Spec Ops The Line Game has been permanently delisted from Steam and other stores

Spec Ops: The Line was released 12 years ago. Developed by YAGER, it is a controversial title due to its plot, but it is still a highly regarded third-person military shooter. However, yesterday it was removed from Steam and other game stores. Publisher 2K explained that this was due to the expiration of “several partnership licenses.”

Spec Ops The Line Game

Spec Ops The Line

Aspect Details
Delisting Date Yesterday
Reason for Delisting Expiration of “several partnership licenses,” as stated by Publisher 2K
Publisher’s Statement 2K assured existing owners that the game can still be downloaded and played without interruption
User Reactions on Steam Gamers flooded the Steam review section, questioning why the game was no longer available for purchase
Availability on Other Stores Still available for purchase on 3rd party PC game stores such as GOG and Humble, as reported by @Wario64
Xbox Availability Xbox owners advised to purchase the game before potential delisting from the official Xbox games store. Currently available on Xbox (Series X 1 TB) for $450 on Amazon.
Game Description Third-person military shooter designed by YAGER to “challenge players’ morality” by exploring the “dark side of war in a realistic way.” Set in Dubai amidst a cataclysmic sandstorm. Official trailer video attached for more details.
Official Trailer Link Spec Ops: The Line Official Trailer

Note: The official trailer link should be replaced with the actual link to the official trailer video.

If you’re hearing about Spec Ops: The Line for the first time, it’s a third-person military shooter designed by YAGER to “challenge players’ morale.” It achieves this by allowing players to explore “the dark side of war in a realistic way.” The title is set in Dubai, covered by a catastrophic sandstorm. You can find out more in the official trailer video attached below.

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