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Beelink GTI vs GTI10: Which is the best Mini PC for you?

Beelink GTI vs GTI10: Mini PCs are gadgets that are very trendy at the moment since every or residence uses and for servers, they are very persuasive for the convenience of saving the house. Beelink GTI Mini PCĀ that will be able to listen to your songs, watch movies or run the internet as a PC gives you everything you need to flip your TV directly to a multimedia station.

Beelink GTI vs GTI10

Beelink GTI vs GTI10: Price Comparison

Beelink GTI Mini PC – Price Comparison

BEELINK GTI10 – Price Comparison

Beelink GTI vs GTI10: Design

The simpleĀ Beelink GTI Mini PCĀ design is straightforward, using a built-in aluminum CNC course, non-stop without screws, numerous heat dissipation holes in the tail and sides. And fingerprint recognition can be given even within the appropriate level of maximum reduction.

The interior of thisĀ BEELINK GTI10Ā mini PC is designed with an Intel Core i3-1005G1 chip together with a TDP of only 15W. It has enough power to work on home Windows 10 professionals and a variety of desktop applications.

Beelink GTI Mini PC designBEELINK GTI10 design

Beelink GTI vs GTI10: Hardware

Beelink GTIĀ Mini PC is a Windows 10 mini PC, with productivity options designed for leisure, gaming, and every home and office use. Whether itā€™s a GPI mini PC for creating images with 4K UHD graphics for perfect leisure-perfect leisure, the processor will deliver a great visual immersion with the unprecedented efficiency of the Intel Core ā„¢ i5-8260U.

TheĀ BEELINK GTI10Ā comes with low fuel consumption and makes it a base frequency of 1.2 GHz, an Intel UHD graphics processor, and 3.4 GHz as a turbo mode.

BEELINK GTI10 featyre2BEELINK GTI10 feature

Beelink GTI vs GTI10: Features

Beelink GTIĀ Mini PC has a chassis that is a connecting powerhouse. It sports activities 6 USB 3. Zero port to strengthen productivity for larger media record data round transfers and room offers for peripherals.

The features of theĀ BEELINk GTI10Ā are similar to the previous standard with the same heat dissipation system, uniform functionality, and uniform connection.

Beelink GTI vs GTI10: Conclusion

SpectacularĀ Beelink GTI Mini PC can run Windows 10 comfortably, has Intel Core ā„¢ i5-8260U CPU; 8GB / 16GB DDR4 RAM, 256GB / 512GB SSD storage for more capacity, 4K content processing / playback functionality at 60fps.Ā  The cost ofĀ BEELINK GTI10Ā fashion has not changed since the beginning. The fault, perhaps, lies in an extra confidential distribution. No pricing or availability but this billing is introduced for GTI10.

Beelink GTI vs GTI10: Where to buy?

You can buy Beelink GTI and BEELINK GTI10Ā from online stores likeĀ Amazon,Ā Banggood,Ā Aliexpress, etc.

  Beelink GTI Mini PC BEELINK GTI10
Price $568.99 $339.99
Our Rating 9.5 9.5
Brand Beelink Beelink
Category Gadgets Gadgets

Product Details For This Gadget

General Item Name: Beelink GTI
Brand: Beelink
Model: GTI
Type: Mini PC
Status: Available
Item Name: BEELINK GTI10
Model: GTI10
Status: Available
Features Windows 10Ā mini PC
IntelĀ® UHD Graphics 620
IntelĀ® Coreā„¢Ā  i5-8260U
2.5" HDD
Dual memory Channels
Language: Multi-language
HDMI Function: HDCP
Power Consumption: 19V/3A
Power Type: External Power Adapter
Power Supply: Charge Adapter
Certification: CE,FCC
Intel Ice Lake-U i3-1005G1
Intel UHD Graphics
WiFi 6 bluetooth 5.0 1000M 4K Win10
Specifications OS: Windows 10
CPU: IntelĀ® Coffee Lake 8th
Generation Processor i5-8260U 1.6GHz
Boost:3.90 GHz
Instruction Set: 64bit
Lithography: 14nm
Graphics: Intel UHD Graphic 620
RAM: 8GB DDR4 ,Up to 64GB(Option)
SSD: 1x 512GB M.2 PCIE 4X SSD,
WIFI: WIFI6, 2.4G/5G, 802.11AX,
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.1
LAN: 1000M
Decoder Format: H.264,H.265
Support 5.1 Surround Sound Output: Yes
Fingerprint recognition x1

USB3.0 x6
100/1000M RJ45 x2
HDMIx1 Standard HDMI 1.4b Connector, 4K
DP 1.2 x1 4K@60Hz
MIC x2(Built-in)
Audio Jackx1(HP&MIC)
Type-C(date/video) x1

Internal Connector
M.2 2280 SSD x2
SATA 3.0 HDD x1
SO: Windows 10
CPU: Processore Intel
i8-5U 8260 GHz
Set di istruzioni: 64bit
Litografia: 14nm
Grafica: Grafica Intel UHD 620
RAM: 8 GB DDR4, fino a 64 GB (opzionale)
SSD: 1x SSD M.512 PCIE 2X da 4 GB
WIFI: WIFI6, 2.4G / 5G, 802.11AX,
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.1
LAN: 1000M
Consumo energetico: 19V / 3A
Tipo di alimentazione: Alimentatore esterno
Alimentazione: adattatore di carica
Certificazione: CE, FCC
Dimensions & Weight Product weight: 0.712 kg
Package weight: 1.439 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 16.80 x 12.00 x 3.90 cm
Package size (L x W x H): 18.00 x 12.90 x 11.00 cm
Peso del prodotto: 0.712 kg
Peso del pacchetto: 1.439 kg
Dimensione del prodotto (L x P x A): 16.80 x 12.00 x 3.90 cm
Dimensione confezione (L x P x A): 18.00 x 12.90 x 11.00 cm
Items 1x MINI PC
1x Wall mounted bracket
2x HDMI cable
1x Power adapter
1x User manual
1x Installation guide
1 x Beelink GTI10
1 x 19V/3A Power Adapter
1 x 20CM HDMI 1.4 Cable
1 x 80CM HDMI 1.4 Cable
1 x FPC HDD Cable
1 x Wall-Mounted Bracket
1 x HDD Installation Guide
1 x User Manual
  Beelink GTI Mini PC BEELINK GTI10


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