Lisa LaFlamme cancels contract with CTV 'blindsided'


Veteran anchor Lisa LaFlamme said she was "blindsided" by Bell Media ending her contract at CTV National News after more than 30 years, a "business decision," saying the anchor

In a subsequent news release, CTV said the choice to end Lisa Laflamme's contract was due to "changing viewing habits" and that nationwide affairs reporter Omar Sachedina.

"At 58 years old, I still thought I had a lot more time to tell more stories that affect our daily lives," LaFlamme said in the video. "I leave CTV with people who trust me to tell their stories.

"While it is very difficult to leave CTV National News in a way that was not my choice, please know that reporting for you has truly been the greatest honour of my life

Globe and Mail columnist and retired journalist Johanna Sneller told CBC Radio's Here & Now that Lisa LaFlamme's departure was a surprise to the character.

He pointed to various anchors the CBC's Peter Mansbridge and CTV's Lloyd Robertson, who Lisa LaFlamme replaced when he retired in 2011 having extra grace intervals between retiring

who joined Community in 2009, would replace Lisa Laflamme as lead anchor. Journalist and author Jeffrey Dvorkin, who previously served as CBC's managing editor

NPR's vice-president, told CBC News that Lisa LaFlamme's departure was sudden, best demonstrating the way in which fashionable news organisations tend to adapt to replacements.

While abruptly ending Lisa LaFlamme's contract especially since his current score was so well-executed resulted in an immediate backlash, he said that "taking off the Band-Aid too quickly"

Lisa LaFlamme cancels contract with CTV 'blindsided'