BlitzWolf BW-IS20 Review: Best Wireless 2G 4.3 Inch Fingerprint

BlitzWolf BW-IS20 review: The sequel comes after the BlitzWolf BW-IS20 alarm system, the Blitz Wolf BW-IS20, which holds the great things of its predecessor but has a much bigger show and touchscreen.

BlitzWolf BW-IS20

BlitzWolf BW-IS20 review: Price Comparison

BlitzWolf BW-IS20 review: Design

Additionally, BlitzWolf BW-IS20  can be used with a double secure GSM + WiFi sensitive alarm and functions. The advantage of this is that in case of its failure, it can be used responsibly with its personal battery, and it can be related to an external battery, so it can work up to peak hours even if there is no power no wifi (this has additional alarms in GSM mode).

Tuya relies on a knowledgeable abode to work with a variety of different sensors and gadgets. It includes it in addition to the primary panel, three sensors, and a few distance controls.

BlitzWolf BW-IS20 design2

It can be used non-incidentally with a fingerprint as an alternative to the pin code, and it can arm and disarm it.

The system’s primary aspect is the primary panel, with which the sensors are related, and it seems great, very demanding. The primary panel can be located uniformly anywhere, yet it can also be wall-mounted.

It can also be used with a fingerprint as an alternative to pin code, which can also disarm, disarm and lock. The primary panel has an additional speaker. If mandatory, it warns you very strongly with the word you choose, even when someone disconnects it, and your settings may be password protected.

BlitzWolf BW-IS20 review: Battery

Its built-in battery supplies power whenever it wants and notifies you of an impact breakdown. Yet the big advantage is that a regular micro USB cable can power it with 5V (1A), so any external battery can be related to the convenience it can provide and a large (e.g., 20,000 mAh) battery can run really very Long time (even the manufacturer’s personal battery check can be found right here).

BlitzWolf BW-IS20 battery

By comparison, the built-in battery has a capacity of 500 mAh, which is about. Lasts three hours. Now, if 12,000 mAh can be lifted from a capacity of 20,000 mAh, it provides 24 hours 3 = 72 hours as the long activity, providing an additional 24x as three days.

BlitzWolf BW-IS20 review: Feature

Also, since it can be compromised with WiFi, it can be completely neutral. It types an irreversible alarm system (above all, it can be alarm resistant with a GSM blocker, but there are no alarms where danger can come).

A total of 99 sensors can be used: movement, door/window opening, smoke, fuel, carbon monoxide, water, and more. At 433MHz in common space, the sensors communicate with the panel, making it suitable for various producer options. It is common with 1 movement and several door/window opening sensors, and two remote controls.

BlitzWolf BW-IS20 feature2

The movement sensor can be located anywhere below or mounted or glued to the wall. Battery-powdered, so it doesn’t fight any wires.

The window/door opening sensor consists of two components; Half is located on the door, window, and another body (but it is also possible to go to the cupboard drawer).

The package agreement includes two more remote controls, which can turn the alarm on / off in an emergency and trigger the alarm (increased to 10).

BlitzWolf BW-IS20 review: Performance

It can be used as a GSM-based alarm, through which a SIM card should be inserted. This mode is created by an SMS or name to you (pre-recorded spending made). It can be remote, and the time can be turned on and off.

However, it can be used with cellular software (Android, iOS), and in this case, it shows a message on the cellphone in case of any alarm.

BlitzWolf BW-IS20 feature

When movement is detected, it can alarm with an excessive amount of noise (but it can also be turned off, allowing it to be a silent alarm).

“I’m home” and “I’m not home” modes can be set separately. For example, window and door sensors may have survived but not moved. In the latter case, all sensors may be animated.

BlitzWolf BW-IS20 review: more about  BW-IS20

This can be used perfectly with the setup. The primary panel can be replaced on top of it, and the opening sensor should be glued (it is fitted with double-sided adhesive in the manufacturing unit).

Remote Management also has an SOS edit to press to dial any amount or ship an SMS.

Obviously, 1 movement and a few door/window opening sensors are not enough for everyone, allowing them to expand. It typically uses 433MHz and is often used with such sensors. You will see a list of motion sensors here and the record of sensor opening here.

BlitzWolf BW-IS20 design

Motion sensors are battery-powered and, as a result, can be positioned anywhere (but can also be mounted over the entire wall), so there is no need to set up.

Despite their childhood, smart features do not mean that our possibilities for intelligible properties are limitless. This is because of the tour corporations, which are currently one of its most important corporations.

Tuya gives a complete answer for many who need to launch Intelligent Residence or IoT (Internet of Things) products.

BlitzWolf BW-IS20 review:Pros and Cons

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[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#27C110″ title_color=”#fff”]

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  •  4.3-inch capacitive touch screen
  • WIFI + 2G networking
  • 5 groups of preset alarm calls
  • Set their SMS switch
  • Support APP remote control
  • Parameter setting
  •  low voltage alarm reminder
  •  External wireless siren



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[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#ff0000″ title_color=”#fff” ]

[su_list icon=”icon: times-circle” icon_color=”#ff0000″]

  • Wireless frequency  not good




BlitzWolf BW-IS20 review: Conclusion

The Tua platform now secures 90,000 merchandise, 500 product divisions home has not been able to use a part of the Tua product.

This image reveals three manufacturers’ products, but they will talk to each other through the Tuya app regardless of the completely different manufacturer.

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BlitzWolf BW-IS20 review: Where can I buy the BlitzWolf BW-IS20?

You can buy BlitzWolf BW-IS20 from online stores like Banggood, Aliexpress, Geekbuying.


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