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LIVEN G-5 Smart Oil-free Air Fryer 1400W 2.5L Best Capacity

The LIVEN G-5 Smart Oil-free Air Fryer is an air fryer ready for scrambling meals without the use of oil with time and temperature management. The Shiomi Deep Fat Fryer will soon be used to fry together and put together a variety of equally tasty dishes: toast, shrimp, salads, and canapes.

LIVEN G-5 Smart Oil-free Air Fryer performance

There is no desire to use oil for deep-fat cooking. A two-tier frying basket is provided to store potatoes and various commodities. It has a huge potential, which means that in a single strategy you will be able to prepare enough dinner for some people.

Design of LIVEN G-5 Smart Oil-free Air Fryer

In addition to making beautiful food, LIVEN G-5 Smart Oil-free Air Fryer also looks great. The dimensions of the fryer are 28,1 x 23 x 29 cm and the weight is three kg. It is colored from PP materials and matte in colored jasper.

Above all a great glass contact panel. It is used to control all fryers. There you will see several modes, a timer or a temperature setting. The cooling is re-located in the fryer.

LIVEN G-5 Smart Oil-free Air Fryer design

You will be able to discover it once on the back and once again anti-slip legs that can guarantee durability. Due to the scope of the section, the fryer container is about 2.5 l and easy to wash.

Features of LIVEN G-5 Smart Oil-free Air Fryer

The output of the LIVEN G-5 Smart Oil-free Air Fryer is about 1400 W. It can develop temperatures from 80 to 200 degrees Celsius. Hot air flows from above and below and makes it positive that your food is ready from all around.

LIVEN G-5 Smart Oil-free Air Fryer control

The fryer has a timer for additional operations. This can be set to a variation of 0 – 60 minutes. It features memorable additional operations.

Cooking Performance of LIVEN G-5 Smart Oil-free Air Fryer

This indicates that when you remove the pan throughout the cooking, the show will flip over and the fryer will move forward after pushing the pan again. It fits you as e.g. across a load of food in the container.

LIVEN G-5 Smart Oil-free Air Fryer work

There are actually some ways to use a fryer and it just depends on your creativity. You can put together contemporary fries, steaks, greens, or dishes in the packaging, which you usually want to fry. Meals prepared on this method include virtually no fat and low energy.

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Pros and Cons of LIVEN G-5 Smart Oil-free Air Fryer

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  • Timed Temperature
  • Power Off Memory safe use
  • Smart Menu multiple choices
  • A4 Paper Size save space
  • Wide Handle
  • Matte Texture
  • Rear Cooling System
  • Non-slip Mat



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[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#ff0000″ title_color=”#fff” ]

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  • Design not great
  • Hitting issue





Healthy eating is considered once again at this point. Many people have started to keep away from fried foods and are looking for acceptable varieties. This is strictly what the new LIVEN G-5 Smart Oil-free Air Fryer offers to the oil-free air fryer that prepares Scramptius oil-free food.

Where to buy LIVEN G-5 Smart Oil-free Air Fryer?

You can buy LIVEN G-5 Smart Oil-free Air Fryer from online stores like Amazon, Cafago, Banggood, Aliexpress, Gearbest, Tomtop, and Geekbuying.


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