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Dyson Outsize vs V15: which is the best vacuum cleaner?

Dyson Outsize vs V15: The Dyson V15 and Dyson Outsize are two high-tech cordless stick vacuums with the last word mixture of energy and efficiency. See how these two fashions examine in our head-to-head comparability of the Dyson V15 vs. Outsize.

Let’s go forward and get begun!

Dyson Outsize vs v15

Dyson Outsize vs V15: Price

Dyson Outsize vs V15: Performance

The efficiency of any cordless stick vacuum performs an enormous half within the total success or failure of the product. To assess the total efficiency of the V15 Detect and Outsize, we break it down into three elements:

  • Cleaning Performance¬†‚ÄĒ how effectively it cleaned a mixture of particles on three totally different flooring sorts
  • Motor Performance¬†‚ÄĒ how sturdy is the suction
  • Run Time Performance¬†‚ÄĒ how lengthy the battery lasts

Cleaning Performance

These cleansing assessments are designed to check a vacuum’s full range of cleansing efficiency, from massive particles too small ones.¬†We¬†carry out a complete 12 particle assessments, utilizing 4 totally different flooring sorts and 4 sorts of particles.

Dyson Outsize vs V15 Performance

We check on engineered hardwoods, low-pile carpets, and excessive carpets. The scores point out a mean rating throughout all flooring sorts by every mannequin.

Dyson Outsize Cleaning Performance

We haven’t been able to personally check the cleansing efficiency of the¬†Dyson Outsize. However, we’ve examined the Dyson V11 Outsize.

The V11 Outsize is functionally similar to the Outsize. Differences come right down to attachments. As a consequence, we’re assured with the following information.

On all three flooring sorts, cleansing efficiency was between 99-100% towards all particle sorts.

Again, we’ve obtained to make the notice about tremendous suction on the carpet, just like the V15. When solely utilizing Boost mode, suction was too excessive. However, the efficiency was almost flawless when alternating between Boost and Eco.

Dyson V15 Cleaning Performance

The Dyson V15 Detect has almost flawless efficiency on all flooring sorts, ranging between 99-100% of particles collected.

These assessments had been accomplished with the V15 utilizing a mixture of the gentle Fluffy curler cleansing head and the High Torque cleansing head.

One notice, let’s discuss cleansing on the carpet. We have seen that the suction energy was somewhat too intense on the carpet, inflicting it to tug carpet fibers and making it troublesome to get on the prime of massive particles.

We had been able to treat this by alternating between Boost mode and Eco mode, which confirmed higher efficiency than simply utilizing Boost alone. At least for some particles sorts.

Dyson Outsize vs V15: Motor Performance

Outsize and V15 both are very strong motor 

Dyson Outsize Dyson V15
125K RPM 125K RPM
Dyson Outsize Dyson V15
220 AW 230 AW
  • Dyson Outsize: Up to 120 mins
  • Dyson V15: Up to 60 mins

Dyson Outsize vs V15: Design

However, the¬†Dyson V15¬†and¬†Outsize¬†have the same design and really feel, with one huge distinction‚ÄĒthe scale.

Suppose you’re searching for a bigger mud bin capability, wider cleansing path, and stronger suction. In that case, the Dyson Outsize is a more sensible choice.

Similarities embody:

  • Quick-release attachment system
  • Trigger on/off system
  • 3 Modes: Eco, Auto, and Boost
  • Assortment of instruments and attachments
  • Washable filter
  • Click-in battery

Differences embody:

  • Digital show
  • Piezo sensor
  • Cleaning heads
  • Cleaning path width
  • Suction energy
  • Run time

Dyson Outsize vs V15 Design

Let’s dive somewhat deeper into the variations between these two Dyson fashions.

1. Digital Display

The Dyson V15 and Outsize have digital shows on the again of the handheld. They can discuss estimated run time, present cleansing mode, and any upkeep alerts.

Dyson Outsize vs V15 digital display

The Outsize principally stops right here, so far as options go.

The V15 has the additional benefit of displaying colorful bar charts with particle information. These graphs separate collected particles into 4 teams ranging in dimension and checklist. The particle depends on the prime of every bar.

2. Piezo Sensor

  • Dyson Outsize: NO
  • Dyson V15: YES

The upgraded digital show on the V15 is made attainable by an inside piezo sensor that detects particulate dimensions.

This sensor can detect even the smallest change in particle dimension or density.

As adjustments are detected, it could ship indicators to the cleansing head, which routinely adjusts the suction energy to accommodate the variable particle sorts.

The¬†Dyson Outsize¬†doesn’t have a Piezo sensor and subsequently can’t detect particle dimensions or portions.

3. Suction Power

  • Dyson Outsize: 220 AW
  • Dyson V15: 230 AW

Suction energy between the V15 vs. Outsize is almost similar. Although the V15 technically has 10AW extra energy, the argument might actually be made that extra energy (at this degree) doesn’t all the time result in higher efficiency.

In the case of 1 being higher than the opposite, I might name suction energy a tie. Both fashions have greater than sufficient.

4. Size & Dimensions

Dyson Outsize

  • Length:¬†50.6‚Ä≥
  • Width:¬†12.5‚Ä≥
  • Depth:¬†10.3‚Ä≥
  • Weight:¬†7.85 lbs.

Dyson V15

  • Length: 49.6‚Ä≥
  • Width:¬†9.8‚Ä≥
  • Depth:¬†10.3‚Ä≥
  • Weight: 6. Eight lbs.

Specifically contemplating the scale of those two fashions, the size and depth are almost precise as effective.

The Outsize is barely heavier and feels somewhat bigger in hand in comparison with the V15 as a result of its bigger mud bin and extra cyclones.

Dyson Outsize vs V15: Usability

Let’s speak usability for a minute. What makes a stick vacuum straightforward to make use of? Are there sure options to search for? I feel so.

Here are the 10 most necessary usability options throughout all Dyson fashions.

#1. 2-in-1 Design: The V15 and Outsize are purposeful 2-in-1 vacuums that can be used as cordless sticks or moveable handhelds.

#2. Quick Release Attachments:¬†The V15 and Outsize additionally use identical designs for relieving attaching or swapping instruments and equipment. There is a straightforward crimson button‚ÄĒpush and launch.

#3.¬†Laser Slim Fluffy Brushroll:¬†The Dyson V15 has a cleansing head with a laser gentle (for improved particle visibility), and the Outsize doesn’t.

Laser Slim Fluffy Brushroll

You’ll have to improve to the Outsize Absolute+ if you want this cleansing head within the Outsize mannequin.

#4.¬†Click-In Battery:¬†A click-in battery is normal on the V15 and Outsize. Since the Outsize comes with 2 batteries and the V15 solely has one, that’s the reason the run time is totally different. Both batteries snap into the bottom of the handheld under the mud bin.

In addition, each battery has a capability of three,600 mAh, and a 4.5-hour cost time between uses.

#5. Point & Shoot Dust Bin: These Dysons additionally use related methods for emptying the mud bin. Sliding a lever on the facet of the mud bin opens the lid to the mud bin and permits particles to be pushed out.

Point & Shoot Dust Bin

#6. XL Dust Bin Capacity: The Outsize has a bigger mud bin capability, maxing out at 1.89 liters, whereas the V15 has a cap of 0.77 liters.

This is over twice the capability of the Outsize in comparison with the V15.

#7. Particle Sensors: The Dyson V15 Detect has an onboard Piezo sensor that may detect particle dimension and amount because it cleans. These outcomes are reported again to the digital show for easy-to-read information.

The¬†Dyson Outsize¬†doesn’t have this sensor and subsequently can’t detect particle dimensions or information.

#8.¬†Digital Display:¬†Because the Outsize skips out on the Piezo sensor, it also signifies that the digital show is extra fundamental and doesn’t have the colored particle information bars.

Both fashions present the present cleansing mode, estimated remaining run time, and lively upkeep alerts.

#9. Washable Filters: There is a washable filter on the V15 and the Outsize. Dyson recommends washing in chilly water as soon as a month and permitting it to air dry for as much as 24 hours earlier than utilizing.

These filters are designed to finalize your complete lifetime of the vacuum, so long as they aren’t broken.

#10. Washable Brushroll: Between the High Torque brushroll and the Laser Slim Fluffy, the Fluffy is the cleansing head with the washable brushroll.

Dyson Outsize vs V15: Maintenance

The upkeep on the V15 and Outsize is comparable between each fashion, and the duties are comparatively easy/fast. For upkeep alerts, you can depend on the notification system on the digital show for every vacuum.

But other than alerts, here’s a fast checklist of routine upkeep duties:

  • Empty the mud bin
  • Wash the filter¬†(about as soon as monthly)
  • Charge the battery
  • Clear the brushroll of any clogs or tangles
  • Wash the Fluffy cleansing head¬†(V15 Detect solely)
  • Replace the battery as wanted

Dyson Outsize vs V15: Specs

Dyson Outsize vs V15: Which Dyson is Best?

Should you purchase the Dyson V15 Detect?

I might suggest the Dyson V15 Detect to individuals who:

  • Want particulate information:¬†Between the V15 and the Outsize, the V15 is one of many fashions that may supply data about particulate information due to the onboard Piezo sensor.
  • Advanced digital show:¬†With the addition of the Piezo sensor, the only digital show is on the handheld. If you need extra particulars on precisely what you’re cleansing, the know-how of the V15 is arduous to beat.
  • Fluffy cleansing head:¬†The V15 additionally comes with the Laser Slim Fluffy cleansing head, which has a washable brushroll, gentle rollers, and an onboard LED gentle for higher visibility of floor-based particles.

Should you purchase the Dyson Outsize?

I might suggest the Dyson Outsizeto individuals who:

  • Want a wider cleansing path: The cleansing path of the Dyson Outsize is 25% wider than the V15 (or any non-Outsize fashions). The wider path means you can clear an identical quantity of houses in much less time.
  • Need longer run time:¬†There are additionally two batteries included with the Outsize, every of which has a 60-minute run time for a mixed 120-minute run time between the 2. The Outsize is a strong selection if you want the ability to swap out batteries without skipping a beat.
  • Don’t want the Fluffy cleansing head:¬†While the instruments and equipment are largely identical between these two fashions, the V15 has the benefit of being together with the Fluffy cleansing head. If this device isn’t necessary, the High Torque XL cleansing head might seemingly meet your wants for many multi-floor cleansing jobs.
  Dyson Outsize+ Dyson V15
Our Rating 9.5 9.4
Brand Dyson Dyson
Category Vacuum Cleaners Vacuum Cleaners

Product Details for this Vacuum Cleaner

General Item Name: Dyson Outsize+
Brand: Dyson
Model: Outsize+
Type: Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Status: Available
Item Name: Dyson V15 Detect
Brand: Dyson
Model: V15 Detect
Type: Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Status: Available
Features Feature 1: Automatically de-tangles hair
Feature 2: Hair screw tool
Feature 3: Powerful cleaning on floors
Feature 4: Intelligently reports in real time
Feature 5: Click-in battery pack
Feature 6: Easy to maintain
Feature 1: Laser reveals microscopic dust
Feature 2: Intelligently optimizes suction
Feature 3: Scientific proof of a deep clean
Feature 4: Two advanced cleaner heads
Feature 5: Exclusive gold color
Feature 6: HEPA filtration
Specifications Form Factor: Handheld
Color Iron - Red
Model Name: Dyson Outsize+
Surface Recommendation: Floor
Power Source: Battery Powered
Product Dimensions: 9.06"L x 11.02"W x 50.39"H
Included Components: Combination tool, Hair screw tool, Crevice Tool, Motorbar, Cleaner Head
Is Cordless?: Yes
Voltage: 25.2 Volts
Item Weight: 7.78 Pounds
Runtime: 2 hours
Amperage: 25.2 Amps
Battery Life: 120 minutes
Manufacturer: Dyson
Number of Items: 1
Controller Type: Push Button
Control Method: Touch
Special Feature: Cordless
Form Factor: Stick
Color: Multicolor
Filter Type: Disk
Model Name: V15 detect
Surface Recommendation: Hard Floor, Carpet
Product Dimensions: 11"L x 6.5"W x 37"H
Is Cordless?: Yes
Voltage: 50 Volts
Item Weight: 1.9 Pounds
Wattage: 120 watts
Manufacturer: Dyson
Number of Items: 1
Controller Type: Push Button
Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion batteries required.
Dimensions & Weight Product Dimensions: 9.06 x 11.02 x 50.39 inches
Item Weight: 7.78 pounds
Product Dimensions: 11 x 6.5 x 37 inches
Item Weight: 1.9 pounds
Items 1 x Laser Slim Fluffy Cleaner Head
1 x Motorbar Cleaner Head
1 x Hair Screw Tool
1 x Crevice Tool
1 x Combination Tool
1 x Docking Station
1 x Wand Clip
1 x Up-Top Adaptor
1 x Charger
1 x Mini Soft Dusting Brush
1 x Fabric and Mattress Tool
1 x Laser Slim Fluffy Cleaner Head
1 x Motorbar Cleaner Head
1 x Hair Screw Tool
1 x Crevice Tool
1 x Combination Tool
1 x Docking Station
1 x Wand Clip
1 x Up-Top Adaptor
1 x Charger
1 x Mini Soft Dusting Brush
1 x Fabric and Mattress Tool


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  Dyson Outsize+ Dyson V15


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