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UWANT X100 Review: Cordless All In 1 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

UWANT X100 Review: The UWANT X100 is a state-of-the-art mop with a patented double curler system in launch supply. This design conveys double energy to maintain our home surfaces in excellent condition.

This mop has sufficient energy even to vacuum the hair of our pets. It additionally provides a built-in blade system that cuts the hair and avoids block knots.

This vacuum cleaner consists of two giant tanks for clear water and soiled wastewater. With its battery, we have excellent autonomy to scrub our complete home. you can also like 360 S8 Plus

UWANT X100 Review: Overview

The UWANT X100 can remove any encrusted or liquid filth due to the built-in system within the brushes. The rollers have an unbiased rotation motor. With this, we’ve helped within the motion each ahead and backward, so we’ll get drained much less within the day-by-day use.

The UWANT X100 cordless handheld vacuum cleaner has a motor with a pressure of 250 W that provides excessive suction energy for good cleansing outcomes.

It has utterly different energy ranges and can be utilized in several environments. It may clear carpets, the couch, and every kind of surface. This vacuum cleaner has a transparent water tank of 600 ml and one for dirty water that collects 600 ml and has a noise degree of 75 dB within the eco mode.

At the highest of the vacuum cleaner physique, we discover a coloration LED panel that gives us every kind of working info of the UWANT X100, as the extent of filth on the ground, one thing fascinating. On the deal, we’ve two buttons from which we can activate the vacuum cleaner and the turbo cleansing mode for the dirtiest areas.

This Cordless All-in-one vacuum cleaner has a built-in clever infrared sensor, which detects the contamination of the curler brushes in real-time, and routinely adjusts the water quantity and suction.

UWANT X100 Review: Specification

GeneralItem Name: UWANT X100
Brand: UWANT
Model: X100
Type: Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Color: Grey + Black
Status: Available
SpecificationBattery Capacity: 4000mAh x 8
Voltage: 220-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.5A
Power: 250W
Clean Water Tank: 600ml
Dirty Water Tank: 600ml
Roller Style: Dual Roller brush
Rated Voltage (V): 28.8
Noise Level: 75dB(A)
Charging Time: about 3h
Weight & SizePackage Weight: 6.5kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 113.9×28.2×24.6cm
Package Size(L x W x H): 117x28x25cm
Package Contents1 x Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
1 x Smart Base
1 x Power Adapter
1 x HEPA
1 x Roller Brush
1 x Measuring Cup
1 x Cleaning Fluid
1 x Cleaning Tool
1 x Solid State Separator
1 x Upper Cover of Waste Water Tank
UWANT X100 Specification

UWANT X100 Review: Pros and Cons


  • Patented Double Roller Brushes
  • Patented Pet Hair Cutting Device
  • Long Battery Life
  • 600ml Clean Water
  • Intelligent Dirt Sensing
  • LED Smart Screen
  • 360 Degree Flexibility
  • Voice-assisted Function


  • Working Time
  • Voice control
  • Usability

UWANT X100 Review: Other Features

The built-in battery is 4000 mAh and may attain an autonomy of as much as 44 minutes of use on a single cost. The charging time is about Three hours.

This vacuum cleaner provides a contained weight, and for storage, it features a recharging base where you may retail some spare elements. A cleansing fluid, another curler, cleansing software, and a further HEPA filter are included with the mop.

UWANT X100 Review battery life for 44 minutes of cleaning
UWANT X100 Review battery life

We have the One-touch self-cleaning system in the supplied base to clear the machine. We’ll win time and make much less effort to disassemble and clean the machine after every use.

The machine activates the patented hair-reducing machine during this cleansing mechanism to scrub each possible drawback with the air.

Also, this machine has his voice to elucidate to us each scenario. The machine routinely prompts startup, mode management, self-cleaning, water tank standing, hair reduction, battery standing, and many others.

Why do you want a Cordless All In One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop?

UWANT X100 Cordless All-In 1 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner has many features you need. We are explaining Why you need this vacuum cleaner.

Meet the cleansing wants of various scenes akin to lavatory water stains, kitchen grease stains, and front room residue.

1. Patented Double Roller Brushes

Double curler brushes allow twice the scrubbing energy in much less time. Clean each dry and moist spill, leaving a clear end.

UWANT X100 Review Double Roller Brushes
UWANT X100 Review Double Roller Brushes

2. Forward and Backward Power-Assist

Unique two-way power-assisted design. Push and pull with easy management.

UWANT X100 Review2 Forward and Backward Power
UWANT X100 Review2 Forward and Backward Power

3. Clean, dry, and moist mess with ease

Patented double curler brushes attract wet and dry spills, leaving an ideal, clear end.

UWANT X100 Review Clean dry and wet
UWANT X100 Review Clean dry and wet

4. One-touch Self-cleaning with Patented Automatic Hair Cutting

Just return to the bottom to start self-cleaning. Innovative automated expertise features a straightforward hair-reducing and brush-cleansing system for an entire machine.

5. Powerful battery life for 44 minutes of cleansing

The UWANT X100 makes use of eight high-end 4000mAh batteries with 115.2kW.h storage capability supplying you with extra cleansing time in your complete home. 3-hour ultrafast charging means you’re prepared for what life throws at you subsequent.

UWANT X100 Review battery life for 44 minutes of cleaning
UWANT X100 Review battery life for 44 minutes of cleaning

6. 600ml Clean Water and Waste Water Tank

Equipped with a 600ml transparent water tank and 600ml waste water tank, there isn’t any must-pour out water, and add clear water steadily throughout cleansing.

UWANT X100 Review 600ml Clean Water and Waste Water Tank
UWANT X100 Review 600ml Clean Water and Waste Water Tank

7. Easy one-touch begin

Start simply with one touch without having to make use of your ft. The distinctive vast physique design permits you to leave the UWANT X100 upright and pause at any time throughout cleansing.

UWANT X100 Review Easy one-touch start
UWANT X100 Review Easy one-touch start

8. Intelligent Dirt Sensing

Intelligent built-in infrared sensors detect the filth ranges in real-time and routinely regulate the water quantity and suction for one of the best clear.

UWANT X100 Review Intelligent Dirt Sensing
UWANT X100 Review Intelligent Dirt Sensing

9. Voice-assisted Genius

The UWANT X100 lets when it can go. Voice-assisted prompts let you know what’s happening at every step of your cleansing journey from startup to scrub up.

UWANT X100 Review Voice-assisted
UWANT X100 Review Voice-assisted

10. 360° flexibility for difficult spots

360° free twist and efficient dual-shaft design make it simpler to scrub your room corners and locations around the complex desk and chair legs.

UWANT X100 Review 360° flexibility
UWANT X100 Review 360° flexibility

11. LED Smart Screen with Cleaning Status at a Glance

High-definition LED display intuitively shows your cleansing mode and different settings.

UWANT X100 Review LED Smart Screen
UWANT X100 Review LED Smart Screen

12. Moist suction in the entrance, dry wipe on the again

Double curler brushes are extra highly effective and transparent extra. Say goodbye to the standard repeated push-and-pull cleansing.

UWANT X100 Review: FAQ

Q: What are the variations between UWANT X100 and different vacuums?

A: UWANT patented double curler brush system, the entrance curler brush scrubs the ground, and the rear curler brush wipes the ground, which may kind a water movie and dry rapidly. The base has an authentic hair-reducing operation that forestalls hair from entangling on the curler brushes.

Q: What eventualities would I exploit a moist dry vacuum for?

A: The grease stains on the kitchen flooring, the snack residue left by the youngsters in the lounge, and the water stains and hair within the lavatory, mainly all of the scenes that should be cleaned at the house, will be happy. Use cleansing answers for higher outcomes.

Q: What form of flooring can this machine be used on?

A: UWANT flooring vacuum can be utilized to scrub every kind of flooring, together with tiles, wood, and many others. Different flooring situations might have a sure impression on the cleansing impact. It isn’t beneficial to be used on carpets or outside.

Q: What is the distinction between the three cleansing modes?

A: Smart mode routinely adjusts the suction energy and water output in response to the diploma of floor dirtiness; dry suction mode vacuums alone without water.

Q: Does it suck up oversized items like cereal, pet food, and many others.?

A: UWANT X100 can deal with small quantities of huge rubbish with ease. If a considerable amount of giant waste is sucked, it might trigger a blockage of the pipes.

UWANT X100 Review: Price and availability

The UWANT X100 vacuum cleaner will be bought at promo value just for $399 with free transport.
You may also rise to -a 30% low cost for the UWANT deep cleansing options.
The UWANT Facebook website has a giveaway to win excellent costs.


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