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Jeeback G5 Best Neck Massager With Remote Control

Do you want to relax with Therapeutic Massager? Now I introduce the best comfortable Neck Therapeutic Massager. Jeeback G5 Best and Super Neck Massager is the newest model of therapeutic massager device from Jeeback.

Jeeback G5 Reivew

The Jeeback G5 owns a novel design, fashionable therapeutic massager combined with know-how heating, four therapeutic massager modes, eight different working depths, multiple connections, and management capabilities, promising to be an essential tool for every family.

Top Pick
Jeeback G5

Jeeback G5 Best Neck Massager

  • L-shaped balanced put on
  • The 3-head wrap design can deeply
  • Small and light-weight,
  • Solely 162g
  • Environment-friendly care of fragmented time
  • Adapt to Type-C charging cable
  • Geared up with built-in 1500mAh lithium battery

Jeeback G5 Video

Unique Design

Like previous Therapeutic Massager variants, the Jeeback G5 retains the familiar U-shaped design, which can be adjusted to suit the neck dimensions of many optional customers. The compact size of only 142 x 138 x 80 mm, and ultra-light 162g allow customers to use the product at home and flexibly deliver it at work, on the go, or at work.

Jeeback G5 unique design

Features of G5 Therapeutic Massager

  • L-shaped balanced put on, be sure that the match doesn’t slip off
  • The 3-head wrap design can deeply therapeutic massager extra areas of the neck
  • Small and light-weight, solely 162g, environment-friendly care of fragmented time
  • Adapt to Type-C charging cable and geared up with built-in 1500mAh lithium battery

Four therapeutic massager modes combined with heating

Jeeback G5 is provided with a 3-head massager system designed separately from each other. With advanced therapeutic massager knowledge, a low-frequency pulse is present for a full relaxation effect in the neck.

The machine provides four therapeutic massager modes, including Spinning Therapeutic Massager, Mixing Therapeutic Massager, Historical Therapeutic Massager, and Acupressure with 8 different depth ranges, providing an extra relaxing feeling.

Jeeback G5 features

In addition, the Jeeback G5 additionally supports warm therapeutic massagers logically and accurately. In particular, the G5 Neck Therapeutic Massager Machine maintains a relentless temperature of 40 degrees Celsius to improve blood circulation. The device is supplied with a temperature management sensor. Ensure consumer safety.

In addition, Feedback G5 has an outstanding performance that alerts the consumer to sit in the wrong place. In particular, this performance is offered by a multi-axis gyroscope, which can notify the consumer when your head is out of place at 20 °, serving the consumer to sit in a suitable posture all the time, avoiding scoliosis.

Extensive battery capacity, multi-mode management

Jeeback G5 neck therapeutic massager machine is provided with multi-modal management. Specifically, customers can directly operate the device with physical knobs controlled by a given distance.

Jeeback G5 App

Easy to operate, helps distant management, APP management, button management. Or customers can join the Huawei Smart Life app and manage the gadget via smartphone.

Jeeback G5 app

G5 Good Neck Therapeutic Massager Machine is provided with a large capacity battery of 1500mAh for 18 hours and a thermal therapeutic massager mode for four hours. The product supports charging through the fashionable USB-C interface.

Jeeback G5 Pros and Cons

Jeeback G5


  • L-shaped balanced put on
  • The 3-head wrap design
  • Small and light-weight,
  • Solely 162g


  • Jeeback G5 not using long time
  • Using time not so good

Jeeback G5 Specification

Size:142 x 138 x 80mm
Color:black and white
Material:ABS, silicone
Battery capacity:1500mAh
Charging interface:Type-C
Wireless Connectivity:bluetooth

Where to buy the Jeeback G5 neck massager?

The Jeeback G5 is shipped from Tomtop’s Chinese warehouse. Be sure to choose Priority Junk Mail for worldwide tax-free delivery.

What is the battery capacity G5?

battery capacity is 1500mAh

How to connect this device on phone?

You can connect your phone using wireless connectivity Bluetooth.

Final Opinion

Initially, you want to relax with Therapeutic Massageer, and then you can buy Jeeback G5 because it has all the needed features, like an L-shaped balance. The 3-head wrap design can sincerely, Small and light-weight, Solely 162g, Environment-friendly care of fragmented time, Adapt to Type-C charging cable, Geared up with a built-in 1500mAh lithium battery.


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