Xiaomi FIIL CC TWS Earphones Best offer Just $35.39

Xiaomi FIIL CC TWS Earphones is Xiaomi’s sub-brand – FIIL, part of the Xiaomi Ecological Chain, the flagship Manquin of Wi-Fi earbuds. Xiaomi FIIL CC TWS is a Wi-Fi headphone for every style.

They present first-rate names of high quality and listening comfort. Designed by a workforce of designers from Germany, they differ from the group. Fiel is a subsidiary of Xiaomi.

Overview of Xiaomi FIIL CC TWS Earphones

First, Xiaomi FIIL CC TWS Earphones should be famous for its completely unique design of innovation. Both the headphone and the case have a fancy angular design.

Xiaomi FIIL CC TWS Earphones

In a mix of metallic silver colors, this form specifically persuades the system as opposed to the background of headphones already on the market. Xiaomi FIIL CC TWS Earphones, unlike others. The small but trendy bundle features a composite 13.1mm driver and triple-layer titanium composite diaphragm.

It offers a first-rate name of high quality and luxury. Created by a German design worker, it differs from the group with a few interesting features consistent with the integrity and ease of design.

Price Comparison

Features of Xiaomi FIIL CC TWS Earphones

These headphones, known as Xiaomi FIIL CC TWS Earphones, may be high-end proponents because of the fact that they fix the hi-fi sound at very low volume. They have Bluetooth 5. Euro reference for AAC / SBC support.

Xiaomi FIIL CC TWS Earphones design

The headphones inside include a 13.1mm audio system thus delivering 15Hz – 22kHz as 123 dB. One of the sections through which these headphones stand is that their communication management allows the customer to have a simple mannequin or full management.

The battery of Xiaomi FIIL CC TWS Earphones

Each of your Xiaomi FIIL CC TWS Earphones has a 30 mAh battery and weighs just four grams. The container field means that you can recharge them gives 500 mAh. This field is recharged by USB Type-C.

The battery life is three hours of music playback, 12 hours in standby mode, and more than four hours on the call. Can. The first of these modes is designed for music, the second for movies, and the third for video games.

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Connection of Xiaomi FIIL CC TWS Earphones

When it involves connectivity, Xiaomi FIIL CC TWS Earphones are attached after you remove them from the case. The Bluetooth sign is protected about ten meters indoors and in overcrowded areas with Wi-Fi indicators.

Xiaomi FIIL CC TWS Earphones review

You can even switch between one and two earbuds. Place an earbud on the charger where the contrast tends to play; Join them again immediately to provide you with stereo sound once more.

Where to buy Xiaomi FIIL CC TWS Earphones?

you can buy Xiaomi FIIL CC TWS Earphones from online shops like Aliexpress for only $35.39


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