Isweep X3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Best offer only $119.99

Looking for a robotic vacuum cleaner that can take a few of the vacuuming and mopping work in your arm? Then the Isweep X3 Robot Vacuum cleaner is right for you.

This vacuum cleaner has no navigation techniques and cleans your home according to random routes; It may be later that robotic items are avoided. The vacuum cleaner drives without hesitation.

Isweep X3 Robot Vacuum design

Isweep X3 – Best Price Comparison

Design of Isweep X3 Robot Vacuum

The Isweep X3 Robot Vacuum cleaner is made from high-quality plastic. It has a round shape. The color of the physique, or its slightly higher coil, known as “brown sugar”, is white.

The general dimensions of the machine are as follows: 330x330x80 mm. Weight three kg. When looking for robotics from the entrance, you’ll be able to see a giant circular button to start the autonomous activity.

Isweep X3 Robot Vacuum

Below is the iSwip model symbol em In addition, it is worth paying the highest price made of tempered glass to protect the case from scratches and injuries.

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Features of Isweep X3 Robot Vacuum

The Isweep X3 Robot Vacuum cleaner has an abundance of decorative items and techniques due to the built-in infrared impedance and peak difference sensors. Also, the manufacturer demands a gyroscope modification.

In practice, even if Isweep X3 cleans according to a specific program, its activities are externally chaotic and never structured. This, however, does not prevent him from crossing the giant fields sufficiently.

Isweep X3 Robot Vacuum features

Cleaning protection reaches about 90% -95%. Collected particles enter the 550-ml mud collector through a great filter through the nipple through the channel.

In addition to receiving the utility of a smartphone for superior management and monitoring of robotic positions, the Isweep X3 Robot Vacuum may be programmed for a specific work schedule. To set up the application you need to scan and synchronize the QR code in the personal handbook. The connection is provided to a Wi-Fi community.

Isweep X3 Robot Vacuum control

Pros and Cons of Isweep X3 Robot Vacuum

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  • APP intelligent control
  • Gyroscope navigation
  • 3 in 1 sweep
  • Large capacity dust box
  • Automatic identification function
  • One-button operation



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  • Problems with applications





Isweep X3 has an app that allows you to specify the houses to wash at a time that works for you. Even with your presence, you can schedule them X9 to wash every day. The vacuum additionally allows you to set.

Where to buy Isweep X3?

The Isweep X3 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is now available for sale on the Flash AliExpress for just 119.99. 


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