BMAX Y13 Pro Yuga Best Offer Price Only $499.99

The BMAX Y13 Pro Yuga, which can be referred to as the upgraded model of the Y13, was originally the same space because except for the Y13 dimension. But the “Pro” CPU introduced this time has greatly improved efficiency.

BMAX Y13 Pro Yuga



Chinese technology manufacturers are known for their innovative efforts to develop modern goods to dominate the market. The BMX Y13 Pro notebook laptop can be placed in the same class, perfect for pushing you perfectly. Today, we have a single design laptop computer to review its internal options and the features of the outsider.

Design and build of BMAX Y13 Pro Yuga

What makes the BMAX Y13 Pro laptop computer unique is its versatile design. Typically, laptops include a simple and easy physique with an LED panel and keyboard setup attachment. But the BMX has thought creatively and has come up with a modern design in the BMX Y13 Pro laptop computer.

BMAX Y13 Pro review

Overall, this is a versatile technique for wetting the axis in different ways. Its LED panel can be rotated 360 degrees to achieve precisely the physique of a pill. The entrance has a 13.3-inch display with a narrow bezel. Above all, it has a digital camera. The backplate is a metal floor with a corporate brand print in the center.

A partial reduction of the BMAX Y13 Pro concludes a backlit keyboard and does not use a number keypad. There is a touchpad at the bottom to act as a mouse. Depending on the color decision, it is limited to just a gray pore and skin. Physically measuring the laptop computer gives 30.75 × 20.80 × 1.47mm physique and weighs 1.25g.

Software and processors BMAX Y13 Pro

BMX Y13 Pro is reminiscent of Intel Core M5-6Y54 processor, 8G LPDDR4, the pineapple disk is supplied with 256GB SSD, and the graphics card uses Intel HD Graphics UHD600. With this setting for everyday use, there is no doubt.

BMAX Y13 Pro offer

Users can easily switch between completely separate Internet pages or open up to 10 DoxX Paperworks or XLSX Paperworks at the same time for processing text or a variety of uses. At the same time, customers can easily stream 4K-level, 60fps ultra-high-definition video on the Y13 Pro. Other than that, this pocketbook is pretty much about stress-free video games and leisure.

Display of Y13 Pro

Speaking of the show screen, the BMX Y13 Pro is a 13.3-inch pocketbook, out of the mainstream. The display resolution of the Y13 Pro is 1920 × 1080, and it has adopted a three-sided narrow-sided old one. Left and right borders 5 mm each, and the display ratio is 81.7%. The high quality of the display itself is going to be reliable.

BMAX Y13 Pro deal

Lightweight and swish posture, extra mainstream 13.3-inch display, 360-degree flip hinges, great patience and skill, and much more forth So, when it comes to “getting to know you,” the BMX Y13 Pro makes your life extra enjoyable.

Y13 Pro camera

Almost all laptop computer manufacturers present a digital camera on the LED panel. BMX also follows custom and hundreds of laptop computers with a 1MP digital camera to convenience video chat and photos.

BMAX Y13 Pro price

Housing BMAX Y13 Pro Yuga

The BMX Y13 Pro has an exquisite design. One aspect of the fuselage embraces the character brand with a way of science and skill, and the general feeling is higher. It is additionally compatible with the fashion of mechanical design. The products that were launched before BMAX have also seen the strength of the BMAX crew in the management of pocket book computer systems. The design of their products is certainly first-class in the trade.

BMAX Y13 Pro buy

In terms of color matching, the BMX Y13 Pro made no corrections, and the existing cell is nonetheless gray. The steel shell matches the low-key matte look, and the contact is extra delicate and chic. Office computer systems are best suited for this fashion.

Highlighting most of the cowl, we can see that the BMX Y13 Pro is quite completely different than many notebooks present. Its keyboard is a serious feature. Compared to the marginal conventional black keyboard, many customers will prefer the stable color design of the MacBook Y13. All the houses from the panel to the key-cap are gray, the whole C aspect seems simple and convenient, and the color match satisfies extra attention.

Additional features BMAX Y13 pro

In addition to these options, the BMAX Y13 pro notebook laptop comes with Bluetooth, dual-band WiFi, MS Office, support for multiple multimedia file formats, inbuilt speakers and a microphone, backlit keyboard, a 3.5mm audio jack, DC port, -C port, and a variety of accessories and everyday use glasses.

BMAX Y13 Pro short Specifications

Model: BMAX Y13 Pro
OS: Windows 10
CPU: Intel Core m5-6Y54
External GPU: None
storage: 256GB SSD
optical drive: None
display: 13.3 inch IPS (1,920 x 1,080) touch
network: 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac, Bluetooth 4.2
Input / output: USB Type-C x 2, audio jack, microSD card reader
camera: Web camera (1MP)
battery: 38Wh
size: 307.5 x 208 x 14.7 mm
weight: 1.25 kg


Price of BMAX Y13 pro

In contrast to the spectacular options, the BMX Y13 Pro price seems to be fairly cheap. Fortunately, it is accessible at Flash sales for sh $499.99 after dropping 24% off Gearbest online retailers. The supply is about to end in a few days.

Where to buy the BMAX Y13 Pro notebook?

The ship will receive the product from the Chinese warehouse of Banggood and Gearbest. Be sure to pick up priority junk mail to deliver tax-free worldwide. You can also check out instant accessible native warehouse supplies on the local web page!


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