XIAOMI Mijia XQB30MJ101 Washing Machine Pro Only $539.99

If you currently live in a small condo and don’t have enough space to hold a huge capacity washer, a mini washer might be a fairly inexpensive option. The following XIAOMI Mijia XQB30MJ101 Washing Machine Pro can be an important tip that you will verify.

XIAOMI Mijia XQB30MJ101 Washing Machine Pro

Mijia Pro XQB30MJ101 Clean Disinfection Washer Advantage

Proudly owned by a compact mini look, the 3kg Mizia Pro XQ3030J1010 intelligent washer and many fashionable options that are not present in all washing machines. Specifically, the machine operates 16 washing modes, including laundry, at extra temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius and helps to remove and remove 99.9% of mud and microorganisms in clothing.

The compact and portable design of XIAOMI Mijia XQB30MJ101 Washing Machine Pro

The Mizia Pro intelligent washer deserves a subtle description with a particularly minimalist design blending white tones to create a particularly delicate and gorgeous total.

XIAOMI Mijia XQB30MJ101 Pro

Also, the comparatively compact size of only 412 x 422 x 721 mm and the weight of 19 kg of sunscreen allow customers to worry about taking up extra space to store comfortably anywhere in the house. With a mini, compact design, the Xiaomi Mijia XQB30MJ101 Washing Machine Pro can be very suitable for customers living in small dwellings.

Additional effectiveness features warmth washing and disinfection.

Xiaomi Mijia XQB30MJ101 Washing Machine Pro comes with 16 completely different washing modes, can wash clothes, underwear, socks, silk clothes, or children’s clothes every day. Also, the dedicated underwear washing mode helps to take the best care for the well-being of the genitals and protect individuality.

Clearly, the Mizia Pro Mini Washer is ready for washing at an extra temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, mixed with contemporary disinfection activities to remove and destroy about 99.9% of hazardous substances and pathogenic microorganisms.

Garments stuck. Besides, the machine can successfully remove the underwear inside the underwear at a temperature of 60 degrees centigrade to help cope with the pores and skin height to avoid itching and allergy symptoms. Thanks to the fashionable options, the product can be very suitable for laundry children’s clothing. Usually, any stains on children’s clothing after play can be washed off by most Mizia XQB30MJ101 mini washers.

Smart app connection, voice management

Despite its compact mini design, this Mizia Pro Washer will be synchronized and integrated with a sensitive app, which will make it easier for customers to operate and operate the machine remotely on their smartphones properly.

Mijia XQB30MJ101 Washing Machine Pro

Obviously, you can even operate your voice machine remarkably efficiently. Furthermore, while working, the device hears that the sound is barely related to 48 dB, so it will not affect the baby’s sleep too much.

Also, the Xiaomi Mijia XQB30MJ101 Washing Machine Pro conducts a self-cleaning of the washing bogie at extra temperatures to stop and prevent the spread of microorganisms, guaranteeing the machine to work continuously during prolonged use.

Specifications of XIAOMI Mijia XQB30MJ101 Washing Machine:

Trademark Mijia
Model XQB30MJ101
Size 412 x 422 x 721mm
Weight 19kg
Storage capacity 3kg
Input parameters 220V ~ / 50Hz
Water pressure (0.03-0.8) MPa
Rated input capacity (washing) 180W
Rated input capacity (sterilization) 185W
The noise level when sterilizing 72dB (A)

Where to buy Xiaomi Mijia XQB30MJ101 Washing Machine Pro?

If the product is shipped from Banggood’s Chinese warehouse, remember to pick up unsolicited mail as a priority in efforts to make it tax-free worldwide. By providing you native warehouse supplies, products are instantly accessible on the web page!


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