OneXPlayer X1 Best Tablet PC with Detachable Controllers

Today we’re introducing the new OneXPlayer X1 tablet/console and looking at a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This new tablet PC and console allows us to separate its side controls as a switch and it is also possible to connect it to our television or monitor and use it as an external screen.

OneXPlayer X1 Tablet/Console

For this system, the new (but already popular) Intel Core Ultra 7-155H processor from the Mater Lake family was chosen, which integrates a portable Intel Arc GPU with power similar to AMD RDNA3. The hardware we see in the latest MSI Claw consoles offers a more conventional design.

A console that we can use as a touch tablet PC for entertainment, multimedia and working with its keyboard, but with a gamepad that allows us to enjoy games up to AAA with quite good graphic quality.

OneXPlayer X1

Specification of OneXPlayer X1 Tablet/Console

Feature Details
Promotion Indiegogo Reward Promotion
Promotion Details Complimentary suite of premium accessories
– Original backplate stand for enhanced stability
– Pre-applied protective film for screen safety
– Genuine controller for unparalleled gaming precision
Product Reviewed OneXPlayer X1
Product Highlights – Exceptional portability
– Vast customization possibilities
– Outstanding performance
Gaming Performance – Doubles Intel 13th Gen Core i7 processor
– Dynamic TDP range from 6W to 35W
– Superior graphics, quick load times
Games Supported – Baldur’s Gate 3, Resident Evil: Village, Mount & Blade II
– Borderlands 3, Counter Strike 2, and more
Intel Core Ultra Processor 155H – 14th gen Meteor Lake series
– 100% increase in integrated graphics performance
– Matches Intel Core i7 in Cinebench R23 benchmarks
– Multi-core performance improvements
– Enhanced performance in gaming, AI tasks
Comparison with AMD Ryzen 7 7840U – Surpasses by 10% in single and multi-threaded benchmarks
– 79% lower idle power consumption on a 28W handheld device
Intel Alchemist Xe LPG iGPU – Up to 128 EUs, peak of 2.25 GHz
– Doubles performance per watt compared to Iris Xe graphics
Display – 10.95″ 2.5K LTPS large screen
– 2560*1600 resolution
– 540-nit brightness, 16:10 aspect ratio
– 120Hz high-refresh-rate, 100% DPI-3, 138% sRGB color gamut
Build Quality – Crafted from 6000 series aviation-grade aluminum
– CNC precision-carved one-piece body
– Slender profile, lightweight yet resilient
Memory – LPDDR5x 7467MHz, 64GB capacity
– 130% increase in I/O speed compared to LPDDR4
Storage – M.2 2280 PCIe 4.0 SSD with NVMe protocol
– Read speeds up to 7114.06MB/s, write speeds up to 6501.54MB/s
– High-speed Micro SD card with up to 300MB/s transfer speeds
Security Features – Front-facing AI camera for Windows facial recognition
– Fingerprint sensor in the power button
Audio – Harman AudioEFX speaker system
– Custom-designed and tuned for X1’s body structure
Controller – Detachable controller for enhanced gaming
– Customizable back buttons, ALPS esports-grade joysticks
– Hall linear technology for trigger buttons
Battery – High capacity of 65.02Wh
– Up to 4 hours of continuous gaming on GTA5 at 60FPS
– 100W GaN fast charger for quick charging
Cooling System – Liquid bearing fan with max speed of 4300 RPM
– Pure aluminum heat sink fins, dual pure copper heat pipes
– ONEXCONSOLE software for fan speed and mode adjustments
Connectivity – Two USB4.0 full-function ports with Thunderbolt 4 capabilities
– Native OCulink PCIe4.0*4 port for external graphics cards
– Support for 4K displays and external GPU docks
Stand and Keyboard – Ultra-thin backplate stand with adjustable angle
– Magnetic keyboard with POGO PIN mode
– 17.5mm key spacing, 1.5mm key travel
Player Center Feature – Core power usage management, CPU state adjustment
– Customizable performance settings
– One-click memory optimization, frame rate stabilization
– Real-time game metrics monitoring, resolution settings

This processor is made in 7nm, the cost is quite low, but it will reach high temperatures when playing, we assume that the cooling system will be well designed and the 6000 aluminum casing will also help to dissipate some.

For RAM we will have the option of up to 64 GB LPDDR5X at 7467 MHz in dual channel and for storage we have an M.2 NVMe PCIe 4.0 x 4 2280 SSD of up to 4 TB.

Screen and other notable features

The screen of the OneXPlayer six-axis gyroscope. The thickness of this tablet is 13 mm and the weight is 789 grams.

For the detachable gamepads, we have a configuration with two analog joysticks, D-pad, four buttons, four triggers and several function keys. The connectors we see are two USB Type-C ports, one USB 4 and the other Thunderbolt 4, and an Oculink port for external GPU, 3.5 mm audio jack, microSD card reader up to 2TB and a USB-A port 3.0. .

This console has a magnetic backlit keyboard, vibration, facial unlock camera, fingerprint reader, Harman speakers and a 65 Wh internal battery with 100 W fast charging that will give us between 2 and 5 hours of autonomy depending on the type of game. Installed system Windows 11 Pro with the inclusion of the OneX settings panel.

Price and availability

The OneXPlayer X1 is available on Indiegogo with prices ranging from $840 to $1,400 for its most powerful configuration.
You have to add shipping costs and expenses. If we are not in a hurry, it is better to buy it when it is released in stores.


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