Lefant M201 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Best offer price $209.99

The Lefant M201 Robot Vacuum cleaner provides reasonably priced, long-lasting cleaning power. Thanks to the redesigned robotic design with a smaller fuselage, it has the potential to increase passing speed and safety. Battery life is wide. Extraordinarily highly effective 1500 foot suction can take pet hair, mud, and many more.

Lefant M201 Robot Vacuum

Lefant M201 – Best Price Comparison

Design of Lefant M201 Robot Vacuum

To change the scale and speed of the Lefant M201 at a later time: 28 centimeters above eight centimeters in diameter, we want to emphasize that it is not complicated in any way, we insist on it.

The advantage of this is that these robotics can be able to press in fairly potential places, and you have to draw that when you get a lot of room, the cleaning time will probably be a bit longer than usual.

Lefant M201 Robot Vacuum contant

Lefant M201 has a deep black color, but which we What the consideration has been able to capture is the complexity of preserving geometric shapes in its entrance optics. Last but not least, the prime energy button on the prime is the Lefant brand on the back, which is a must-see.

Container of Lefant M201 Robot Vacuum

Understandably, this is not necessarily the extreme or unnecessary of the two kilograms indicated. Considering that the Lefant M201 is small in size, somehow spacious with its 500ml capacity in mud containers. A little over-efficiency performs a completely optimistic function.

Lefant M201 Robot Vacuum suction

Features of Lefant M201 Robot Vacuum

Lefant M201 Robot Vacuum has a patented navigation no-how, referred to as FrameV 2.0, which allows the robotic to move freely and can detect 3 obstacles0 degrees around it. Although the system is not significantly improved, a medium / small condominium with several rooms ??

Lefant M201 Robot Vacuum more

Appeared as skilled in masking its kingdom. Built-in gyroscopes and infrared anti-collision sensors reduce robotics and prevent them from communicating gently, thus avoiding hitting and damaging furnishings or other objects.

The battery of Lefant M201 Robot Vacuum

Compared to extended lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries have an extended life, protection, and no corrosion. 100 minutes of autonomy.

Lefant M201 Robot Vacuum battery

After about 4-5 hours of charging, it clears like 100 minutes of autonomy. When the battery is low, the robotic mechanically returns to recharge at the charging base.

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Pros and Cons of Lefant M201 Robot Vacuum

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  • Automatic identification function
  • Battery life : 1 hour and 40 minutes
  • Dust Storage Type : Dust box



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  • Remote control : not





Another gem is the Lefant M201 Robot Vacuum cleaner packaging itself which includes an indispensable guide with robotic and direction, charging base, 1 adapter, mud container, 2 filters, 1 clearing brush filter, and an extra 1 you guarantee

Where to buy Lefant M201 Robot Vacuum?

The Lefant M 2012 robot vacuum cleaner is now available for sale on AliExpress for just 209.99.


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