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Baseus Working Station Review: Type-C HUB Best Adapter 2021

Baseus Working Station Review: BASAS Working Station Type-C HEB offers high quality, beautiful design, an abundance of ports, and probably my favorite constructions: three HDMI ports for everyone in your market to market your PC / Laptop computer to the following degree.

Baseus Working Station Review: Design

And where the know-how is showing up, perhaps most of us have left even less port in our more gentle/thin ultrabooks! Isn’t that true? Most laptops/ultrabooks now offer only 1 Thunderbolt / USB-C port for all of us, if it is possible to cut only the millimeter’s thickness.

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As a result, growing companies create their own hubs for just to 100, depending on how deep our pockets are.

Baseus Working Station design2

The basis is no stranger to us – you can perceive them just like us, and most of you like their VFM products. The BASAS Working Station Type-C HEB is a real beast – every measurement and its capacity – and it packs 17 ports to connect our peripherals, keeps the host gadget charged, and provides easy connection for an extended workspace.

Baseus Working Station Review: Price

Baseus Working Station Review: Feature

Baseus Working Station involves plug-ins and ready-to-execute, so it doesn’t require any software programs, drivers, or difficult set-up courses. Let’s perform it.

The field packaging, including the BASAS 17-in-1 USB-C hub, is large and well-designed, as you are likely to agree.

Baseus Working Station feature

It comes with all the plug-in adapters for connecting the hub to our pocketbooks and reminding us of the three plug adapters for the UK, the EU, the Mac / Mac Mini / Ultrabook to join our devices, we come up with the whole, and the US socket variants, respectively.

Baseus Working Station design

Baseus Working Station Review: Performance

The base working station type-C is made from a stable piece of HBT aluminum. It can be erected horizontally and can leave any of your houses horizontally to avoid damage to the house.

The aluminum base of the hub holds it tightly where different units are strengthened, or a huge array of connection choices are provided. It is quite heavy to put inside any PC carrying bag.

Baseus Working Station feature2

After about 2 weeks of use regularly, I can admit that it kept my wish, first-rate switch speed, good high quality, and reliability when wanted.

So what can we discover about this big USB hub? At the entrance, from the top to the back, you’ve got an SD card slot, a microSD card slot, a 3x USB 3.0 Type-A port, a 2x USB 3.0 Type-C port, and a 3.5mm audio combo jack.

Baseus Working Station design1

Be aware that only one card reader can be used at a time – however, it is best to have flexibility when making decisions.

Going back to the gadget, we will additionally discover a USB-C PD port to connect a USB-C PD charger, a USB-C PD port to connect to the PC, a 2x USB 2.0 type A port, 3x HDMI port to strengthen the hub. For a DC jack.

And a Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 port. Note that the BASAS Working Station Type-C HEB supports 100 watts as a USB-C PD so that you don’t get a quick charge of any gadget.

Baseus Working Station Review: Pros and Cons

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  • Triple Display Flexibility
  • Stable Connection & Transmission
  • Incredible Compatibility
  • laptops and smart devices
  • protection to ensure safety



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  • No cons




Baseus Working Station Review: Conclusion

If you need extra, you can get 4K 60Hz output on any HDMI and 30Hz on 2 additional ports without any problem.

With this hub-giant, any customer can enjoy displaying additional definitions on three additional displays. For added accuracy, the gadget comes with regular HDMI 1080p support in all three ports.

Baseus Working Station Review: Where can I buy Baseus Working Station

You can buy Baseus Working Station online stores like Sunsky, Amazon.


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