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IMILAB C20 Review | Best Home Security Camera at $24.49

The intelligent Xiaomi IMILAB C20 IP digital camera from Xiaomi Ecosystem is right here with HD footage transmission and app management function. The WiFi IP digital camera is minimal and equipped with several security measures to ensure security, and residential surveillance is what everyone wants.

Introduction of Imilab C20

Xiaomi IMILAB C20 can report and transmit full HD surveillance footage. The HD digital camera on the Imilab C20 delivers information in 1080p resolution and reports through crystal clear footage capture, which is essential for any IP security surveillance indoor digital camera. you can check INQMEGA BM891

IMILAB C20 review

AI within IP makes it extremely sensitive. In various phrases, the function of motion monitoring between similar C20 AI and IP digital cameras can detect or detect any human-made motion. Intelligent movement monitoring options enable the subject to be traced and dealt with.

The indoor security digital camera has a sound detection active alarm function and higher night time fantasy and prestige modes. The Xiaomi IMILAB C20can easily detect, such as the sound of glass breaking, a baby crying, or any other strange sound and instantly see you through its MILAB home application.

Price Comparison of Imilab C20

Design of Imilab C20

Its compact size (112 √ó √ó√ó 7 mm √ó mm) weighs a bit lighter, weighs only 211g, and is only available in white; IMILB C20 fits anywhere in an interior, making it attractive because it attracts attention.

There is a possibility to repair the digital camera on any wall or ceiling (and even under a shelf) to provide the best viewing angle. The IMILAB C20 digital camera offers a 360-degree panoramic view due to rotation in any direction; the vertical/horizontal viewing angle is 105

The digital camera is supplied with a 2.0mm CMOS sensor, supports HD 1080p video recording, and two-way audio communication. Imaginary and current can be managed in a sophisticated night time using sensors for infrared illumination, human motion detection, and monitoring.

If there is an unusual sound (for example, a crash, breakdown, or crying baby), the digital camera will notify the customer by sending a video to his cell phone.

Video of Imilab C20

The plastic building of Imilab C20

The IMILB digital camera measures 108 x 76 x 76 mm, weighs 182 grams, and is a matte white plastic product, where its optics are lined to protect the glass.

The digital camera head can be rotated at the edges, but additionally, vertically, the operation is digitized by cell software.


When the optics are at their highest level, they save the report and release a microSD card slot like the GB 4GB for the “Reset” button. The sensor can also be next to an LED that is a recording indicator.

Easy setup of Imilab C20

As the closed guide says, the setup is fast and consists of three steps. The first is to connect the digital camera to the socket via a bundled cable.

Activates the digital camera, prompts the customer to insert a microSD card, and quickly maps the home by turning it in all directions. It is necessary to “reset” the digital camera with the appropriate button before use in some cases.

Apps Available

The final step is to connect to the well-known MI Home software. Once connected, the digital camera will request a WiFi connection and accept a firmware replacement.

IMILAB C20 apps

The digital camera can be used without a reminder card, and an app on a suitable smartphone will probably record it.

However, the recording loop will not run with microSD storage. The digital camera regularly brings voice to your English with the help of settings.

Features of Imilab C20

N addition to talking about its application, IP Digital Camera lets you manage it remotely through its partner application, IMIBL Home.

Additionally, it provides a 360 horizontal viewing angle and a 105 vertical. The two-way audio function also makes a standard nanny digital camera. IP digital cameras support microSD storage in addition to cloud storage.

The IMILAB C20 digital camera can be mounted on a desk, a window, a wall, or a ceiling. Customers will be able to watch video streams from a digital surveillance camera using proprietary Imilab software; Talking to people at home.

IMILAB C20 core

Also, it allows the customer to view images from different cameras simultaneously (about 200 items). Support for current H.265 / high-efficiency video coding (HIVC) provides even higher quality images where memory is stored.

For video storage, a cloud or microSD card with a capacity of 64 GB is used. For video streaming, a WiFi WiFi community, 2.4 Four GHz frequency varies (WiFi 802.11 / b / g) is used.

Able to stream movies using IMILAB C20 H.265 codec; Which reduces streaming delays and helps save cupboard space. Note that the Email Home app is available in the App Store, Google Play, Android, and iPhone.

 The sensor of Imilab C20

Thanks to the sensors and the software program used, the digital camera will not be placed in the wrong position, even in the wrong position, ensuring the different manufacturer use at night at a distance of 10 meters.

H.265 was chosen because of the video encoding format, which could be a welcome plus. As such, the sensor is roofed with glass to protect it from flood damage.

The digital camera sensor has a viewing angle of 110 degrees, but it is easy to capture the rise of 3360 levels due to the rotating design. Select the whole room if you want.

The score of Xiaomi Imilab C20

If you can find a digital camera in your home, indoors, or your archive, the Xiaomi IMIBB is a reasonably priced resolution.

However, the manufacturer does not provide any licensed water resistance, so the gadget itself’s location necessary. However, you will enjoy full HD images and wall mounting tools included in the bundle.

Power required

The Xiaomi IMILB House Surveillance Digital Camera does not accept any specific old built-in battery. This is essential information for all potential customers, and this fact should be considered even after installing digital cameras throughout the house.

To use a digital camera, flip it, hook it up and synchronize, one needs a relentless electrical energy supply. This is solved by a micro USB power connector located at the top of the socket, but the extra power of relatively long length is already a part of the bundle.

High-quality picture

During the day, the standard for full HD images is on stage, indoor or outdoor content can be viewed, and the digital camera can adjust lightly. This is not currently related to the higher quality that smartphones now provide with their sensors, but it is also not the purpose of this digital camera.

Undoubtedly, this results in a given value class, and it is probably enough to seek protection. It has an automatic activation, and the digital camera provides four sensors for night capture.

The high quality of the image in the closed state is sufficient, but at a distance, the idea is full of sound, and the images continue to lose sharpness.

Objects are rarely seen, and digital cameras cannot wholly and quickly recognize a person as daylight. The digital camera indicates the recording by an LED at the entrance.

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Full Specification of IMILB C20

Technology Parameter
  Resolution   1920 x 1080P
  Aperture   F2.1
¬† Lens Angle ¬†¬†105¬į
  Night Vision   6*850nm infrared LEDs
  Compression Standard   H.265
  Network Wireless   IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz (Not Support 5G WIFI)
  Storage   MicroSD Card 64GB Max.
  Cloud Storage
  System Support   Android 4.4  or iOS 9.0
¬†¬†Work Temperature ¬†¬†-10‚ĄÉ – 50‚ĄÉ
  Working Current   5V/2A
Package Includes :
  • 1 * IMILAB C20¬†Smart WIFI IP Camera
  • 1 * User Manual
  • 1 * USB Cable
  • 1 * Installation Pack

IMILAB C20 pakage

Pros and Cons of IMILAB C20

[su_row class=”proscons”][su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=”prosbox”]

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#27C110″ title_color=”#fff”]

[su_list icon=”icon: check-circle” icon_color=”#27C110″]

  • High quality Full-HD image
  • 110 degrees view
  • Sensor with an angle
  • It has 360-degree camera rotation
  • AI functions, recognition of people
  • Possibility of 2-way
  • Low price



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[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#ff0000″ title_color=”#fff” ]

[su_list icon=”icon: times-circle” icon_color=”#ff0000″]

  • Includes old micro USB power connector
  • Increasing absence of dust and water resistance
  • Low-quality detail when shooting at night





In addition to talking about its application, IP Digital Camera lets you manage it remotely through its partner application, IMILAB C20 Home.

Additionally, it provides a 360 horizontal viewing angle and a 105 vertical. The two-way audio function also makes a standard nanny digital camera. IP digital cameras support microSD storage in addition to cloud storage.

Where to Buy IMILB C20?

You can buy the IMILB C20 from online stores like Amazon, Aliexpress, and Banggood

How long do wireless security cameras last?

Wireless protection camera batteries can last anywhere from one to three years best.

Do I need WiFi for the security camera?

If you want to get remote live streaming, motion detection alerts, and other smart functions, traditional wireless and Po IP protection cameras need to be connected to your home internet.

How do wireless cameras get power?

You still need a cable for electricity and you need to plug it into an electrical outlet Рthat’s what wireless protection cameras gain power.

Which security camera works without WiFi?

The Arlo Go mobile security camera is the ideal security surveillance solution in areas with travel or limited or no WiFi access.


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