency basis, 2 Audio Systems ’damp tips tend to be glorious;

It is comfortable to press, not too smooth or tedious. However, I was surprised. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive, except for the microphone mute button.

These are all done by voice management. True, you can probably cancel these three buttons. Preserve the quality of the design home and make the fuselage extra built-in.

 Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro Review: Performance

Each visible suggestion assistance. While processing the speech when calling Xiao I or Xiao I, each audio system will become lighter.

The general remote management model of the Xiaomi speaker features a circular illuminated level unit in the course of the physical buttons. Separately, the Xiao AI Speaker Pro features an illuminated band unit across the Prime (precise differences can be seen from the animation above).

In general, it is better to “interact” with the person in a bright way. But from the point of view of the concept, Xiao I Speaker Pro must be extra recognized.

Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro design (2)

While using it, I can see its suggestions from a completely different angle from the extended distance, where the general remote model of the Xiao I speaker does not work. The light emitted space is not so easy to see.

One thing that needs to be talked about is that the features of the Xiao I Speaker Pro and the Xiao I Speaker Universal Remote Control model described above are the same.

However, completely different {hardware sounds can cause high quality or changes in the radio’s power. So while using it, many customers could not contact this kind of “Xiaomi speaker with integrated infrared remote control” and really felt somewhat fascinated.

 Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro Review: Infrared control

In fact, based on most software program optimizations (“Xiaomi speakers” simulate and pack the infrared frequencies of many of the most commonly used home appliances in the application market), both can be sorted and used.


At the beginning of activation, Xiaomi Xiao I Speaker must continue mandatory work with the application.

If there are two Xiao I audio systems, it is strongly recommended to enclose them sooner or later under the same native space community to facilitate stereo or full home playback.

However, this half has a definite hole between the Xiaomi speaker and the Xiaomi speaker Pro’s general remote management model.

In terms of community support, the Xiao speaker’s general remote management model only supports a handful of exceptional Wi-Fi and 4G Wi-Fi. Xiao can connect to the Wi-Fi in the Speaker Pro 5G daily in the frequency band.

Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro Review: remote management

In phrases of high-quality sound, we first make comparisons from that hardware t aspect. To increase the low-frequency depth, the Xiao Speaker Pro uses a 750ML sound cavity amount.

3 36060 degrees sound discipline design, a 2.25-inch speaker unit efficient DTS sound results, hi-fi audio chip (TAS5805 processing chip from Texas Instruments) can be mentioned as more.

The Xiao speaker’s general remote management model also has a 360-degree sound discipline design, the grid may be 1.5 inches suitable for speaker units, and there may be a complete difference between that hardware in.

We have now concluded that the price difference between the 2 audio systems is only 150 yuan through our expertise.

Still, the high-quality difference between the 2 is kind of obvious. If you follow the term high quality, spend some extra money to buy a higher quality high quality. Xiao, I Speaker Pro is an effective alternative. And putting this level aside, I feel the sound is more than a difference of 150 yuan in high quality.

Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro Review: Pros and Cons

Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro

Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro1

The Good

  • 118mm bottle-like speaker
  • 750ml large sound capacity
  • 360 degree concert
  • APP Control
  • Large music library

The Bad

  • Transmission Distance not good

 Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro Review: Conclusion

In terms of my personal skills, the Xiaomi Xiaomi speaker Pro I speaker is smaller than the universal remote control model, which is extra suitable for most people.

Although infrared distance management’s velocity and performance are equal, there is a hole of high quality in high quality.

Of course, you can also customize it to your personal liking. If you do not have an intelligent speaker in your place and need to buy one, you can probably choose Xiao Speaker Pro.

Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro Review: Where can buy the Xiaoai smart Speaker Pro?

You can buy speaker Pro from online stores like Amazon, Banggood, Geekbuying, Aliexpress, Alibaba, and TomTop.


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