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AYA Neo 2 vs GPD Win 4: which is the best game console?

AYA Neo 2 vs GPD Win 4: AYA Neo 2 and AYA Neo 2 Geek are handheld gaming PCs with a 7-inch present, built-in recreation controller, AMD Ryzen 7 6800U processor with Radeon 680M graphics, and 32GB of RAM and 2TB of storage. The entry-level mannequin has 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage.

GPD has confirmed all specs for the GPD Win 4, its Radeon 680M, and Ryzen 7 6800U-powered gaming handheld. Not only has the corporate outlined Win 4’s specs, but it has also introduced its launch date. For some purpose, GPD retains gunning for the Valve Steam Deck too.

aya neo 2 vs GPD Win 4

AYA Neo 2 vs GPD Win 4: Price

AYA Neo 2 vs GPD Win 4: Video

AYA Neo 2 vs GPD Win 4: Features

The AYA Neo 2 has 1920 x 1200 pixel present. In contrast, the entry-level AYA Neo Geek has a 1280 x 800-pixel show display and a black physique (though the higher-priced mannequin has a higher-resolution gift and a transparent purple body).

AYA Neo Geek

The AYA Neo 2 has another high-vibration motor and gyroscopic sensor system (the first physique has a gyroscope, and this model has handles). you may also like ANBERNIC RG505 and OneXPlayer Mini Pro

  AYA Neo 2 GPD Win 4
Our Rating 9.8 9.8
Brand Others GPD
Category Gadgets Gadgets

Product Details For This Gadget

General Item Name: AYA Neo 2
Brand: AYA Neo
Model: 2
Type: Handheld Game Console
Status: Available
Item Name: GPD WIN 4
Brand: GPD
Model: WIN 4
Type: Handheld Game Console
Status: Available
Features Feature 1: 7-inch no-bezel full display
Feature 2: Ultra HD High color display
Feature 3: 1920 * 1200 resolution
Feature 4: 400 nits high brightness
Feature 5: Best Hall Joystick
Feature 6: longer service life
Feature 1: AMD Ryzen 6800U Processor
Feature 2: 32GB LPDDR5 RAM
Feature 3: 2TB NVMe SSD
Feature 4: Performance optimization
Feature 5: Support SteamOS system
Feature 6: Dome-Switch Keys
Specifications CPU: AMD 6800U
Screen: Full Screen 1200P
Vibration Motor: NS Same HD Motor
Gyroscope: Body + Handle Dual
Fingerprint Module: Touch S3 Sleep
SSD: PCIE 4.0M.22280
Special Feature: SoundTAPmagic
Black Technology: All Subtitle Translations
Rocker: Hall big
Trigger: Hall
Memory: 16G/32G LPDDR5 6400Mhz
TF Reading Speed: Up to 300M/S
Interface: TypeC*3(USB4*2)
External GPU Dock: Support
WiFi: wifi6
Bluetooth: BT 5.2
Grip: Body Sleeping
Custom Keys: LC, RC=Key
Appearace: 360'
Heat Dissipation: Up to 32-35W
Shenchi: 50.25Wh
Game Front End: AYASpace for Windows
Mobile App: AYASpace APP
Operationg System: Windows 11/AYANEO OS
AMD Ryzen 6800U
AMD Radeon 680M
12CU, 768 shaders
16GB / 32GB RAM
LPDDR5-6400 MT/s
6-inch Screen
Image Resolution: 40Hz & 60Hz
With a Sliding Design
16:9, 1080P, 368 PPI
Native Landscape Mode
Hall Sensor Joysticks
Linear Analog Trigger Button
LED Atmosphere Lamp
Dual Vibration Motors
2 Custom Buttons On The Back
6-axis Gyroscope
Concealed Physical White Keyboard
QWERTY Full Keyboard Layout
Dome-Switch Keys
Intensity-adjustable Backlight
1TB / 2TB M.2 SSD
Dual Type-C Charging
Type of SIM Card: Nano-SIM, Single
UHS-I Bus, A2, 160MB/s
Windows 11 Home
Dimensions & Weight Size: 264.5mm*105.21mm*36.1mm
Weight: 680g
Dimensions: 92mm*220mm*117mm
Weight: 570g
Items 1 x AYA Neo 2 Game Console
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual
2 x Stickers
1 x GPD WIN 4 Game Console
1 x Charging Cable
1 x User Manual
2 x Stickers
  AYA Neo 2 GPD Win 4


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