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TwoTrees TS3 Review: 10W Laser Engraver LD+FAC+C Machine

TwoTrees TS3 Review: Enclosed Laser Engraving Machine, The Chinese firm TwoTrees, introduces another desktop machine for the DIY sector with the TS3 laser engraver and chopping device.

The product launch is by way of a Kickstarter marketing campaign, which has already begun and reached its funding aim after a short while. The TwoTrees TS3 laser engraver options an enclosed workspace, offering extra security than different machines on this varies in the marketplace.

TwoTrees TS3 Review: Price Compression

TwoTrees TS3 Review: Overview

3D printer producer TwoTrees was identified for the Sapphire Plus 3D printer, and TOTEM S laser engraver has launched another laser engraver and cutter on Kickstarter with the brand new TS3 mannequin.

The TS3 can minimize and engrave flat or cylindrical surfaces. It combines necessary security and performance options and is a good addition for hobbyists, pastime makers, or skilled customers.

According to TwoTrees, the TS3 works extraordinarily exactly. The laser beam passes via the microlens and is targeted and reshaped. A small newer laser beam with an extra concentrated facula (as small as 0.08 mm) is output, permitting the TS3 to provide a correct consequence with a cleaner and tidier edge.

TwoTrees TS3 Review: Specification

General Item Name: TwoTrees TS3
Brand: TwoTrees
Model: TS3
Type: Laser Engravers
Status: Available
Features 10 W LD+FAC+C-Lens Laser
Built-in 4th Axis
0.08mm Light Spot
Fume Filtration System
Wide Application
Set Your Hands Free
Specifications Engraving Size: 300 x 200 mm
Laser Power: 10W Compressed Spot Laser
Laser Wave Length: 445+ 5 nm
Output Power: 35 W- 40 W
Material: Aluminum Profile + Metal
XY Axis Positioning Accuracy: 0.1 mm
Engraving Accuracy: 0.1 mm
Engraving Speed: 10000 mm /min
Engraving Method: USB / APP / Online / Screen Operation
Engraving Materials: Stainless steel, Plastic, Wood. Leather. Sponge paper, Alumina, Spraying layer, etc.
Document Format: NC, DXF, BMP, JPG, PNG, GCODE Image Carving. Test Carving, Scanning
Engraving Mode: Image Carving. Test Carving. Scanning Carving, Contour Carving.
Continuous Working Time: <24hours
Dimensions & Weight Product Weight: 14.4kg
Package Weight: 16kg
Product Size(L x W x H): 570x440x270mm
Package Size(L x W x H): 630x500x330mm
Package Contents 1 x Two Trees TS3 Laser Engraver Cutter
1 x User Manual

TwoTrees TS3 Review: Features

The smoke produced when utilizing the machine will be filtered by a moreover out there cotton filter via the inner circulation system of TS3. This must be cleaned occasionally to make sure laser efficiency.

Without a cotton filter, the smoke is discharged via a tube. The TS3 has a built-in fourth axis that’s prepared for rapid use. The unit-body design makes it much less vulnerable to element harm, based on TwoTrees’ marketing campaign. Engraving cylindrical objects can also be doable with the TS3.

TwoTrees TS3 Review features
TwoTrees TS3 Review features

With one button, customers can swap between flat and curved floor engraving. The protection makes it doable for customers to control the challenge’s progress without damaging their eyes.

If flames happen, a lightweight sensor is ready to detect the open heart and alerts this with a 100 dB loud buzzer alarm from the vibrator and resonator. If the laser is unused, the system switches off routinely after a while.

Why Should You Need TwoTrees TS3 10W Laser Engraver LD+FAC+C Machine?

We are explaining Why you need TwoTrees TS3 10W Laser Engraver LD+FAC+C Machine.

Thanks to the 10W laser energy, the system can obtain high-speed engraving of as much as 10,000 mm/min. Using WiFi Direct, the TS3 can switch a mannequin for engraving without the necessity for the web by way of the app.

The app is offered for iOS or Android. The TS3’s 3.5-inch display screen can be utilized to watch the challenge’s velocity, efficiency, and time. you can also like LONGER RAY5 10W

1. Two modes with one knob.

The TS3 laser engraver has two sensible engraving modes – flat engraving, e.g., wooden/paper, and curved engraving, e.g., pens/glasses.

TwoTrees TS3 Review Two modes with one knob
TwoTrees TS3 Review Two modes with one knob

2. Smoke particles are 90 % adsorbed.

Thanks to the excessive effectivity of the air filter foam, the TS3 laser engraver can present excellent smoke dealing without the help of a fan, so it stays utterly air breathable irrespective of how traumatic the duty is.

Smoke particles are 90 percent adsorbed
Smoke particles are 90 percent adsorbed

3. Fast smoke elimination.

External air duct, TS3 laser engraving machine geared up with a small fan suction energy is robust, inside a couple of minutes, the smoke shall be drained.

4. Performance LD+FAC+C-Lens expertise.

The laser beam went via the microlens, condensed, and reshaped. The smaller–taper laser beam with extra concentrated facula shall be output, which allows TS3 to realize the correct consequence, making the sting cleaner and tidier.

TwoTrees TS3 Review LD+FAC+C-Lens technology
TwoTrees TS3 Review LD+FAC+C-Lens technology

The TS3 laser engraver can engrave. How will you employ with TwoTrees TS3
Leather/Paper/Costumes/Organization/Tile/Acrylic/Classroom/Game/Maps/Wood/Family Projects/Jewelry /Pet Projects/Weddings/Home Decorations.

TwoTrees TS3 Review The TS3 laser engraver can really engrave
TwoTrees TS3 Review The TS3 laser engraver can really engrave

5. More help to your work.

All your regular software program packages run at a lightning velocity in TS3, with Light burn/LaserGEBL and plenty of your favorite file codecs. With help for JPG, PNG, BMP, DWG, DXF, SVG, NC, and G-code help, your artistic future shall be much more expansive.

TwoTrees TS3 Review TwoTrees TS3 Review More support for your work
TwoTrees TS3 Review TwoTrees TS3 Review More support for your work

6. It’s even more straightforward.

Connect TS3 to your cellular app and engrave the file. Think of your cellphone as a cellular app and use TS3 over an accessible WiFi hyperlink like they have been made for one another because they’re.

TF/Storage Card:

  • Store patterns on TF Cards and use the TS3’s 3.5-inch display screen to watch the challenge’s velocity, energy, and time.


  • Connect your TS3 to your PC with a suitable cable. This function is handy when engraving more enormous patterns because it’s simpler to make changes.

Which is the Difference Among TwoTrees TS3, TS2 and TTS-55?

PRICE $869 $699 $299
TOUCH SCREEN Have External External
PRECISION 0.1mm 0.1mm 0.1mm

TwoTrees TS3 Review: Conclusion

The TS3 is appropriate for sketches, patterns on clothes, reward bins, glass, designs, and others. The 10W laser energy helps the TS3 to chop supplies corresponding to plywood or pine as much as 8mm thick or engrave on any exhausting floor together with chrome steel.


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