Skylight presents Calendar Max, a 27-inch touch screen aimed at simple life at home.

Skylight aims to simplify organizing housework, meal planning and appointments by including a family calendar on the 27-inch touchscreen, which can also be managed through an associated smartphone app.

Aspect Details
Device Description Skylight’s Calendar Max is a solution for users dissatisfied with smartphone calendar apps but unwilling to use paper calendars. Hardware includes a 27-inch touchscreen in 16:9 format (2560 x 1440 resolution).
Mounting and Power The device can be hung on the wall in portrait or landscape mode using the provided wall bracket. It needs to be connected to a power socket.
Household Organization Calendar Max displays a color-coded calendar assigning entries to household members, facilitating tracking of pending appointments for each member.
Additional Display Features Displays windows for pending household chores, weather forecasts, and a ‘To Do’ list. Entries can be managed by multiple users through the corresponding smartphone app.
Smartphone App Integration Users can view and manage all entries through the smartphone app, ensuring synchronization and accessibility for multiple users.
Sleep Mode Functionality The device features a sleep mode that automatically switches the panel on and off at preset times, enhancing energy efficiency and user convenience.
Price and Frame Options In the US, Skylight Calendar Max is available with a plastic frame for $599 or an aluminum frame for $629. The manufacturer has not confirmed details about a possible launch in Europe.
Official Product Page More detailed information about the Calendar Max can be found on the official product page.

Skylight has created a solution for those who are unhappy with their smartphone’s calendar app, but don’t want to use a paper calendar: Calendar Max. The hardware of the device is quite simple, with a 27-inch touch screen in 16:9 format with a resolution of 2560 x 1440.

Skylight presents Calendar Max

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Using the wall mount, the panel can be hung on the wall in portrait or landscape mode and plugged into a power outlet. Once activated, Calendar Max displays a calendar that assigns entries to family members by color. This is intended to make it easier to keep track of pending appointments for each family member.


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