Rogbid Tank M5 AMOLED Smartwatch with extensive sensor

Today we talk about a new smartwatch that is Rogbid Tank M5 with extensive sensor and numerous features at a relatively low price. The screen is based on AMOLED technology and promises strong color reproduction. you may also like Kospet Tank X1 vs Tank M2.

Rogbid Tank M5 AMOLED Smartwatch

Rogbid has a new smartwatch in its range, the Rogbid M5, which is not yet officially available outside of China. Therefore, international buyers must import directly, but shipping is not guaranteed to all countries.

The watch has a 1.43-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 466 x 466 that promises great clarity. The smartwatch is also partially made of zinc alloy, which ensures high durability.

Rogbid Tank M5

The range of functions is wide, including the ability to control music playback on a couple of smartphones. There is also a microphone and speaker, so phone calls can be made directly on the smartwatch.

Feature Details
Availability Not officially available outside China; International buyers may need to use direct import
Shipping Guarantee Not guaranteed for all countries
Display 1.43-inch AMOLED
Resolution 466 x 466 pixels
Build Material Partially made of zinc alloy
Durability High level of durability
Music Control Yes, can control music playback on a paired smartphone
Communication Microphone and loudspeaker for making phone calls directly on the smartwatch
Health Features – Heart rate and oxygen saturation measurements (Accuracy may vary)
– Other parameters monitoring might be challenging
– Sleep quality and duration analysis based on recorded movements during sleep
– Stress levels measurement (Details not specified)
Battery 400 mAh
Thickness Approximately 12 millimeters
Charging Magnetic plug
Pros and Cons According To Specs
Pros Elegant design, AMOLED screen, ECG+PPG, Bluetooth Calling, Multi Kinds of health monitoring, Multi Sports modes
Cons Not suitable for swimming
Price and Availability
Price Currently available exclusively on Aliexpress

RogueBid advertises several health properties. At best, heart rate and oxygen saturation measurements can be accurate, but we believe that accurate tracking of other parameters, if they are actually measured, is nearly impossible.

For example, it should be possible to measure blood pressure and blood sugar levels purely optically, which would represent a major advance in optical sensor technology and create considerable problems for manufacturers of related medical products.

Analysis of sleep quality and duration is relatively realistic and can be performed by observing movements recorded during sleep. Stress levels should also be measurable. A 400 mAh battery is installed in the approximately 12 mm thick watch. As usual, charging is done using a magnetic plug.

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