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Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner Best Review

The Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner review glorifies incredible torque by making it. So, one piece of cake to clean a house with this turbo vacuum cleaner. It is durable due to its large battery capacity.

Introduction of Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner

The Xiaomi Viomi V9 is a great cordless vacuum cleaner that provides highly efficient suction power with a long-lasting battery with minimal induction.

Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner

The tools are versatile enough to clean any part of most surfaces, but the whole package compresses lightweight for the driver.

Does it seem incredible to me that astonishing torque sports activities revolve like autonomous? After all, the form of skill that you will discover here is relatively expensive compared to the alternatives—no more problems to clean.

Price Comparison of Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner

Design of Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner

A compact cordless vacuum however you will want to buy the stand buy Xiaomi Viomi V9.
The minimalist design, where and the silver-colored road is impressive, Xiaomi uses the same design language separately with the rest of their home tech.

This is not only for the viewer, but it is also quite convincing: 20,000 kPa suction power makes it probably the most efficient transportable vacuum cleaner, allowing you to select large or infected particles on a variety of surface tins.

This extra heavy type 1.2 kg (including the long tube and primary head) is one of the lightest available on the market. The 2500 mAh battery keeps pace with various cordless cleaners for measuring it and takes 3-four hours to spend economically.

Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner deal

With three suction ranges to choose from, power-efficient, regular and turbo mode, you can easily control the facility with a quick slide on the back of the facility unit.

The standard method of fewer than 30 minutes 60 minutes and Turbo mode at 20,000 kPa gives you eight minutes of usage.

To power the Giamo V9 vacuum cleaner, the set should be turned off while the background is working. The holding grip for using the vacuum cleaner has a set off like every pistol.

Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner comes with a completely different unit head with a brush to clean all kinds of surfaces. You want to connect the right head type at its entrance.

So, Xiaomi Viomi V9 is a helpful machine with many advantages. When cleaning the floor or carpet, it is advisable to apply some pressure to the engine. Doing so will effectively clean it up. For soft surfaces, you need to use tops with tender bristles.

Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner: Battery

The Xiaomi Viomi V9 vacuum cleaner homes a robust 400W brushless DC motor. It runs on the 100000 RPM velocity with a high-speed curler for environment-friendly cleansing.

Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner produces 71 dB noise at a low stage, 75dB on the center, and 83dB within the high-level working.

The battery, however, additionally appears potent with the 2500 mAh energy storage capability. It takes around 200 minutes to refill the unit.

The detachable battery is simple to cost individually. On a cost, it may work for 60 minutes in energy-saving mode, 33 minutes in a regular way, and 9 minutes in sturdy mode.

Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner hand

Very impressed with battery life and suction energy, the Xiaomi Dreame V9 is a successful unit that doesn’t make cleaning such an ache, in the event you ever thought it has been.

My solely primary gripe is that until you propose screwing the accent holder to your wall on its personal. You’ll want a cordless cleaner stand just like the one I’m utilizing to maintain it upright.

So beat in thoughts you’ll have to issue that in. Looks nice if you do have it set up nevertheless.

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Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner: Performance

When it involves the first job, the Viomi V9 works brilliantly with tremendous motor and battery integrations.

Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner can attain the maximum suction energy of as much as 23000PA. Hence, the machine is eligible to select not solely pet hair and dirt, but additionally heavy particles like papers, and other moist rubbish.

With the inbuilt H12 HEPA filtration, the cleaner can carry 99.9% of mite elimination below totally different working modes. The air stress is directed to the facility group to dissipate the warmth rapidly.

Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner review
Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner review

Excellent performing cordless vacuum cleaner with healthy battery life, highly effective suction, and a light-weight body with elegant attraction. Best of all, is it is priced significantly lower than comparable rivals.

 In the box of Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner cordless vacuum cleaner, you can find much equipment within the box. These embrace the dock stand, the comb heads, an influence adapter, and different instruments. The dock wants a wall to screw on firmly.

On this dock, you’ll dangle the Viomi V9 vacuum cleaner for charging. Two LEDs point out Viomi V9 is charging. As quickly because the blinking stops, the battery will get a full cost. When not in use, this dock will preserve the vacuum cleaner secure.

To energy on the Xiaomi Viomi V9 vacuum cleaner, it is advisable to hit the set off on its deal with. The holding grip has a set off like every pistol for utilizing the vacuum cleaner.

Xiaomi Viomi V9 comes with totally different units of heads with brushes for cleaning all varieties of surfaces. You want to connect the right head kind on its entrance.

Xiaomi Viomi V9
Xiaomi Viomi V9

Thus, it’s a helpful machine with many advantages. When cleansing the ground or carpets, it is advisable to apply a bit of stress to push the machine. Doing it will make it clear virtually. For softer surfaces, you need to use the pinnacle with tender bristles.

Reliable Brushing of Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner

The brush head is relatively pleasant. I like the very fact the comb can pivot 90 levels to succeed in as shut all the way down to the bottom beneath tables.

Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner additionally swings sideways around 60 levels to go round desk bases, couch legs, and only higher ergonomics to maneuver round and put much less pressure on your wrist. The rigidity is pretty low so that you may push it towards a wall, and it’ll swing around it.

Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner offer

The brush could be very furry and spins relatively quickly, capturing positive particles on the ground. When in that movement, it does pull you ahead so that you’ll wish to end your stroke earlier than lifting and doing one other space.

You’ll struggle towards some resistance in the event you attempt to drag it again afterward, most notably on carpets.

That’s a testimony to the facility, suction and positive bristles of the primary head, excellent to be used on carpet and glides on tiles or woodwork.

The weight of the comb head additionally provides additional steadiness between that and the facility unit, so it’s not ‘head’ heavy.

Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner: Features

Easily separate the mud and air, and lock 99.9% of the 0. Three m dusty, to keep away from filter congestion resulting in a drop in suction, much less frequency of cleansing the filter.

1st cyclone, metallic mesh, 2nd cyclone, sponge, H12 HEPA, successfully take away 99.9% of Mites. Built-in unbiased micro-motor drive, mud/hair straightforward to inhale.

Xiaomi Viomi V9 evaluation factors out some further options of this machine. The primary spotlight of the Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner is its suction energy.

Xiaomi Viomi V9 combines with a long-lasting battery to work for an hour. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner is cordless, making it an ideal transportable machine.

Xiaomi Viomi V9 comes with quite a lot of brush heads for attaching. These can vacuum different surfaces and supplies around the home. The whole energy of the motor for vacuuming is 2300pa.

The worthy device of Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner

Xiaomi Viomi V9 evaluation declares this vacuum cleaner a worthy machine. In a world of coronavirus, this vacuum cleaner can take away allergens effectively.

It makes use of a mighty 23000pa suction energy with a 400ml containing field. This field is simple to scrub. You can place this cordless vacuum cleaner on its docking stand for charging when not in use. The docking stand fees its 2500mAh battery for an hour of utilization.

Pros and cons of Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner

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  • Easily separate the dust
  • Easily lock 99.9% of the 0.3m dusty
  • 100000rpm brushless motor
  • Effectively remove 99.9% of Mites
  • Less frequency of cleaning the filter



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  • Not easy to use





Precisely what we’re going to inform you on this Xiaomi Viomi V9 Handheld Vacuum cleaner evaluation. To begin with, the general expertise of vacuuming will increase due to Space 3.Zero motors.

This motor sucks within the particles inside seconds. Moreover, it has 5 phases of a filtration system. What this implies is that it may catch micro mud particles, which different vacuums can’t.

Most of the time, vacuum cleaners have to relax due to a sizzling motor. No worries, it has a quick warmth dissipation air system. Thus, it would help if you used it longer.

Where to Buy Xiaomi Viomi V9?

You can buy the Xiaomi Viomi V9 from online stores like Banggood, Geekbuying, GearBest, Aliexpress, and Amazon


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