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Xiaomi Urevo U1

Xiaomi Urevo U1
SKU: 25R4256MI
Brand: Xiaomi
Category: Home Appliances
  • Feature 1 Wireless remote control
  • Feature 2 Automatic speed control technology
  • Feature 3 Comfortable Foot Feel
  • Feature 4 360 degree no signal shield
  • Feature 5 Multi-layer Design
  • Feature 6 Noise Reduction
  • Feature 7 Safety Protection



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Xiaomi Yupin recently launched the Xiaomi Urevo U1 (really known as the U’REVO). This portable treadmill is much like the well-known Xiaomi Walkingpad sequence (Walkingpad A1 pro, Walkingpad C1, Walkingpad A1 Pro, Walkingpad R1).

Not only is it cheaper than many of the Xiaomi Walkingpad treadmills, but it also has an upgraded show to Fiji. So, let’s move quickly to Xiaomi Urevo U1 Walkingpad evaluation to get this transportable treadmill higher and evaluate it with current walking pads from Xiaomi.

Introduction of Xiaomi Urevo U1

Whether we are heading for a brand new lockdown or just the autumn and winter days leading us to surrender our jug ​​/ stroll every day, in coaching, we want to feel like this is a precedent we can’t leave, then again. As a result, the sport is getting better.

Xiaomi Urevo U1

The resolution can be straightforward and has now turned into a low cost due to many small companies on the web because of the plentiful supply that gives the option to the brand new sensitive treadmill at the moment.

The Xiaomi Urevo U1, which shipped from Italy and debuted at the store HOMECleaner with a two-year guarantee, delivers in 1-2 working days at a reasonable price through low-cost coupons.

Design and appearance of Xiaomi Urevo U1

Move on to the design and see the evaluation part of this Xiaomi Urevo U1 Walkingpad. The U1 has a black mainstream design, and built-in body construction is progressive.

Built-in body construction increases the treadmill’s power and successfully reduces the resonance generated across the train, and reduces the noise generated throughout the train.

Urevo u1

Compared to the annoying sound, the strolling pad is certainly extra suitable for use in a residential setting, and it doesn’t occupy excess. It occupies an area of ​​148.5 x 55.2 x 10.7 cm and weighs 25 kg. It is larger than walking pads C1 and A1 and smaller than R1. Besides, evaluating the burden, it is lighter than A1 and R1 each, but heavier than C1.

Operating / Strolling Space is 120. Zero x 42.0 cm, which is not the limit of Amazfit AirR or any other efficient level treadmill. However, it is sufficient for personal use and somehow because the operating space of the A1 and C1 in the WalkingPad is just smaller than that of the R1.

We now have the convenience of a double interface and a purple change button at The underside entrance. I hate that change is present. If they add it to the access panel, does it work extra or not? This could save the hassle of bending down and interacting with changes.

What is the operating belt product?

It is well known that Xiaomi considers treadmills the most in terms of operating efficiency. The Xiaomi Urevo U1 Walkingpad diamond sample combination uses five layers of operating belts to snatch the customer further.

This is a PET wear-resistant layer and PVC bolstered layer because of the PET reinforcement layer, NBR cushion layer, and PVC wear-resistant layer.

When operating a treadmill or trolling, I feel that it is virtually identical to any plastic observation. The grip is relatively healthy and is great for guarding the ing knee, which is the end. I’ve seen a lot of people overdo it and tear up their TCL.

Xiaomi Urevo U1 motor

The idea that the Xiaomi Urevo U1 doesn’t match the Walkingpad originated in the Walkingpad A1. The design is entirely different (upgraded entrance LED panel and steel chassis design).

It doesn’t look like a treadmill from the Xiaomi Strolling Pad sequence. We can say that this is a larger design model of Xiaomi WalkingPad C1.

Screen display of Xiaomi Urevo U1

Built with tabular-style LED high-definition show panel and one of the Xiaomi Urevo U1 Walkingpad evaluation highlights. We can rarely detect it when it is turned on, but once it is turned on, you will probably learn the show, be it day or evening.

U1 gives speed, power, mileage and time, and more. One reason is the lack of HR monitors seen in the Xiaomi Amazfit Arron but not in any Xiaomi walkingpad.

The A1 and C1 have LED shows, but the U1 has a much cleaner, more extensive, and completely new design (it has a specific section as an alternative to embedding it in the chassis).

Remote controller

The Xiaomi Urevo U1 leads to evaluating the walking pad, and the remote controller is much like the remote management of the Xiaomi Walking Pad A1.

Xiaomi Urevo U1 remote

It has a uniform flexible design and uniform button placement. The only difference is that the start/start button signal is added, and the wakeup/mode change button is omitted.

I know it doesn’t have the WalkingPad C1’s LED show, remote controller. It is not very inconvenient to carry remote management to see the speed and different statistics while operating or trolling. All of this is immediately visible on your strolling pad. All that is important to do is look down.

Security features of Xiaomi Urevo U1

When the strolling pad is turned on, it will stop working (automatic power off) if no one is detected on the board. When protecting the motor, it avoids extra meaningless waste. When it is not used for a specific interval, the machine will probably be asleep, ready for activation at any time.

We have already talked about cushioning the belt to protect the knees. Instantly, using a treadmill with an armrest is reasonably harmful, but not in the case of the Xiaomi Urevo U1. Moreover, the R1’s armrest is not suitable for any of the U1’s.

Ongoing experience

The real part of this Xiaomi Urevo U1 WalkingPad evaluation is the operating efficiency. A regular operation can be very stable. We start at a predetermined speed of 0.8 km / h, after which it rises above 0.1 speed each time you press the button.

Xiaomi Urevo U1 review

Like the reverse Xiaomi treadmill, it has the novice mode default, so you can probably achieve as much as 3km / h first. Remove the mode or turn it on to achieve the maximum speed in 6 hours of speed.

I know the maximum speed is not so much, but just holding the match and jogging it brilliantly. Almost every Xiaomi walking pad has a 6 km / h except R1, 10 km / h. The highest speed is that of Amazonfit Arron, which is 15 km / h.

Nevertheless, it offers the option of a durable three-section sensor design. If you are in the heart of a revolving space with uniform speed, the speed will increase as you gain access, and the speed will decrease if you gain space again.

How to handle Xiaomi Urevo U1?

Anyone can operate Xiaomi Urevo U1 through the provided remote controller. Here’s how it might work:

  • Connect to convenience wires
  • Turn the change over to the entrance.
  • I was standing on the treadmill.
  • Press the play button (a heart)
  • Press ‘+’ to extend the speed 0.1 km / h (each press)
  • Press’-‘ to reduce the speed to 0.1 km / h (each press)
  • Press the play button again to stop it

Concluding this Xiaomi Urevo U1 Walkingpad review; if you are strict about the budget and want the lowest-priced walking pad from Xiaomi, Urevo U1 is your option.

The metallic design and display panel looks like the upgraded version of the C1 Walkingpad with a better price. However, we have to dedicate the electricity here, which is the lowest (0.75 hp) of all Xiaomi treadmills.

Still, you have enough energy to achieve a maximum speed of 6 hours/hour so long as you are below the 90 kg weight class.

It gives you another strategy for acknowledging sports activities. Additionally, keep the walking pad strolling machine at home or in a work setting. You can walk to any subject level, whether the urge to loosen up or sit too much after dinner is essential. 

Pros and Cons of Xiaomi Urevo U1

[su_row class=”proscons”][su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=”prosbox”]

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#27C110″ title_color=”#fff”]

[su_list icon=”icon: check-circle” icon_color=”#27C110″]

  • It has durable aluminum alloy frame
  • Convenient dual-folding design
  • Three ways to control the speeds
  • It has included Safety clip
  • It has included Remote control
  • Extremely Slim Design
  • Integrated Display Panel
  • Three Speed Modes
  • Produces Low Noise



[/su_column] [su_column size=”1/2″ center=”no” class=”consbox”]

[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#ff0000″ title_color=”#fff” ]

[su_list icon=”icon: times-circle” icon_color=”#ff0000″]

  • No online connectivity available
  • It has No incline system
  • No heart rate monitoring system




The Verdict

It offers you one other technique to cope with acknowledging sports activities. Additionally, Put the WalkingPad strolling machine at residence or within the work setting. You can stroll at no matter level. Whether or not it’s essential to loosen up after dinner or ensuing to sitting for very.

Where can I buy the Xiaomi Urevo U1?

You can buy Xiaomi Urevo U1 from online stores like BanggoodGeekbuying, and Aliexpress


Product Details

General Brand: Urevo
Model: U1
Type: Walking Machine
Color: Black
Features Machine Speed at Your Pace
Stability and Durability
Folding Design
Two Roller Wheel
Multi-layer Design
Noise Reduction
Exclusive WalkingPad APP
Specifications Walking Cloth Area: 1200 x 420mm
Maximum Load: 90kg
Applicable Age: 14 to 60 years old
Lowest Speed: 0.8km/h
Maximum Speed: 6.0km/h
Rated Voltage: 220V
rated power: 560W
Dimensions & Weight Product Weight: 25kg
Product Dimensions: 1485 x 552 x 107mm
Package Dimensions: 1600 x 650 x 140mm
Items 1 x Urevo U1 Walking Machine
1 x Power Cable
1 x Remote Control
1 x Wrench
1 x User Manual


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