Xiaomi Router 7000 with WiFi 7 & 2.5 GB ports Just for $160

We have already got the lately introduced Xiaomi Router 7000 out there on AliExpress, which supplies one other twist to the routers of this model with Wi-Fi 7 compatibility. This NFC Collision Connection 8-way Signal Amplifier 2.5G Network. you can also like previous models of Xiaomi Xiaomi Mi Router AX6000 and Xiaomi AX9000.

Overview of Xiaomi Router 7000

This new router follows within the wake of Xiaomi fashions such because the AX3600 by way of design. This time we have within the Xiaomi Router 7000 7 exterior antennas with unbiased amplifiers with a theoretical most velocity that may attain at least 7000 Mbps. We even have one other inner Wi-Fi antenna and one other for NFC.

Xiaomi Router 7000

This router can manage as many as 600 related gadgets, and, as we have now mentioned, it consists of Wi-Fi 7 compatibility. However, few gadgets are appropriate with this new Wi-Fi connectivity normal. A highly effective router that can certainly drop in value shortly.

Hardware of the Xiaomi Router 7000

The Xiaomi Router 7000 is managed by a Quad Core Qualcomm Networking Pro 620 processor manufactured in 14 nm. A Chip with high-performance ARM Cortex-A73 processors that attain as much as 2.2 Ghz with 1 GB of RAM and 128 MB of storage reminiscence.

The chip that manages Wi-Fi 7 has the IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax/be and IEEE 802.3/3u/3ab protocols. This router additionally helps 4K QAM, OFDMA, MU-MIMO, BSS Coloring, IPv6, and WPA3 encryption applied sciences. The two.4Ghz band has a 4×4 antenna and reaches a velocity of 1148Mbps. In contrast, the 5Ghz band has different unbiased 4×4 antennas at 160 Mhz that attain as much as 5764Mbps.

Xiaomi Router 7000 size

Within the Xiaomi Router 7000, we now have a 2.5 GB port for the connection bridge with our router, three 2.5 GB distribution ports, and a USB 3.0. The working system, as regular, relies on OpenWRT with the corresponding MiWiFi layer, which we can handle and monitor via a Redmi app.

Full Specifications

General Brand: Xiaomi
Model: Router 7000
Release date: May 2023
Features LED indicator :7 (SYSTEM indicator x 1, INTERNET indicator x 1, network port indicator x 4, AloT status indicator x 1)
Specifications CPU: Qualcomm quad-core A73 1.5GHz
Memory: 1GB
2.4G Wi-Fi: 4×4(theoretical maximum speed up to 1147.1Mbps)
5G Wi-Fi: 4×4(theoretical maximum speed up to 5764.8Mbps)
Antenna: 7 external high-gain Wi-Fi antennas + 1 internal high-gain Wi-Fi antenna
Product heat dissipation: natural heat dissipation
System ports: 4 x 10/100/1000/2500M adaptive WAN/LAN port 1 x USB 3.0 port
System Reset button /Mesh button: 1
Power input port :1
Protocol standard: GB/T 9254.1-2021GB 4943.1-2022
Warranty Information The whole machine has a 1-year warranty
Package Contents
1 x Xiaomi Router 7000
1 x Power Adapter
1 x User Manual

Value and availability

The new Xiaomi Router 7000 may be bought on AliExpress for around $160 with free transport.


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    1. Yes, it is possible to mesh the Xiaomi AX3000 router with other routers, including another AX3000 or a different model like the Xiaomi 7000 router, to create a mesh network. Mesh networking is a way to expand your Wi-Fi coverage and improve the overall performance and reliability of your wireless network.

      To create a mesh network with Xiaomi routers, you typically need routers that support Xiaomi’s proprietary mesh networking protocol. In Xiaomi’s case, they often use their “Mi Wi-Fi” app to set up and manage mesh networks. Here are the general steps to mesh Xiaomi routers:

      Ensure Compatibility: Make sure that both your Xiaomi AX3000 router and Xiaomi 7000 router support the same mesh networking protocol. They should also be running the same firmware version to ensure compatibility.

      Set Up the Primary Router: Choose one of the routers (usually the one connected to your modem) as the primary router. Set up your Wi-Fi network and configure its settings, including the SSID and password. Make note of these settings.

      Configure the Secondary Router: For the secondary router (e.g., Xiaomi 7000), reset it to factory settings and connect it to the primary router using an Ethernet cable. Then, follow the instructions provided in the Mi Wi-Fi app to add it to the mesh network.

      Follow the App Instructions: The Mi Wi-Fi app should guide you through the process of adding the secondary router to the mesh network. You’ll likely need to scan a QR code or enter a setup code provided by the app.

      Test the Mesh Network: After the secondary router is successfully added to the mesh network, you can place it in an area where Wi-Fi coverage is weak to extend your network’s coverage. The routers will work together to provide a seamless Wi-Fi experience throughout your home.

      Keep in mind that the specific steps and options may vary depending on the Xiaomi router models and firmware versions you are using. It’s important to refer to the user manuals and documentation provided by Xiaomi for your specific router models and versions to ensure a smooth setup process.

      Additionally, always make sure that your routers are updated with the latest firmware to benefit from any improvements and bug fixes that may have been released since your initial setup.

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