Atomstack M4

Atomstack M4 Fiber Desktop Handheld 2-in-1 Laser Engravers Marking Machine

You are looking for Laser Marking Machine? your answer is yes then this product for yours. this is the best Atomstack M4 of Atomstack brand model for fiber laser marking machine.

But thus far, none of them can engrave on steel in addition to the Atomstack M4. we are investigated that M4 model is the best Laser Marking Machine in the market right now.

Features of Atomstack M4 Laser Marking Machine High Power: 20W complete machine electrical energy, the heartbeat peak optical energy can attain 20000W.

Wide applicability: M4 marking machine makes use of a 1064nm wavelength infrared gentle supply, which is appropriate for quick marking on all metals and ABS

Desktop and handheld 2 in 1: M4 adopts an extremely built-in design, and the core elements are lightweight, which brings extra utilization situations.

Industrial galvanometer expertise: Atomstack M4 industrial-grade galvanometer expertise significantly improves the engraving and marking velocity

Fine engraving: 0.01-0.02mm ultra-long and ultra-fine end-pumped infrared laser permits each element of engraving to be offered, completely presenting 4K-level excessive pixels.

Precise positioning: Atomstack M4 adopts a dual-infrared gentle positioning design, which might precisely find the marking place without offset.

●1 x Laser Components ●1 x Marking Cover ●1 x Lifting Shaft ●1 x Base Vover ●1 x USB Drive ●1 x Focusing Sheet ●1 x Hexagon Wrench ●1 x Goggles ●1 x Ruler ●1 x USB Cable ●1 x Power Cable

●1 x Power Adapter ●1 x Positioning Plate ●1 x Calibration Paper ●1 x Instruction Menual

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