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Atomstack M4 vs Enjoywood M4: which is the best 2023?

Atomstack M4 vs Enjoywood M4: Atomstack M4 of Atomstack brand model for fiber laser marking machine. But thus far, none of them can engrave on steel in addition to the Atomstack M4. we are investigated that Atomstack M4 model is the best Laser Marking Machine in the market right now. you can also like Atomstack X7 Pro.

atomstack m4 vs Enjoywood M4

Atomstack M4 vs Enjoywood M4: Price

Atomstack M4 vs Enjoywood M4: Video

Atomstack M4 vs Enjoywood M4: Features

Features of Atomstack M4 Laser Marking Machine
1. High Power: 20W complete machine electrical energy, the heartbeat peak optical energy can attain 20000W.
2. Wide applicability: M4 marking machine makes use of a 1064nm wavelength infrared gentle supply, which is appropriate for quick marking on all metals and ABS, and marking treasured metals hardly consumes treasured metals themselves.

Atomstack M4 Laser Marking MachineEnjoywood M4 rotating

The Enjoywood M4 fibre laser engraver is designed for shipping industrial-grade marking outcomes. Using each galvanometer know-how and lightweight shaping know-how, the machine boasts a marking velocity of 720000mm/s and an accuracy of 0.001mm. The distinctive 1064nm wavelength cold, the gentle laser is safer to be used, and gained’t burn the human physique.

Product Name

Atomstack M4

Enjoywood M4

Product Image Atomstack M4 Enjoywood M4
Our Rating 9.8 9.5
Brand ATOMSTACK Others
Category Laser & 3D Printers Laser & 3D Printers

Product Details For This 3D Printer

Atomstack M4Enjoywood M4
General ●Item Name: Atomstack M4
●Brand: Atomstack
●Model: M4
●Type: Laser Engravers
●Status: Available
Item Name: ENJOYWOOD M4 Fiber Laser Engraver
Model: M4
Color: Grey
Type: Laser Marking Machine
Status: Available
Features ●Lightest Industrial Laser Marking Machine
●Selected Mark
●Infrared Laser Engraving Machine
●Only 5.89KG
●Real Parameters
●Common metals and alloys
●Rare metals and alloys
●Special surface treatment
●ABS material
●Epoxy resin
●Leather, wood
Feature 1: Fast & High Accuracy
Feature 2: Desktop and Handheld 2 in 1
Feature 3: Fine Engraving
Feature 4: Improved Compressed Spot Tech
Feature 5: Height Item Engraving
Feature 6: Applicable Materials
Specifications ●Engraving size: 70*70mm
●Machine power: 20W
●Pulse peak optical power: 20000W
●Laser wavelength: 1064nm
●Engraving accuracy: ≤0.01mm
●Repeat marking accuracy: ≤0.01mm
●Marking speed: 12m/s
●Laser life: ≥20000h
Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60HZ
Output: 12V 8A
Power switch: Standard
Certification: FDA CE FCC UKCA
Marking depth: 0.015-0.2mm
Laser service life: ≤30000H
Laser wavelength: 1064nm
Ambient temperature: 0-35℃
Cooling method: built-in fan
Machine power: supply voltage 12V, power ≤ 100W
Marking range: 70*70mm
Marking accuracy: ≤0.001mm
Marking repeatability: ≤0.001mm
Marking speed: 72000mm/s
Dimensions & Weight 6.77KG (gross weight)
5.89KG (net weight)
Equipment size: 320*200*255mm (L*W*H)
Package Contents ●1 x Laser Components
●1 x Marking Cover
●1 x Lifting Shaft
●1 x Base Vover
●1 x USB Drive
●1 x Focusing Sheet
●1 x Hexagon Wrench
●1 x Goggles
●1 x Ruler
●1 x USB Cable
●1 x Power Cable
●1 x Power Adapter
●1 x Positioning Plate
●1 x Calibration Paper
●1 x Instruction Menual
1 x ENJOYWOOD Laser Marking Machine


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