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Xiaomi Jimmy JV53 Plus Review & Best Price Comparison

The Best Xiaomi Jimmy JV53 Plus has a well-chosen 2-in-1 design that enables this vacuum to operate as a cordless stick vacuum or handheld.

Xiaomi Jimmy JV53 Plus

The Xiaomi Jimmy JV53 Plus has a dual cyclone filtration, so it has a mud air filtration of 20kPa with 99% effective suction power and 1m3 / min of quantitative airflow. The 100,000 rpm digital motor reaches 425W and can exceed 125AW. What does this mean? I couldn’t close my land because the tape is I must not have to go to the big stains on my spot as soon as possible.

Features of Xiaomi Jimmy JV53 Plus:

This is a musky curler that is absolutely great for cleaning hardwood or tile floors because it can gently clean the particles on the way to cleaning with shaking around the ground. If you have long hair, you are actually going to recognize the anti-hair wrapping feature, every time I land, I have a hair nest in the void, and no strands are covered behind the brush in any way.

Anyone who has to take care of long hair on the ground and needs to tear the curler will love this feature. Be aware of one aspect, you must take care of the hair, it will be the coil inside the mud bin, but you can only pull it out of the middle column. It is easy and painful.

It’s not great on the carpet. You’ll want truly short knitting to carry effectively for Jimmy. If you have deeper piles to scrub, you may want to look elsewhere.

Xiaomi Jimmy JV53 Plus

If you crave the Dyson V8, you can’t afford it, we really feel you, the Xiaomi Jimmy JV53 Plus has the same sweet curler, and it swaps a set. The difference is that when you swallow it, it will continue. This is a bonus. Vacuuming is already a variety of work. Why would we want to maintain so few sets? We find it much easier on the fingers and wrists.

The best Review of Xiaomi Jimmy JV53 Plus:

Mushkil’s curl head was unique, and the ability to clean 100% of all of our particles effectively cleaned at different types of tires on the tiring floor. Don’t expect any deep cleaning when we get up on the carpet.

Jimmy starts wrestling on the low carpet. The big particles were effective, but it took more effort to avoid the smaller ones like sugar took Jimmy. If he could bring a standard brush curler here, it would be able to deal with any imperfections of it with so many attachments, and we weren’t surprised to effectively include it.

If you have a mattress attachment to a deep, deep pile carpet “electric anti-mite mattress head,” you’ll be able to make a space with your hands. Space is less, so the suckling feels much stronger. We took the attachment to our mattress and couldn’t reveal too much of 1 minute of emptiness, although I’m not sure how many mud mites and dandelions were seen after such a short time. I like the attachment, but I’m not sure about its ability to clean the mattress.

Jimmy JV53 Plus review

I couldn’t clear my land in three days, so much of the shrinkage that has gone from my land here. This is a 30 square meter house. If I evaluate it in heaps, I can get neat with my hands and see it a lot more!

Miserliness of Xiaomi Jimmy JV53 Plus:

Works with a 65-degree ionic angle and a weight of 1.46kg Jimmy straight that can be run and kill rounded corners.

By presenting it properly before your friends arrive when your condo is spinning, you will discover that the turning radius is quite good. Quick round desk walking is quick, easy and accurate. Jimmy can even practically flatten the bottom so that you can get all the bottom of your furnishings.

The battery life of Xiaomi Jimmy JV53 Plus:

I love the detachable 2500 mAh battery, so you can recharge even if you are indifferent to the vacuum. If you have a house or giant condo that requires an additional 45 minutes of vacuuming or more than 30 minutes of vacuum, you may want to choose an extra battery. To give some context, you will be able to clear 350 square meters at a single price.

Xiaomi Jimmy JV53 Plus price

If you set it in hard mode, I believe in using it once spread all over or trying to stick a thick carpet or my couch. For those who have just applied an electric brush, you are only going 8 minutes. That’s for 7 minutes. Usually vacuuming with an electric brush, you will only see in 35 minutes.

Best offer Price of Xiaomi Jimmy JV53 Plus:

The Xiaomi Jimmy JV53 Plus price is absolutely one of every additional temptation option of the ticket. You get a trendy stick vacuum with good battery life and adequate efficiency for those who use the code 10KUR with a lower price from Geekmaxi to 224.99 EUR: QxPUFxVL. And they provide a 2-year guarantee. If you are primarily based in Germany, they ship from a regional warehouse, and the tax is included. A region in the middle could lead to EU recovery.

Jimmy JV53 Plus – Specs

Product Details For This Gadget

General Brand: JIMMY
Model: JV53 Plus
Features Battery Type: Li-ion battery
Battery Capacity: 2500mAh
Run Time without Electric Floor Head: 8mins(Max Mode)/45mins(Normal Mode)
Run Time with Electric Floor Head: 7mins(Max Mode)/35mins(Normal Mode)
Plug: EU
We will send you an adapter which according to your country
Specifications Voltage:110 – 240V
Rated Power:425W
Suction Power: 125AW
Rotating Speed: 10000rpm
Dust Cup Capacity:0.5L
Inlet Filtration: HEPA
Vacuum Degree: 20000Pa
Volume Air Flow: 1m³/min
Charging Time:4-5h
Dimensions & Weight Product Weight: 2.8g
Package Weight: 4.1kg
Package Size: 70.10 x 28.90 x 18.60 cm

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