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LaserPecker L1 Best Review:Smart Laser Engraver App Control

LaserPecker L1 Best Review: LaserPecker L1 laser engraving machine and everyone commented about the same good, do not regret the truly unique selection, a little annoying, to get back the price bought in a short time in the past!

LaserPecker L1

LaserPecker L1 Best Review: Introduction

The value is quite different from my previous value, and the value is indescribable! So I suggest you do it soon! Do not leave any regrets!

LaserPecker L1 design2

The engraver LaserPacker L1 takes drawings to engrave from a specific software, with which it is attached to the cell phone. The L1 LaserPacker app boasts an expansion of image correction controls that enables customers to switch images before image engraving.

LaserPecker L1 Best Review: Price & Marketplaces

At Banggood for $280.99 | At Geekbuying for $ 219.99

LaserPecker L1 Best Review: Design

5.5 cm by 5.3 cm thick and 190 g 6.5 cm. The LaserPacker L1 can hold the back of the bag and adhere to you anywhere.

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In contrast to the standard laser engraver with which a secure home is required to work, this timeliness is exemplary brevity.

LaserPecker L1 feature2

The huge difference between LaserPacker L1 and a traditional steam burner is the way they work. Instead of changing a laser’s physical position, its beam is always perpendicular to the floor for engraving, hitting the standard laser boat to engrave according to its command.

Apparently, it affects the floor. It will probably be carved. Theoretically, an engraver mounted on a railroad would be able to carve as large a space as possible with his rail’s permission, which is why it is huge. This arrangement limits the carved floor to 10 cm. Easy to think.

LaserPecker L1 Best Review: Feature

He has been delivered with a traditional theatrical tripod to place himself 18 to 20 centimeters away from the floor to engrave the laserpacker L1.

You need to order the machine’s engraving via a smartphone and dedicated Bluetooth software. This is the opposite of this strategy, it is vital to manage it through a smartphone or a pill, and we will not choose the software program of our choice for this reason.

Working on weather engraved on a PC is a must before you can integrate them for printing on your smartphone.

It has additional benefits because it can avoid PC monopoly for duty and enable cellular use at all times. The distributed software will handle the engraving by doing all the work of preparing the image. Does not require any special skills.

LaserPecker L1 Best Review: Performance

Note that the machine has eight gigabytes of memory internally for retailer pictures. You will already have the ability to identify things by selecting a picture from the designs marked by the machine. What can be understood to give a job signal with firmness means mobility?

The 1.6-watt engraver will probably be light, and it will be powered by an OSRM module lasting 10,000 hours.

LaserPecker L1 performence

To identify thought objects: paper, wood, cardboard, leather-based… the laser is a basic 450 nm with blue mild, and in general, it is important to take care to successfully protect yourself while using this machine: glasses are protected and mandatory.

It would be best if you did not neglect to protect yourself from any fog and steam escaping while lighting supplies.

LaserPecker L1 battery

LaserPacker protects against misuse with the L1 password system, which should be repeated before each engraving. To prevent the machine from locating incorrectly and inadvertently turning it on or finding someone who doesn’t know how to use it.

The machine’s small footprint means you can think of a fairly simple security system for the whole meeting by completely obscuring the small machine.

LaserPecker L1 Best Review: Battery

Also, the term protects the article against excess heat. If the temperature is too high, the machine stops engraving after a while rather than starting again.

Many artisans and professionals contacted me after the presentation of the Alpha C30 laser engraver. The idea for them is that sponsors need to have the ability to identify the product immediately.

LaserPecker L1 feature


However, many are reluctant to guess due to the lack of home, mainly because they do not have a PC to devote to this practice. With this kind of answer, it will probably be possible to signal several pieces of furniture as soon as they are assembled.

Giving a tool a sequential amount or personalizing a craft with an individual’s initial title, for example. It rounds up the excess amount of extra materials.

The power supplied by the USB Type-C at 5 volts 2000 mAh makes it easy to use a simple source of current such as a simple outgoing battery.

LaserPecker L1 Best Review: Pros and Cons

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[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#27C110″ title_color=”#fff”]

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  • APP control
  • High-quality laser
  • Mobile monitoring
  • Overheat protection
  • Password lock
  • Eye protection cover
  • Applicable to a broad crowd



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[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#ff0000″ title_color=”#fff” ]

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  • Cable Mangement not so good




LaserPecker L1 Best Review: Conclusion

Also, in the software, you can control the sample dimensions, engraving depth and strength, change the font and preview the image earlier than engraving. These features simplify the design course by allowing you to create beautiful floor pictures. A protocol is used to hook up the telephone.

LaserPecker L1 Best Review: Where can buy the LaserPecker L1 3D Printer?

You can buy LaserPecker L1 3D Printer from online stores like Amazon, Banggood, Geekbuying, Aliexpress, Alibaba, and TomTop.


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