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BMAX X15 Review | Specs | Best Offer From Gearbest at $389.99

BMAX X15 Review: The BMAX X15 laptop is undoubtedly one of BMAX‘s best laptops, a compelling booklet with spectacular options that you can enjoy to the fullest. If you are looking for a large, high-quality mannequin, then any laptop is suspicious.

The BMAX X15 has a big display show of 15.6 inches, and its length is two cm, providing the most important display of the laptop computer and the lightest weight possibility for a laptop computer of its size.

BMAX X15 Review: Video

There’s a full-size keyboard with a minimal bezel and several keypads, houses, and critical dimensions that do type; whether you’re employed within the household price range or preparing a spreadsheet, a simple number keypad will speed up your productivity.

Price Comparison of BMAX X15

BMAX X15 Review: Design

The show shows that half of the house is made entirely of aluminum, with the rest of the product floor being made of plastic.

This Laptop measures 375 × 243 × 20 mm with a weight of two kg in terms of dimensions. Nevertheless, this BMAX X15 is characterized by intense, additionally the presence of several entry/output ports. On the left side, we discover the presence of a USB 3.

BMAX X15 Review

Zero inlets, an opening for the convenience cable, and a mini HDMI port. Another USB 3 on the alternative side. There are zero ports, a three mm audio jack, and a microSD bogie.

The total rear floor is entirely free, except four rubber pads that keep the Laptop in a designated place and the bogie for additional SSDs. Throughout the show, the presence of entrance frames is roughly marked on a webcam from 0.3 MP on a high host.

BMAX X15 Review: Display

This machine has a 15.6 “matrix IPS display on board and has a resolution FHD (1.920 x 1.080 pixels), 16: 9 color issue color.

It will not normally be a color unit, but usually, it comes in colors. As the saying goes, the display screen is a kind of giant, but the floor is not lowered in it, so alternatively it can be noticed the presence of bands on the pronounced side which from a certain point of view shows it as an old product.

Some settings related to panel calibration may be modified. Looking at the show for several hours a day, even during work hours, I didn’t notice any obvious flaws with the train, at least in the indoor setting.

BMAX X15 Review screen

In reality, direct daylight visibility is significantly reduced, and this type of show, combined with glazed glass, does not help in any agreement. But it’s not a touchscreen panel, so it’s imaginative and will probably have no fingerprints to tie naturally.

That half helps this half, and I can say that it has become relatively healthy. However, after enjoying this event, after getting a little tighter than the standard, the blue color comes out and keeps the place afloat. But you can’t go to about 120 different corners.

BMAX X15 Review: Connection

Looking at the connectivity sector, in this Laptop, we first discover a module Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac twin band. It can split very effectively, and even the most essential things in the house always manage to ensure a great web connection. We may have Bluetooth 5.0 in addition to the components described in the first paragraph.

This Laptop was fitted with four separate audio systems that were genuinely fixed in the hinges. Under this element, we discover a slit that is always hidden from view, most of which channel the indoor air outwards.

BMAX X15 Review wifi

Outside of that, though, the standard is the first-rate despite the dish being completely lacking. In Netflix or Motion Pictures, you can entertain yourself with countless TV sequences.

At the entrance, high up, there is a region webcam 0.0 the MP, which works all effectively, especially Skype and Zoom. This is its primary goal, so it will also be efficient for young people who need to quickly get back to high school and take part in some streaming classes.

BMAX X15 Review: Battery

BMAX X15 Review: The 10,000 mAh battery is hidden under the physics, which performs reasonably effectively on the general. Let me tell you that this BMAX X15 I initially used to work every day, so I was always related to WordPress for writing articles and changed some pictures a bit for the covers.

BMAX X15 Review backside

With this use, due to this reality, I transfer the display screen for about 5 hours uninterrupted. The product handles very little. Perhaps with a few movies on YouTube, a few phrase info, Netflix, and a bit of gaming, you will be able to overcome this autonomy.

Thanks to the supply in the 12V / 2A wall power bundle, it will take about three hours to recharge fully.

BMAX X15 Review: Hardware

BMAX X15 Review: This BMAX X15 board chipset has the same area as the Intel Celeron N4100, so a 14nm quad-core processor with a base clock frequency of 1.1 GHz and a turbo 2. four GHz. Since I usually denigrate merchandise like this, it’s not the current resolution, which inevitably affects efficiency.

To make you feel superior: This processor, the eighth technology Gemini Lake has now been launched in the third quarter of 2017.

This will not be like various aggressive merchandise, but it can save you some extra luxury, but nothing as attractive as you think. To complete this bundle, then we get a built-in 128GB SSD pub, loyal to the SSD slot or expandable via microSD.

BMAX X15 Review intel

I usually repeat when I discuss this kind of product, and the BMAX X15 is usually a good college ally and nothing more significant than that.

By this, I mean that the return’s performance is not excessively average, which allows us to make the most of the whole workplace bundle and other productive ways. Even if you have no shortage of YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Spotify, you can switch from one app to another with jamming.

When you use the Laptop extra aggressively, the system reveals the fact by leaving several home windows open in Chrome. Everything will turn out to be extra advanced and less liquid.

BMAX X15 Review: Software

What can we add to this product? Windows 10 Pro. Therefore, I don’t want to bother you by telling you a few systems you are mostly already accustomed to.

However, I can tell you that all things work to a high standard, especially for this BMAX X15, with specific updates and the overall capabilities of Microsoft’s products.

BMAX X15 Review: Performance

The speed of remembering what stunned me significantly, positively. From the criteria, we notice how they end up maintaining the ones provided by the competitors.

Despite all the little things, the temperature tends to peak at their deficient levels, reaching 80, where the medium of 67 is maintained. I remind you that it can be a fanless machine with a passive cooling system.

BMAX X15 Review graphics


Beyond these issues, using this product for gaming should be ignored. Fornite and various extra-demanding titles won’t work anyway, so it’s going to be the only enjoyable one with some extra stupid titles (Asphalt 9: Legend, for example, crashes at the beginning).

However, the graphics are delivered to a GPU Intel UHD Graphics 600 level with a maximum clock frequency of 700 MHz.

BMAX X15 Review: Trackpad

BMAX X15 Review: The ultimate level of this laptop computer is the trackpad. They discuss it nicely inside the official website, resulting in incompatibility with all Microsoft’s weird gestures.

However, what did not persuade me was this part’s sensitivity, which proved moderately low. Although the floor can hold a considerable size, the corporate did not assemble it very nicely, because for some reason as well as it extends from the profile of the physics.

I imagine that even if this half had been managed most simply, the final skill would have benefited, and some never did.

BMAX X15 Review: Features

If we talk about efficiency, we should remember its ram. We have already identified that it has eight gigabytes of RAM; Which can be very helpful in doing your job.

It is a suitable PC for workplace automation charges and for finding it; Since its response velocity is more than sufficient to be productive and does not need to be slow and present to stop.

It is also possible to play comfortably and save your much-needed record data; That’s why the BMAX X15 has an SSD of 128GB.

BMAX X15 Review specs


Likewise, you must change your record data and all; These two essential documents of your daily life Have two USB 3. Zero ports; So you’ll be able to switch speeds very quickly and get pleasure from an HDMI port; So you will be able to join an additional monitor or different units.

Lastly, don’t miss your webcam. If you are one of those who want a webcam because of work; Fear not. As a result, it is included in this tool. With these three MP webcams, you can watch your conversations beautifully, and you can video chat or chat comfortably.

Chuwi Herobook Pro

Chuwi CoreBook Pro

BMAX Y13 Pro Yuga

Also, because it comes with a 2.2 quad GHz and 5.9 GHz dual-band, you’ll always join; To enjoy the uninterrupted connection that fits you most perfectly; And that the rhythm of your work is never interrupted at any time.

BMAX X15 Review: Full Specification

General Classification: Notebook
The material cover: ABS+PC
Battery Time: 5 hours video playing time
Battery Type: Lithium-ion Polymer Battery
Hardware Core: 1.1GHz,2.4GHz,Quad Core
CPU: Intel Celeron Gemini Lake N4100
CPU Brand: Intel
Graphics Type: Integrated Graphics
Graphics Chipset: Intel UHD Graphics 600
OS: Windows 10
Power Consumption: 10-15W
Process Technology: 14nm
Usage: Business, Office
Storage External Memory: TF card up to 128GB
Largest RAM Capacity: 8GB
Network Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0
Support Network: Dual WiFi 2.4GHz/5.0GHz
Display Screen type: IPS
Screen size: 15.6 inch
Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080
Camera Camera type: Single camera
Front camera: 0.3MP
Connectivity Audio Jack: Yes
Mini HDMI slot: Yes
TF card slot: Yes
USB Host: Yes
Media Formats E-book format: DOC,TXT
MS Office format: Excel, PPT, Word
Music format: AAC,MP3,OGG
Picture format: BMP,GIF,JPEG,JPG,PNG
Video format: 1080P,H.264,MP4,MPEG4
Languages Languages: English
Package Contents Notebook: 1
Power Adapter: 1
User Manual: 1
Dimensions and Weight Product weight: 2.0000 kg
Package weight: 2.9000 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 37.50 x 24.30 x 2.00 cm / 14.76 x 9.57 x 0.79 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 45.50 x 35.00 x 6.20 cm / 17.91 x 13.78 x 2.44 inches

BMAX X15 Review: Price

BMAX X15 Review: The BMAX X15 is currently being offered on Amazon for $389.99. It is set, perhaps, an extra for such a product, although in a market consistent with its competitors, in reality, the TechLast F15 comes close to its features and a kind of total sales.

For the time being, there is no possibility of significantly better search among the many new products launched in the market in the future, even if it is vital to compromise.

BMAX X15 Review: Pros and Cons

[su_row class=”proscons”][su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=”prosbox”]

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#27C110″ title_color=”#fff”]

[su_list icon=”icon: check-circle” icon_color=”#27C110″]

  • Intel 9th ​​Gen UHD Graphics 600
  • 15.6 inch IPS Screen
  • 1920 x 1080 Resolution
  • 128GB SSD Storage Capacity
  • Very slim and nice
  • Dual Band 2.4GHz / 5.0GHz WiFi
  • Ultra-narrow screen
  • Very nice gaming performance



[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=”consbox”]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#ff0000″ title_color=”#fff” ]

[su_list icon=”icon: times-circle” icon_color=”#ff0000″]

  • Sensitivity not good




BMAX X15 Review: Conclusion

This ultra-thin and lightweight BMAX X15 laptop achieve excellent value for cash. Among the various features, it can be mentioned that it has the first-rate efficiency; Although its best advantages lie in its aesthetics and building; This results in a transported machine.

Thus, we must understand that it is designed to develop a group workplace automation tariff and not manage it; Including very demanding video games or functions.

Where to buy a BMAX X15 laptop?

You can buy BMAX X15 from online stores like Banggood, Gearbest, and Aliexpress


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