WEMAX One Pro 4k (7000 lumen) Only $1499.99 Using Coupon

The Xiaomi Wemax One Pro Lumens Laser Projector is the world’s first ultra-short projector with an advanced laser show. The projector delivers about 150 inches of HD high-quality images. Compared to other projectors, this Wemax One Pro Lumens laser projector is one of the best and provides one of the best results for images up to 50 centimeters.


Taking your eyes off the entrance, the entire entrance to the WEMAXONE Pro laser TV is the speaker’s sound gap, and a steel mesh links all audio systems. Built-in two full-range audio systems and two high-frequency audio systems, full power about 30W. It can be connected instantly as soon as it is turned on. It can be used as a Bluetooth speaker with standby. The audio system is front-facing, which can be very exciting with the right skill, especially in video games.

Turn the laser TV in the right direction, there is a huge space for proper airflow holes, and you can only see 2 followers inside. In the reduction position, there is an adjustment wheel and a USB2 to control the appropriate top—zero interfaces. The peak adjustment wheel doesn’t actually seem very helpful. The faceplate weighs 6.9 kg. From a durability angle, it may not help it. USB 2. Azeroth is located on Facebook, which is effective for entertainment connection or external power amplifier.

Features of Xiaomi Wemax One Pro laser projector

As previously reported, the Xiaomi Wemax One Pro 7000 Lumens Projector comes with Advanced Laser Show 3 laser soft delivery supplied by Apertronics. The projector comes with a top-end audio system rather than the top of a ranging laser. You can use this projector in a room because this audio system doesn’t really give you a chance to get frustrated if it advises you to watch the movie and maintain a movie-like feeling on your property.

External Wemax One Pro

The whole machine measures exactly like a 15-inch pocket book PC. It uses Occidental Black as the print color, and the shell is made from sandblasted PC. The corners are round, which is following the aesthetics of the common public accommodation.


The upper notch is an extended glass lens protection coil, and the projection lens is in the center and the built-in infrared sensor of the 2-way Wemax One Pro laser TV. The entrance to the fuselage can detect 55 detects and understand the perimeter of the fuselage. From 70 To, the brightness of the machine can be reduced when adjusting the displacement of the object or kid when interested in the method, and the textbook content will be displayed as a warning “Please do not look directly at the light source, you can press any button to exit.”

Xiaomi Wemax One Pro display

The projector shows are the primary feature you are advised to look at once you buy a projector. The Xiaomi Wemax One Pro Lumens laser projector delivers mostly 150-inch shows. This can be too much for the top of the range of images. The brightness of 7000 lumens combined with 3000: 1 native uniqueness brings you the highest quality image. So that you don’t really feel unwell when you have fun with the film on your projector.

The software of Wemax One Pro

The new Wemax One Pro lumens laser projector comes with a 53-4-core 1.8GHz processor in the T968 Cortex. Good with 16GB to recall the memory of 2GB RAM projector. The projector additionally provides WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. This means you can join your projector on any machine to retire. Also, corporate your Android zer. Lazaro provides models so that you can probably get into trouble and entertain at your relative’s residence.


Xiaomi Wemax One Pro battery

The Wemax One Pro lumens laser projector has two XAAA batteries that are not included with the product. The projector’s battery is operated remotely. You can probably handle it by sitting on your couch or in a secluded place.

UI content elements

Plugin power and switch it on. Let’s take a look at the built-in system and its contents. The Wemax One Pro laser TV has a built-in MIUI working system compatible with the Xiaomi Collection TV system. Here we will discuss it briefly. Horizontally, TV collections, motion pictures, selection shows, sports activities, and various classes are used as tab pages.

In addition to the large resources built-in, the Wemax One Pro laser TV helps achieve and set up third party objectives related to video games, dungeon marketing, and more. The third-party objectives book will be given on the homepage.

The Wemax One Pro laser TV has the same simple UI operation as the Xiaomi TV, exposing the same kind of large content resources and the freedom to keep it for third-party purposes. The secret is that there is no such thing as a boot commercial. Although laser TV is novel in terms of knowledge, it is usually helpful to watch the content. In general, the built-in MIUI system and content can be combined with strain due to day-to-day use.

Take a look at the technology.

Does the Wemax One Pro laser TV have a 0.47 supply? DMD chip. The origin of the sun supply comes from the brand new third-generation ALPD® ® ALPD® laser show using high-end laser shows to learn how to lose the speckles and less inexperienced soft performance flaws. The color brightness has been greatly improved. The purple soft ratio is as high as 16.8%, and a movie-like medium difference ratio of 4000: 1, and the actual brightness of the middle is 180nit. The custom of the laser TV business should not be clear. The net and lumens are random. Here, the reviewer directly compares the image in a bright and dark environment. Enough to illustrate the performance.

Brightness and difference:

In milder conditions, some distortions cannot be avoided when capturing with Digicam. In terms of brightness, the naked eye’s visual acuity should not be worse than that of a TV, but only in the case of a white wall. The difference between soft and dark colors is sharp, small prints are preserved at night, bright elements are not overexposed, the pores of the character and the skin’s texture are delicate, and the panorama transforms the gentle range naturally. In general, the brightness should not be good, and the brightness of the display screen is absolutely good.

Ultra-short throw projection:

The Wax One Pro Laser TV adopts an 18.08mm greater depth of substrate ultra-short focus lens with a transmission ratio of 0.2.3: 1 and has a 100-inch giant display screen effect 25cm away from the wall. It can be located on a TV board like a TV, which is longer than the conventional telephoto projection, wiring, image blocking, and many more. It can be avoided directly. Assessment June Digicam placed the TV about four meters away from the cupboard. The laser adjusted the space between the TV and the wall, occupying almost all of the wall in a 150-inch, a 100-inch, and 150-inch large display screen, making it feel quite intuitive.

Power and temperature:

ALPD® 3. Based on the Zero Laser Show, the service life of Solar Supply is more than 25000+ hours. At eight hours per day, it can be used for less than 8.5 years. If you normally turn on the TV, you will fear that it may or may not consume electrical energy and probably stay on for too long.

Performance testing

The 2GB + 16GB reminder with Wemacon Pro Laser TV T968 chip processor is supplied using the built-in MIUI TV working system. The traditional decision is 1920 × 1080, suitable for show refresh charge 60 / 120Hz, 4K and helps to know how to HDR. Supports Bluetooth and dual-band WiFi. The animated shutter supports 3D Jana, allowing several 1 display screen features with a single button. Support Dolby, DTS twin decoding, built-in high fidelity audio system standby power was 0.3W, and power across two hours of stable playback was about 216W. This price is usually higher than a good projection, but it is comparatively smaller than a TV. The power of the 75-inch TV is mostly 240W.

High-quality sound:

The Wemax One Pro Laser TV has two built-in full-range audio systems and two high-frequency audio systems, with a full output power of about 30W, and supports Bluetooth audio mode when turned on. The audio system is already, and the sound reaches the ear directly, which reduces meaningless damage.

Game sound results are certainly an important aid when participating in video games. The sound characteristics of this sport are low pressure and excessive pitch noise.


At this stage, laser TV is the primary option for improving the lounge’s giant display screen. The Wemax One Pro laser TV performs well. Remax One Pro laser TV adopts Fagmi’s A + grade optical machine product unique use. ALPD® 3. The Zero Laser shows how the color enhances the color, contrast, and brightness of the image. Ultra-short throw 0.233: 1 throw ratio, 80-150 inches, will only be easily perceived, fix the cable difficulty, and block the display screen.

Content UI uses Xiaomi’s mature MIUI system, which is easy to operate. It collaborates with multi-party video platforms and has a wealth of remarkably scalable content. Performance for daily download 2GB + 16GB. It is supplied with a T968 chip to ensure clean operation—4 K high quality.

With the advent of huge display screen periods, the benefits of laser TV will become increasingly apparent. If you want to see the true content of a laser TV, as an alternative to getting involved with whether the different manufacturers are coming together and whether the supply of sunlight is certified, how can it provide more to start with products directly from the creator the sun? Emax One Pro Projector.

Where to buy Xiaomi Wemax One Pro Projector?

To sort out priority junk mail to distribute the product tax-free worldwide, the Chinese good house is shipped from Banggood. It gives you native warehouses that you can check out, directly available on the product web page!



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