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Useful Tools For Writers: Writing is probably one of the most important skills that mankind has gained. After all, there is a way that all the history and all the lessons that we have learned as a species transferred from one generation to the next and then the next. While many around the world communicate through the process of writing text messages on their phones and emails on their laptops, writing is the first thing that students are taught when they arrive at school.

In fact, many school teachers complain that as examinations and other assessments are predominantly based on writing, there may just be too much emphasis placed in our educational system on writing as compared to other methods of communication such as speaking.

Useful Tools For Writers

With the interactions between humans being dominated by writing to such a large extent, it is only natural for all of us to want to improve our writing not only at school and work to impress our teachers and bosses respectively but also in our private lives to ensure clearer and more effective communication. Alongside, many companies use writing tools to improve the writing in their marketing collateral.

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In fact, research states that clear communication makes way for more sales for business-to-business (B2B) companies. For this reason, a variety of tools to improve writing have been developed over the years. Side note: all of them are online so it is important to get good internet to ensure maximum productivity. When it comes to attaining quality internet, our recommendation would be none other than Comcast internet. This is because Comcast provides high-speed internet at affordable rates.

Now, let’s dive straight into the list we promised to lead you to in our topic. One by one, we will be elaborating on the most Useful Tools For Writers available:


Grammarly is, by far, one of the best tools available to writers in the world. As the name suggests, Grammarly is there to correct the mistakes you make in terms of grammar. The grammar issues it points out include incorrect subject/verb agreement, singular/plural agreement errors, and passive voice errors. A lot of the grammatical issues are ones with punctuation.

Alongside, Useful Tools For Writers also identifies problems with and comes up with solutions for sentence structure issues.  Many of these sentence structure issues include problems with the sentences being too long or too wordy. Last but not least, spelling issues are also pointed out by Grammarly. In fact, if we were to guess, there are more spelling mistakes than punctuation or sentence structure mistakes in people’s writings.

Grammarly Paid The paid version of Grammarly costs approximately thirty dollars each month. And for the amount it helps, this price is not at all bad. The paid version includes checks on everything the unpaid version checks on. Alongside, it also includes:

  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
  • Detection of plagiarism
  • Citation Suggestions


Quillbot is another tool that writers really use. The software is mostly used by writers who write for search engine optimization purposes. This is because Quillbot is a paraphrasing tool and search engine optimization often requires writings to be rephrased into many different forms so Google and other search engines do not discredit the content as duplicated. While the normal version of Quilbot costs you nothing, it only gives you access to standard paraphrasing.

This means that after two or three goes, the paraphrasing tool will start to return the same text as before as there is only a certain number of times you can say the same thing in different ways if you are restricted to only one tone (standard). However, Quillbot Premium allows you to paraphrase texts in Creative, Formal, Summarized, and Elongated tones. This paid version costs users $7.95 per month.


In the case that you end up using paraphrasing tools, sometimes it is important to make sure that too much text duplication has not occurred. That is why it is important to run your text through plagiarism checkers. When it comes to detectors of plagiarism, nothing beats Copyscape. This is because the tool does the job well and at a very affordable rate. Within a few cents, you can get your whole writing checked for text duplication!

Wrapping Up

Except for the ones listed above, there are many other tools that are used by writers. If what we mentioned above does not satisfy your writing, try looking up other tools on the net. We are sure there will be at least one tool out there that will help.


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