Cubot C3 Smartwatch For Just $35.99 from Gearbest [Coupon]

Cubot C3 Smartwatch: The reputation of taking care of your well-being as well as healthy living is constantly growing. As a result, smartwatches have been transformed into another standard gadget under your smartphone.

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The Cubot model now introduces the new Cubot C3 smartwatch to meet the needs of all customers. They offer several sports activity modes, 5 atmospheres as water-resistant, all-day coronary heart charge monitoring, or name notifications.

Cubot C3 Smartwatch

Cubot C3 Smartwatch: Features

Cubot has been quite focused on design and capabilities, especially for outdoor activity lovers, but additionally, a lot of action is run inside these spaces for these customers to keep the match going even in the winter.

The Cubot C3 Smartwatch gives a 1.3-inch round show with two buttons on the side. The watch is made from a metal case, which works very nicely on observation. They have a silicone strap to carry the snag. They are snug and stylish at the same time.

Cubot C3 Smartwatch features

Cubot C3 Smartwatch: Health

Among the skills provided we discovered real-time coronary heart charge measurement, sleep assessment, step-by-step health knowledge, energy and distance travel, and ten sports activities to explore your activities, such as work, biking (inside each home), and some mode fitness centers. For machines, like elliptical, steeper, and rowing machines.

Cubot C3 Smartwatch: Sports

The Cubot C3 offers 10 sports activities indoors and outdoors for biking, climbing, and extra work that allows fans of most sports activities to crave.

These smartwatches have efficient waterproofing, which provides protection up to a depth of 50 meters. It will not be worn with any worries when used on a regular basis or while swimming as a result it has the same innumerable waterproof capabilities as a standard high-end sports activity watch.

Cubot C3 Smartwatch battery

Cubot C3 Smartwatch: Connection

Cubot C3 is ready with Bluetooth 5.1 for connection to smartphones (Android and iOS), which can implement an extension. Therefore, you can receive notifications for calls and messages, app notifications, reminders, and even an alarm clock.

In addition to the battery, the Cubot C3 boasts extra smart options like reminders, SMS notifications, music controls, and names as well. With a 260Ahm battery, it offers 12 days in a single charge and 30 days in standby mode.

Cubot C3 Smartwatch calling

Where to buy Cubot C3 Smartwatch?

The Cubot C3 Smartwatch is now accessible at Gearbest for only $ 35.99 Click the next button to order now:

Coupon code: GBCUBOTC3

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