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XGIMI RS Air Review: New Favorite Projector For 2021

XGIMI RS Air Review: In recent years, the digital circle of expertise can be very likely in the style of cross-border co-branded design.

The market can widely welcome the introduction of the product. It usually seems to be a market event that serves as great advertising and marketing. In terms of clever projection, XGIMI Extra and Porsche Design have co-branded a 1080P ultra-thin projection.


XGIMI RS Air Review: Design

XGIMI RS AIR Porch Design, this is the initial time Porsche Design will apply its design concept to the projection area, isn’t it just a bit of an expectation? I will share the skills of this projection below!

XGIMI RS Air Review: Price

At Banggood for $1299.99

At tomtop for $1148.63

XGIMI and Porch Design jointly create the RS AIRT; all the fashion of the product brings a strong Porsche flavor to me, every ingredient stays in place with the packaging design, the pressurized price can pull straight at any time, open every time.

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XGIMI RS Air design

The XGIMI RS AIR Porsche design is again made up of two Type-C ports, one USB and one HDMI port, of which only one full-featured Type-C port is outgoing, the rest of the ports are secret, ensuring a great diploma of whole machine integrity.

In addition, the chances are that you will drop the interface to increase the small side; I think it is good, the cell phone, computer system, sports consoles can basically fill the daily connection, after which the additional interface is not used literally.

XGIMI RS Air Review: feature

The XGIMI RS AIR Porsche design version is 23.7mm thick; what is the idea? A projection that is thinner and wider than a greenback coin? And additionally, 1080P projection?

Yes, due to Porsche’s design and XGIMI’s uncompromising, it does not match the sun machine, fan, battery, cable transmission, and various other important components.

XGIMI RS Air feature2

It cannot surrender to the design of authentic change results. These components are templates for 1080p machine, fan, and battery design. Following the final sound accordingly, and finally, the final sound created ultra-thin 1080p sensitive projection.

All lenses of projection products are an important component, all protection imaging, and image effect depends on the equivalent of the SLR digital camera sunshine machine lens, and the host. The lenses will even affect the desired photograph effect.

XGIMI RS Air Review: Battery

The XGIMI RS AIR brings a customized accent field with a basic unit, authentic leather-based case, guide, unique Porsche design certificate card and remote management, battery, power adapter, etc., full-featured knowledge cable from Type-C to Type-C, each accent cast. – Made.

the XGIMI RS AIR Porsche design version can be converted to a rechargeable battery to recharge your telephone in case of an emergency if you do not know the name of a telephone if your telephone runs out of battery when you go out.

rs air-min

The XGIMI RS AIR Porsche maintains a compromise angle in design. With all the physics designed with CNC skills, you can’t find a screw in search of a complete machine, just the language of Porsche’s unique design and the high-quality concept that you keep on the inside.

XGIMI RS Air Review: Display

Display ratio 16:10; 16:9; other Maximum compatible resolution: 3840x2160dpi,Therefore, lens protection is an important issue. Either way, it’s easy to scratch or stain with mud; you need to be careful in general.

The XGIMI RS AIRT is designed with double embedded slide swaps to prevent the lenses from being hidden when not in use, and when the machine is turned on, I push the slide collar, and the lens will be seen, and the machine will be turned on.

Projector design

One should not buy another tripod and should not worry about damage to the lenses when not in use; this diploma of thinking is clear.

As the product will heat the projection excessive heat, heat dissipation is essential, so you usually see that the projection product is redesigned in the direction of a large area of ​​the heat sink or redesigned, it is inside a certain diploma selection type which can affect the physical aesthetics, however In addition to the compromise design.

XGIMI RS Air Review: Performance

The XGIMI RS AIR Porsche design version continues the concept of uniform design at this juncture for the ultimate sound authentic look;

it hides the warmth sink under the automatic bracket, guaranteeing uniformity of the machine and excellent effect on the machine. The word “great” can be used to describe it in its entirety.

However, for remote management, it is a small and beautiful basic XGIMI fashion design. The layout of the keys can be affordable and acceptable, with a black + silver collision design and Porsche logo decorating. Every look and texture of the hand is very tasteful and really a life choice.

I’m a realist special person, the effect of the projection display screen is lovely to see at once, I think more primarily to witness the development and development of clever projections from higher “toys” 720p, 1080p to gradually exchange TV home equipment degree goods Developed, projections over the past few years could grow very fast.

XGIMI RS Air Review: More Feature

XGIMI RS Air Review: XGIMI additionally sat firmly in the business’s perfect big brother, so I want XGIMRIS to move forward towards the sky by demonstrating Porsche’s design screen projection skills. Without the extra ado, let’s talk about the original footage!

The overall impression of the XGIMI RS AIR Porsche design is kind of good because of the 1080p resolution and shade efficiency, which is an efficient degree.

In terms of brightness, however, the product can be identified as a transportable class as a result. Still, it’s declining compared to this flagship fashion projection, not a bad aspect around midnight, and the daytime scene will cost a bit less.

XGIMI RS Air Review: Overall power

Compared to the projection position, the XGIMS RS AIR Porsche Design Edition is not an all-encompassing, all-encompassing, versatile workplace and innovative event support, starting with extra portability like productivity materials.

And the innovation inspiration isn’t going to be confirmed by an outlet, so, the XGIMS RS AIR is a built-in 33Wh battery so no worries, and it’s easy to use anywhere, anytime.

For the productivity event, the XGIMI RS AIR Porch Design has additionally created an authentic leather-based case, beautiful and dignified; usually, when you depart to meet expectations, you will be able to keep the projection in disguise in the leather-based field. In fact, the excess bursts.

The XGIMI RS AIR Porsche design version is custom-built with two UI modes, one viewing mode and another functionality mode.

Customers can quickly enter the same type of display screen mode in functionality mode, with about 6 display screencasting forms whether you have iOS or Android or Pill or laptop computer. There may not be anything that is not complete with a knowledge cable.

With the XGIMI RS sky, I just want knowledge to confuse a scene fully; even with the same display screen, I can quickly introduce presentation materials to everyone.

If you have a cellphone that supports the PC system, you will be able to open the PC interface directly and quickly to identify the PC contents for everyone, leaving a hundred-inch huge display screen assembly, management, and content easy and fast; we will enjoy brainstorming.

In addition to productivity, the XGIMI RS AIR Porsche design version can be great for a small celebration, a visit, or a gathering for a leisurely rich leisure event to enjoy in the residential theater of their own screen the existence of your leisure cake icing.

No matter where you live, RS AIR can provide you with a huge display screen for leisure dining as long as there are walls.

As useful resource content, XGIMI RS AIRT has rich content in viewing mode; new TV, motion picture, and selection releases will be discovered right here.

If you have problems with selection, replacing selected content every day can help you, each play is thousands of selected good plays, does not allow you to set foot in the mine.

XGIMI RS Air Review: Pros and Cons

[su_row class=”proscons”][su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=”prosbox”]

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#27C110″ title_color=”#fff”]

[su_list icon=”icon: check-circle” icon_color=”#27C110″]

  • 300 ANSI lumens
  • Porsche Design
  • Built-in battery
  • Dual-mode UI
  • Automatic trapezoid correction
  • 6 ways to cast screen



[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=”consbox”]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#ff0000″ title_color=”#fff” ]

[su_list icon=”icon: times-circle” icon_color=”#ff0000″]

  • Audio not so good




XGIMI RS Air Review: Conclusion

Of course, the XGIMI RS AIRT can be a huge display screen awesome sports console, and you can join a variety of sports consoles and be able to present your skills in video games on a huge display screen.

XGIMI RS Air Review: Where to buy XGIMI RS Air?

You can buy XGIMI RS Pro from online shops like Gearbest, Geekbuying, Banggood.


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