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Shanling M9 vs Cayin N8ii: which is the best audio player?

Shanling M9 vs Cayin N8ii: With Shanling M9, we’re taking an enormous step ahead in our Android platform and moving to a more modern and highly effective Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 CPU and upgrading to Android 10.

Today, we overview the Cayin N8ii, the corporate’s newest Android DAP that includes a twin Korg Nutube output and a twin ROHM DAC implementation. It is priced at $3499.

Shanling M9 vs Cayin N8ii

Shanling M9 vs Cayin N8ii: Price

Shanling M9 vs Cayin N8ii: Hardware

The Shanling M9 runs Android 10, with a Snapdragon 665 CPU and eight RAM gigs. The onboard storage is 256 GB. This is expandable with a MicroSD card. When you consider the M8, these upgrades are enormous. The earlier era flagship had the Snapdragon 430 with a complete RAM of 4GB. The Android model was 7.1 solely, and the onboard storage was 64GB.

Shanling M9 overview

The decoding has improved over the older AK4497EQ additionally. Via USB, you may stand up to DSD512 natively and most of PCM 32BIT/768kHz when utilizing it as a USB-DAC or in I²S mode. With firmware V1.14, you also get an aggressive MQA unfolding charge of 16x (as much as 768kHz).

Shanling M9 vs Cayin N8ii: Features

Shanling claims they used an elevated variety of high-quality capacitors, thicker copper connections, and an improved I/V conversion stage for sound. The audio circuit incorporates a mixture of TI OPA1612, AD ADA4610-2 and TI BUF634 with a balanced design.

Cayin N8ii performance

You additionally get the utmost 24BIT/192Khz through SPDIF, and since the N8ii is BT wi-fi, you may anticipate as much as 96kHz LDAC. Interestingly, HiBy’s UAT can also be coated, which means when you’ve got an appropriate UAT receiver because the HiBy W5 TWS would go all the way, putting it to 192kHz wirelessly.

  Shanling M9 Cayin N8ii
Our Rating 9.8 9.8
Brand Others Others
Category Gadgets Gadgets

Product Details For This Gadget

General Item Name: Shanling M9
Brand: Shanling
Model: M9
Type: Audio Player
Status: Available
Item Name: Cayin N8ii
Brand: Cayin
Model: N8ii
Type: Audio Player
Status: Available
Features Feature 1: Processor: Snapdragon 665
Feature 2: Ram 8GB, ROM 256GB
Feature 3: 6-Inch 2160 * 1080 Screen
Feature 4: Wi-Fi – 2.4G/5G
Feature 5: Amplifier – AD4610
Feature 6: OS: Android 10
Balanced Dual Timbre Nutube*2
Amplificaion Modes
Higher Output Power ALT Sound
Fully BAL Discrete Headphone Amp
DSD512 32Bit/748kHz
Streaming Ready Cm.Android9
DTA Always Hi-Res
Hi-res Wireless DAC
4-CH JRC Electronic Volume
Phone and Line output
3 Digital Interface
128GB Internal eMMC
Dual Femtosecond Oscillators
Snapdragon 660 Processor
Dual Band WIFI 2.4G/5G
Specifications External Memory: Yes
Balanced Out: Yes
Audio Format Support: APE, FLAC,OGG,FLAC,APE,
Battery Specification: Lithium Battery
Display Size: 6.0 inches
Have Speakers or not: No
Bluetooth: Yes
Battery Life: 10 - 20 hours
Operation Mode: Touch Screen + Touch Tone
Screen: Yes
Package: Yes
Style: mp3
Body Material: Aluminum
Certification: CE
Signal Noise Ratio: ≥110dB
Storage Type: Flash Memory
DSP: dual AKM AK4499EQ chip
Model Number: SHANLING M9
DAC: dual AKM AK4499EQ DAC Chips
External Memory: Yes
Audio Format Support: MP3, WAV
Certification: CE
Balanced Out: Yes
Have Speakers or not: No
Battery Specification: Lithium Battery
Bluetooth: Yes
Battery Life: 10 - 20 hours
Display Size: 5.0 inches
Model Number: N8ii
Style: mp3
Operation Mode: Touch Screen + Touch Tone
Body Material: Metal
Package: Yes
Supports Recording Function: No
Screen: Yes
Supports EBook Reading: Yes
Dimensions & Weight Dimensions (WxHxD): 152mm*82mm*22mm Dimensions (WxHxD): 147*77.5* 25mm
Items 1 x Shanling M9
1 x User Manual
1 x Cayin N8ii
1 x User Manual
  Shanling M9 Cayin N8ii


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