MSI Cubi N ADL S New Mini PC with businesses and productivity in mind

Today we’re discussing the refreshed MSI Cubi N ADL series, which will be available from early 2023. Now, the company is offering the Cubi N ADL S, a silent version of the Cubi N ADL, thanks to its larger heatsink.

MSI Cubi N ADL S Mini PC

MSI has introduced a new version of the Cubi N ADL, a mini PC that debuted during CES 2023 before launching three months later. For reference, the QB N ADL now retails for $149 as a barebones unit, $20 less than its MSRP. Unfortunately, MSI has not yet confirmed the price of its new Cubi N ADL S model.


Specification of MSI Cubi N ADL S Mini PC

Feature Description
Model MSI Cubi N ADL S
Silent Version Yes, thanks to a large heatsink
Original Model Price Cubi N ADL: $149 (barebones unit), $20 less than MSRP
New Model Price Not confirmed by MSI yet
Dimensions 124 x 124 x 54 mm
Ports Various front and rear-mounted ports, including USB Type-C with DisplayPort Alt Mode, 4 USB Type-A ports, 2 Gigabit Ethernet connections, 2 display outputs
Processor Options Configurable with Intel Processor N100 and Processor N200 CPUs (Alder Lake-N series) with quad-core processors and 6W TDP
Cooling Cubi N ADL S uses a larger heatsink for passive cooling, allowing it to run silently
Storage Options Not specified in the provided text
Operating Noise Silent operation for Cubi N ADL S, while Cubi N ADL may require active cooling unless configured with a 2.5-inch HDD
Additional Details Visit MSI’s website for more information

There is little difference between the QB N ADL and the new QB N ADL S. For one thing, the new mini PC still measures 124 x 124 x 54 mm with plenty of front and rear ports. , with USB Type-C connectivity that supports DisplayPort Alt mode. Additionally, MSI continues to include four USB Type-A ports, a pair of Gigabit Ethernet connections, and two dedicated display outputs.

MSI Cubi N ADL S interface

On the other hand, QB N ADL S can be configured with Intel Processor N100 and Processor N200 CPUs. In short, this pair falls under Intel’s Alder Lake-N series and combines quad-core processor cores with a 6W TDP.

However, while the QB N ADL keeps its processors cool using an active cooling method, the QB N ADL S does so using a larger heatsink. In other words, the QB N ADL S can run silently, while the QB N ADL can only do so if you configure the former with a 2.5-inch hard drive. Visit the MSI website for more details.


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