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Baseus Encok W09 Review | Best Design | Sound | Specs

The base cell gadget is a new model in the market, and almost certainly you have never heard of its existence, yet it has a unit that attracts attention. Today we will discuss the new Wi-Fi earphones called Baseus Encok W09 Review.

Baseus Encok W09

On the other hand, you need to buy the Baseus Encok W09 Review earphones at a beautiful price. For this success, you will get to see various colors, contact management, a great indicator of battery life, the presence of a Type-C port, and lots of chips.

Design of Baseus Encok W09 Review:

The Baseus W09 model is the fourth era in the TWS class of Basas Wi-Fi earphones. If you analyze, the first two generations have been Wi-Fi vacuum earbuds, and then the third and fourth eras have in-earphones. The look of the Basus W09 may be very comparable to Apple AirPods, but the standard is not a definitive copy.

Baseus Encok W09 coupon

Our protagonist may have a specific choice. For example, a part of the physical exterior acquires the feeling of a grainy strip. It seems to be very trending and the most special thing – the feeling has a great hook so that the earphones do not slip into the palm.

At the bottom, there are two contacts to charge the device with a magnetic connection. Sound information is appropriate and, most importantly, a simple shape, at the beginning of which you will see a steel mesh that can resist extruded particles.

Baseus Encok W09 review

The charging case is a similar plastic product to the earphones themselves. Eyelash has a magnetic affinity, and no backlash is present during the opening. You can locate the bassus manakin and an LED indicator Type-C connector for fast charging at the bottom of the field at the entrance.

Connection & Management of Baseus Encok W09 Review:

Despite its price range, the Basus W09 Wi-Fi earphones have received a Bluetooth reference in the 5.0 model. During the earphones’ testing, no disconnection was made, and the signal was placed completely 10 meters from the supply.

Like most Wi-Fi headphones, pairing is common. You need to remove the earphones from the case, go to the Bluetooth menu of your cell gadget, and connect to the Baseus Encok W09 Review. More connections will likely be automated.

Baseus Encok W09 offer

The versatile communication control works excellently, and the instructions work effectively.

Handling, if you double-click on the appropriate channel headphones – play/pause and thus set the name. If you hold for two seconds – switch tracks back and forth depending on the channel. And finally, if you double-click on the left channel – the name of the voice assistant.

With this capital, the Baseus W09 lacks complete management, as the rest of the performance, in general, has many fashions at this level.

Sound of Baseus Encok W09 Review:

You will not know the measured driver’s details in that earphone case, but the high-quality sound is like a dynamic driver scale of eight mm.

The low frequencies are well designed and have a soothing and warm bus. Of course, Baseus Encok W09 Review is not as powerful as expensive fashion, but it is undoubtedly current.

Baseus Encok W09 price

Medium and extreme frequencies should not be ideally suited, the sound may be somewhat flat, and the music may not be so beautiful to serve.

The Bead Baseus Encok W09 is, in fact, perfect for listening to audiobooks, listening to podcasts, or watching TV and flicks.

Microphones are high-quality generics, and if you want to name the longest telephone, Bassus earphones will not be a problem for you.

Baseus Encok W09 Battery:

As mentioned by the manufacturer Bessus, the battery capacity will be around 5 hours at the same cost because of the 40 mAh battery.

As proved later, in most listener versions, the Baseus Encok W09 earphones work for about four hours and 15 minutes. It is a reasonable indicator of its value.

Baseus Encok W09 battery

Also, with a charging case with 450 mAh, the overall battery life will likely be over 20 hours.

The charging time by a Type-C port can be around 1.5 hours and is a good indicator.

Conclusion of Baseus Encok W09:

Bessus really surprises you with its high-quality products and consistently low prices. Finding good technical content with minimal cost is problematic, but it was successful for Bessas.

High-quality supplies and supplies are surprisingly good, and there is no question. The gadget suits the ears comfortably, they do not fall, but they do not have water protection.

The volume quotient is a type of exaggeration, and to the maximum extent, the high quality of sound is not unhealthy. You can listen to music, but they are also suitable for watching movies or watching audiobooks.

What is the specification of Baseus Encok W09?

Impedance: 32 ohms
Driver unit: Dynamic Driver
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
Frequency response: 20-20000Hz
Battery: 40(450)mAh
Charging Time: 90 min
Connections: Type-C
Weight: 4.9(54.5)grams
Music Time: 21h

Where to buy Baseus Encok W09?

How to Use Baseus Encok W09?

Baseus Encok W09 Wi-Fi earphones have received a Bluetooth reference in the 5.0 model. During the earphones’ testing, no disconnection was made, and the signal was placed completely 10 meters from the supply.


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