Manti Te'o demonstrates catfishing fraud in Netflix documentary

Manti Te'o demonstrates catfishing fraud in Netflix documentary: 'I wanted to expose it

The bizarre catfishing scandal that engulfed Notre Dame's senior standout linebacker Manti Te'o a decade ago is now the subject of a Netflix documentary.

Manti Te'o, currently an NFL free agent, currently talks about the venture titled "Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn't Exist" on CBS Mornings.

In interviews at the time, he talked about missing his girlfriend, Lene Kekua, a Stanford scholar,

who died of leukaemia at virtually the same time Manti Te'o grandmother passed away.

Curiously, he said that he had in no way met Kekua in person but only talked to him. It turned out, he was completely fictional.

After Notre Dame's season was over, it was reported that Manti Te'o was the subject of a protracted catfishing scheme and that Kekua was not genuine.

Tuiasosopo additionally appears in the documentary. "I didn't know what to believe," T'o said after studying the hoax. "What do you do with this information?

I believe it was simply one thing that felt real and vital in the best way that they talked about it.

For each Naya and Manti Te'o, we did a number of multi-day interviews, lengthy day interviews, and two to a few days with every one of them.

And in the midst of that course, it is a distinctive strategy to converse with individuals and to listen to their tales, however,

I believe you positively choose up on what is essential to them and what they really feel on a deep, real human stage.

And I believe for each of them they spoke from the centre once they talked about that and that which means.