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Govee WiFi LED TV Backlight: “Ambilight” for Best Retrofitting 2021

Phillips had already achieved a short stroke of talent year by collecting the Ambilight. The clever RGB color adjustment on the back of the TV creates an atmosphere in the lounge. Producer Govee Philips provides a kind of umbilical retrofit equipment with a Govee WiFi LED TV Backlight for those who do not want to acquire it.

Govee WiFi LED TV Backlight

Govee WiFi LED TV Backlight.

What is an Ambilight?

Phillips himself calls the Ambilight “around the eye” because the clever LED again creates a mood that matches the image’s contents. Not only is it supposed to look beautiful easily, but it also provides coolness to the eyes, as the TV is not a light supply in the room.

Besides, it is supposed to increase the ability to see. Phillips had been providing this knowledge since 2004, but Ambilite was not immediately intelligent. Ambilight shouldn’t be expensive, but know how to save for Philips TVs.

Govee WiFi LED TV backlight.

The intelligent Govee WiFi LED TV Backlight ​​will have to provide this capability for different TVs, like the Xiaomi Mi TV 4S. For this, one would immediately use 4 LED strips, two of which are 120 cm in size and 70 cm in size for the home TV’s individual fast and longitudinal aspects.

WiFi LED TV Backlight

These are reattached to the TV with adhesive strips. The set is suitable for TVs from 55 to 65 inches. The LED strips show about 16 million colors and provide an RGB light effect.

The digital camera there was kind of annoying to me.

However, to properly analyze the image’s content, you must connect the included 1080p color sense digital camera to the TV’s top. It captures the display screen colors and forwards them to the LED strips through the navigation field, which can be reattached.

Since the individual LED strips are equipped with an IC chip, completely different colors can be displayed, and you can handle the LED strips in sections. To get started, it is important to calibrate the digital camera as soon as possible.

WiFi LED TV Backlight design

With that, above all, comes an app, the Govi ​​Home app. This allows for additional settings and customization choices as soon as the Govee WiFi LED TV Backlight is connected to the house’s two GFZ communities. You can enable music synchronization, select from a completely different view, or set a timer.

Also, there is support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. We know this precisely from the Delight LED Strip 1S if you can make the clever digital camera and photo content combinations.

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Pros and Cons of Govee WiFi LED TV Backlight

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  • WiFi TV LED
  • Strip Lights with Camera
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • APP Control
  • RGBIC Music Sync
  • TV Ambient Bias Lighting



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  • 8.5ft long only





Amazon critics are largely optimistic, though not everyone likes this rebuilding tool. It’s actually associated with at least one person’s personal expectations, a set consolidation in a part of Philips is local, and it’s just superior.

But not everyone needs to go directly to a new TV, which is why the Govee WiFi LED TV Backlight looks fairly thrilling. Personally, the digital camera at the prime of the display screen will bother me. Have you got any skills with it? If not, here’s a new product just for you!


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