JYA Fjord and Fjord Pro Best Air Purifier With Up To 50% OFF

JYA Fjord and Fjord Pro Air Purifier Along with the event of society, the necessities for a high quality of life are more and more centered, particularly on the difficulty of air. Understanding shoppers’ troubles, know-how manufacturers have developed and launched air purifiers, usually the Jya model, which is  a part of the Xiaomi group’s ecosystem. You can also like Smartmi Wall-mounted

  • Fjord Air Purifier 50% Off

    JYA Fjord
    • Large Area Coverage
    • Powerful Purification
    • Premium and detachable body design
    • Quiet Operations
    • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit
  • Fjord Pro Air Purifier 50% Off

    JYA Fjord Pro
    • Large Area Coverage
    • Powerful Purification
    • Premium and detachable body design
    • Quiet Operations
    • Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit

Overview of JYA Fjord and Fjord Pro Air Purifier

The model has launched the Jya Fjord (Fjord Pro) line of air purifiers with high-quality European requirements. The Jay Fjord Basic \ Jya Fjord Pro Air Purifiers are presently less expensive within the in-house online store on Black Friday Sale with as much as 50% OFF low cost. If you’re presently combating pollen, it might be more straightforward with an air purifier.

How does Jya Fjord (Fjord Pro) work?

  • Pre-filter – Traps giant particles like mud, pollen, and dander
  • NanoGuard™ – Captures airborne particles as small as 0.1μm in measurement
  • Activated carbon layer – Neutralizes odors and dangerous gasses
How it works

Features of JYA Fjord and Fjord Pro Air Purifier

The Jay Fjord Air Purifier is the corporate’s first high-end air purifier, the primary brick marking the beginning of the Jya model. The machine possesses excellent and excellent benefits which can be troublesome to acquire in the identical phase, mainly as follows:

Exclusive NanoGuard Technology

With greater than 7 years of analysis, growth, and testing, producers have launched NanoGuard filter know-how. This know-how for a quicker and smarter response pace with the flexibility to acknowledge and filter out every polluting dust even at a measurement as small as 1000 occasions. This is a plus level that hardly any air purifier on the market has.

Exclusive NanoGuard Technology

In addition, along with eradicating dust, the machine may filter out as much as 99.99% of viruses, the micro organism that trigger disagreeable odors, and allergens equivalent to animal hair, pollen, material fibers, and many others.

At the same time, with the clear filter, the machine disinfects with UV rays to return the freshest residing house and completely protected for the household.

More Airflow For Larger Spaces

The Jya Fjord Air Purifier has an air purification capability of 450m, three CADR per hour. It might take away unstable natural substances (TVOC CADR) current within the air at as much as 150m three per hour.

The air purifier can clear a room as much as 54m 2 each hour and emit 7499 liters of unpolluted and recent air within the residence’s air cycle.

Sterilizes with UV Light

The air purifier is supplied with the most recent purification know-how, UV gentle, which wipes out air particles without utilizing chemical compounds.

Sterilizes with UV Light

The operation sterilizes and sanitizes the air from microorganisms, viruses, pollen, formaldehyde, and smoke, creating and bringing clean air into the house for a clear air cycle.

Includes 4 Air Filters

Manufacturers have outfitted the Jya Fjord Air Purifier with a 4-stage filtration system for the flexibility to purify the air to 99.99%. Four phases of air filtration embody:

Includes 4 Air Filters
  • Coarse HEPA filter layer: Helps to seize giant mud particles equivalent to mud, pollen, or pet hair
  • NanoGuard filter layer: Prevents and removes airborne mud particles as much as 0.1 microns in measurement.
  • Activated carbon layer: With this layer, it would assist in deodorizing and return the freshest air
  • UV filter layer: With a protected UV lamp system, it eliminates and destroys dangerous viruses and microorganisms that affect the consumer’s well-being.

Laser Sensor For Air Quality Monitoring

The Jya Fjord Air Purifier contains a state-of-the-art laser sensor that precisely tracks 5 essential air readings together with PM 10, PM 2.5, TVOC, temperature, and humidity.

JYA Fjord comes with an OLED contact display screen

With the measured indicators, the machine will detect even the most negligible pollution within the air to regulate the most appropriate filter mode. As an outcome, the indoor air is always recent, clear, and protected for your and your loved ones well being.

Users can monitor the high air quality via the indicator lights displayed on the OLED touchscreen, particularly:

  • Green: Perfect air high, quality
  • Yellow: Good air high, quality
  • Orange: Normal air high quality
  • Red: Air high quality isn’t good, alarming, inflicting unhealthy results on human well being

Luxurious Design

Most air purifiers are white. However, with the Jya Fjord Air Purifier, the producer selected the primary color, “Space Gray.” This silver-gray tone brings class, class and is appropriate for many areas or completely different designs and inside types.

JYA Fjord and Fjord Pro

In addition, Jay Fjord Air Purifier uses high-quality plastic for efficient impression and explosion resistance. Besides, the air purifier can be the product of high-quality plastic materials immune to impression, heart, and explosion. The back and front of the machine have vertical slots with the duty of drawing air into the machine.

Smart Connectivity and Control

Like any Xiaomi product line, the Jya Fjord Air Purifiers may also be linked and managed remotely through the Smartmi software on the telephone. With this connection, customers can manage the machine equivalent to turning on the machine, altering the filter modes, timer, and youngster lock.

JYA Fjord and Fjord Pro overview

In addition, it can monitor the high air quality in actual time. Or by day, week and month. Explicitly, the air purifier may also be managed by voice through Google Home, Apple HomeEquipment, or Amazon Alexa.

What is the Difference Between Jya Fjord and Jya Fjord Pro?

ya Fjord and Jya Fjord Pro video
ElementFjord Air PurifierFjord Pro Air Purifier
TypeUVC Air PurifierLarge-room Air Purifier
CADRCADR – 450m³/h
TVOC CADR – 150m³/h
CADR – 550m³/h
TVOC CADR – 250m³/h
Room Size31-54㎡38-66㎡
Filter TypeJya NanoGuard™ Technology
Jya NanoGuard™ Technology
Smart SensorsLaser Particle Sensor/Gas Sensor/Environment SensorsLaser Particle Sensor/Gas Sensor/Environment Sensors
DisplayOLED / Touch ScreenOLED / Touch Screen
Air Quality Monitoring and DisplayPM 2.5 / PM 10 / TVOCs / Temperature / Humidity
On-screen numerical display
Air Quality Indicator Light
PM 2.5 / PM 10 / TVOCs / Temperature / Humidity
On-screen numerical display
Air Quality Indicator Light
Additional FeaturesUV light sterilization  
Hidden Omni-directional wheels
30 / 60 / 90 output angle adjustment 
Hidden wheels
Maximum Noise Level< 66 dB(A)< 64 dB(A)
Smart ConnectivityWorks with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Smartmi LinkWorks with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Smartmi Link
Dimensions (mm)290 * 260 * 535 mm310 * 300 * 716 mm
Rated Wattage48W65W
Weight (kg)6.5kg10.3kg
PriceSale price
Regular price
Sale Price
Regular price
(jya fjord)

Price and Availability

You can order new Jya Fjord (Fjord Pro) Air Purifiers, which are cheaper on Black Friday. You can discover Jya Fjord (Basic Mode) at €199 as a substitute of €299 with €100 OFF. JYA Fjord Pro at €239 as a substitute of €399 with €160 OFF in JYA’s Black Friday Sale till November 3th.



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