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Dedakj de-q1w

Dedakj de-q1w
SKU: 128128
Brand: Others
Category: Home Appliances
  • Feature 1 HD LED display screen
  • Feature 2 Humidification water tank is removable
  • Feature 3 30%-93% Oxygen Concentration
  • Feature 4 8 Million/cm³Anion Output
  • Feature 5 20M/787IN/65FT infrared remote control
  • Feature 6 Pressure Swing Adsorption Generation Method
  • Feature 7 3000 hours continuous stable oxygen supply


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Let me explain to you that I am talking about Dedakj de-q1w Oxygen Generator Machine. Honestly, if you have some vital options with that machine and it can be very simple,

Dedakj de-q1w

To make you happy, we have come here again with a useless oxygen generator machine. If you are looking for an oxygen generator machine then this is the best place for you.

Design of Dedakj de-q1w

Daedalus is a kind of oxygen generator that can fill anyone. My obligation is simply to show you the alternatives and functionality of the DE-Q1W oxygen generator.

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Dedakj de-q1w feature

So, let’s find out what the oxygen generator machine is directed at. You may be surprised to know that the Dedakj oxygen generator machine has a compressor whose sound can be very low and pure copper-free at the same time.

Dedakj de-q1w design3

As a result, it will probably offer its service to generate 3000 hours of oxygen repeatedly for twice as many people.

Just some thoughts. The DE-Q1W machine produces pure and high-quality oxygen so that you do not face any bad side in any way.

Dedakj de-q1w feature2

Features of Dedakj de-q1w

Oxygen Generator Machine can present great high quality for extended spacing. In addition, you will be able to operate the DEDAKJ oxygen generator machine by remote management.

It has a 20M / 787IN / 65FT infrared remote-control system that works perfectly. These are just some of the great alternatives to DEDAKJ oxygen generator machines

Dedakj de-q1w design

The DEDAKJ DE-Q1W oxygen generator machine has 1L-8L adjustable oxygen conduction. In contrast, the oxygen focus charge is 30% -93% which is great.

Dedakj de-q1w design2

The anion output of the DEDADJJ machine is 8 million / cm It has a 20kpa-70kpa atmospheric strain which makes it extra reliable for customers.

I have informed a lot about the oxygen generator machine in DEDAKJ. Now, it is up to you to make your unique decision to buy and benefit from the DE-Q1W machine.

Dedakj de-q1w feature3

Pros and Cons of Dedakj de-q1w

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  • HD LED display screen
  • check various datas
  • 3000 hours continuous stable oxygen supply
  • Humidification water tank is removable
  • Pressure Swing Adsorption Generation Method



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  • Noise is only 55dB





France’s molecular conduction is safe, to provide safe, pure, and extra focus oxygen, and wear-resistant ceramic individual valves to protect the work in oxygen concentration for a very long time.

General FAQ

Is the machine for medical use or home use?

This oxygen machine is for home care.

Is this machine with an atomization function?

No, without the automation function, you can buy our DE-1 LWW instead.

Can I use the machine in the car?

You can use it in the car but a power inverter is required.

Can pregnant women use it?

Pregnant women can use the machine Without problems

Where to buy Dedakj de-q1w?

You can buy Dedakj de-q1w from online stores like Banggood, Aliexpress.


Product Details

General Item Name: Dedakj de-q1w
Brand: Dedakj
Model: de-q1w
Status: Available
Features The pure copper oil-free compressor is low noise
fast heat dissipation, light and efficient
3000 hours continuous stable oxygen supply
France molecular sieve
high concentration oxygen
most comfortable inhalation
Unique negative oxygen ion function
refresh the air to improve your health condition
HD LED display screen
The humidification water tank is removable
Specifications Oxygen Flow: 1L-8L Adjustable
Oxygen Concentration: 30%-93%
Oxygen Generation Method: Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA)
Anion Output: 8 Million/cm³
Atmospheric Pressure: 20kpa-70kpa
Rated Power: 120W
Timing Length: 180 Mins
Rated Voltage: AC110V/60Hz (US Plug)/AC220V /50Hz (EU Plug)
Display Control: HD LED Touch Screen
Operating Noise: ≤45dB(A)
Atomization Rate: ≥0.2mL/Min
Machine Size: 36 x 19.6 x 34.3CM
Net Weight: 6.2KG/13.7LB/218.7OZ
Items 1.3m Oxygen Tube
2.Ear-hook Oxygen Inhaler
3.Remote Control
4.Oxygen Outlet Mouth & Fuse
5.Air Filter
6.1.2m Power Cord
7.Nose Inhalation Tube
8.Quick Operation Guidance
9.User Manual


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